Failality (funny mortal kombat vids)

   some funny vids of mortal kombat to celebrate the new game coming in april 
Ed Boon rocks and keep tweetin him for more characters and other stuff!!!!! 
Enjoy or die!


Mortal Kombat Trailer



 Try to hold it together...  

OH MY GOD IM SO F***ING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

sorry about that i couldnt hold it in 
Kombat begins April 2011 
and look at the top video. its a little fa treat for all you ps3 owners out there 
which reminds me which video game  character(not from MK) do you think should be in the next MK?

What is your game of the year?

since the end of the year is getting close i was wondering what everybodys favorite game (or games) was this year?
my fav was Halo: Reach

by the way put in a pic of the game so we know what it is.
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