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I nominate Cyborg as my favorite. He has high intelligence(supercomputer IQ), super-strength, has built in sonic cannon arm and missile launchers, tech expertise,fighting skills and because he's a cool black superhero. He does not get enough respect from fans or the Justice League for his capabilities and his efforts. Cyborg is a badass character with a ton of abilities built in his arsenal, he a walking hardware store of greatness.

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I would make animated series based on War Machine himself taking stark position as Iron Man do crime fighting his style guns blazing with his War Machine armor Tony Stark built for him. This show tv would be rated PG-14 so expect lots violence. The show would be loaded with over top high octane adrenaline blood rushing action, War Machine is gonna kick ass in the show and he won't hold back as much as Iron Man did . The storyline would be like a serious action blockbuster movie, the art style is gonna be like Japanese Mecha Anime something like Gundum 00. Some episode would feature him teaming up with other marvel superheroes fight some villian, like Nick Fury, Hawkeye,Falcon,Luke Cage,Iron Fist ,Hulk,Winter Soldier, Wolverine,etc (the really good one). The fight scenes would be badass loaded with gun foo combat at close quarters and at long range and brutal hand to hand combat going toe to toe. It would also feature a backstory about James Rhodes going to the Air Force. So do You Guy Think about this Idea. By the way it gonna have the most badass action rock or rap music keeping your interest of this show.

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I would of work on making mature action packed 2D animated series that has a lot violence and hard core action thats rated pg-14 all of them


Ghost Rider

X Force

Iron Man 2.0


War Machine

Wolverine Origins

Wolfpack Avengers- Reboot of the Avenger with a new team roster


Ultimate Hulk


Spider Man-web slinger


Captain America supersoldier
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@anewerabegins0: War Machine  ,Ghost with white batte armor, Titanium Man with modernize green battle armor, Omega Red.
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@TheCrowbar: I know but its a risk I'am going to take to save television from boring shit they air on these days.
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@Dracade102: Thank you
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 I had this idea of buying cartoon network, and making some major modifications to it so it could  
become highest rated broadcast televised network that airs the best cartoons.  One of my modifications would be bringing back 
 toonami to weeknights and would rename it Toonami 3.0. Toonami would best feature the best action packed cartoons and bringing 
 back the old school favorites from Justice League Unlimited to Rave Master and so on. 
   The next thing I would do is throw out all the crappy cartoons that are just plain shit and aren't worth your enjoyment. From weekdays you 
would get 100 percent  robot fighting action cartoons to  melee combat combat animes. I would add a lot of  new shows that are mostly anime 
and some action cartoons  that rated pg 14 that has intense violence,language,blood and no sex, except on adult swim. 
  I am not done yet, I would make deal with marvel and DC to move all their shows to cartoon network producing high quality entertainment. 
I would also do alot game review and comic book review 3 hrs during the weekends an weekdays. Sometimes I would add movies duing 
special certain days, these movies would be action packed. From Green Lantern Emerald Knights,SuperMan vs Doomsday,Batman under the  
Red Hood, Hulk Vs Wolverine to Ultimate avengers 1&2,Gundam Unicorn,Gundam 00,to the DC showcase movies that feature Green arrow,Jonah Hex 
Super man& Shazam and so many more. 
I would also like rafle off videogames, video game consoles, comicbooks, t shirts,and sporting equipments 
Another bonus would be adding a drawing contest of favorite cartoons, and the one who wins would get $100,000 
 or  a $6,000 prize.

By the way I would re name cartoon network to Thuder Strike Network.

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 This takes place in Gotham City 
 street alley leading to steel mill factory
10 round fight 
Cap use his shield and his combat training 
Deathstroke got his melee weapons and combat training 
any weapon is allowed 
hardcore brutality 
mostly hand to hand combat   
who will survive this conforntation 

Secret Avengers #12

Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes

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 This is a fight that takes place in the city streets of los angeles,CA
 12 round fight  to the death 
hardcore melee combat 
intense brutality 
pure destruction and havok 

who will be the dealiest warrior 

Deadpool #37 
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 This is a fight to the death in the roman Colosseum  
 6 rounds
 deadly force is allowed 
intense hand to hand combat with  
melee weapons  
who is gonna survive this fight 

Ghost Rider #1