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Is difficult to gauge who smarter because they both have different motive. Batman has desire to invent gadget has the same scale has tony he has no need for it he a detective first. Tony stark has more feats because he has a greater desire to improve society via using technology. I would say Tony is better engineer and inventor than Batman but Bruce is much more better fighter, strategist and detective.

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@jacthripper: My grammer is all over the place but obviously you understand what I wrote. Anyway to to get the point I agree with you that Tao is smarter than doom and richard because he was able to speak when wad just two weeks old and ge understood th blueprint of the universe when he wield the creation engine. What I don't like is when people say he smart because he trick majestic into recruiting maxine majestic only agreed because tao challenge his ego it had nothing with him being smarter and the only reason why tao wad able to get inside a Cole head was because Grifter was not on guard.

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You can't really say one is smarter than the other because they apply intelligence in different field. Just because Tony Stark has more scientific feat that not mean he is more intelligent than Batman is just mean he a better scientist. Intelligence is logical thinking,analytical thinking and creative thinking these cognitive skills can be applied to virtually every intellectual field. Would someone who is skilled in science be smarter than someone who is a genius in linguistic, would someone who has the ability to adapt to any environment be smarter than a genius in maths. The best way to measure they intelligence is to test they cognitive ability.

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@warlord1234: Which is still incredibly impressive, do you know of anyone else in comics who stole power like that? Doom did it via the Beyonder granting Dooms wish, or against Silver Surfer with prep

He broke her will and made her incredibly submissive to her. What he did was a different method of domestic abuse. Not all forms of domestic abuse has to involve violence sometimes the abuser can play mind games with victim head make them feel like there are nothing that there worthless.

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@jacthripper: It was still a long proceed. He pretended to be a doctor in order to get her attention and then dated her to gain her trust.

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@jacthripper: Tao did not use his voice to take the reality warping power of the Void. He befriend and seduce her which took week long process.

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It depend on what you mean of intelligence. Doctor Doom and Reed Richards have more scientific feat but in terms of raw intelligence Tao has them both beat. Tao was able to speak at just two weeks. He has the ability to understand how things works for example when he fought voodoo he was able to understand her magic by looking into the apophenia of her mystical power and he was able to predict future events by analyzing society. Tao actual powers apophenia that how he able to manipulate and control people behavior.

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@lvenger said:

Could stop at 6 or 9 but definitely stops at 10. Hercules is Thor's physical equal and better in skill but Thor would then employ lightning bolts to even the score just like he did in Blood Oath against a drunken Hercules' headlock. Caused Herc quite a bit of pain from what I remember.

He'd have more trouble with Hercules than Black Bolt though IMO. Herc should be Round 9 whereas Bolt should be Round 6. Granted, Bolt could go for a one hit KO with a voice that has one shotted Hulk and Gladiator before but he'd only get one shot doing so. After that, his electron reserves are drained and if he hadn't KOed Thor by then, it's over for Bolt.

But I can't see him beating Hulk without Mjolnir. With it, I'll back Thor for a slim majority always since the hammer is far too versatile, powerful and gives Thor at least an equal, if not superior striking edge to Hulk. Without it, Thor is completely outclassed in every way outside of piercing damage and maybe versatility due to his weather control. Hulk is stronger, hits harder, is more durable, moves faster in combat speed and regenerates faster from damage. Unworthy Thor isn't clearing this gauntlet.

In what way is Hulk stronger ? In theory he is potentially stronger since he has the ability to get stronger when is enraged then again it depend on which hulk your talking about.

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tough call.

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Thanos wins. He has far more arsenal than Mongol.