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its about time spidey learned some real martial arts! 
i still never understood how he could take down all those villians (a lot with special ops, military, or martial arts training) 
with no real training himself. yah i get the spider sense and enhanced flexibility/agility/strength but come on he has fought some hardcore baddies with years of experience and training but takes'em down like nuthin? 
there is somethin amiss...
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its obvious he had to step down and not be the bat anymore but now that he's nightwing it  does seem like a demotion.  i'm just saying that the new color change is just not enough.  he should get a new name and a new city. 
one other thing, since hes been Batman for so long, and gotten used to all the cool gadgets and whatnot, its gonna be tough going back to just the stick-baton weapons and the skintight spandex suit :)

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okay thanx that helps
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TOTALLY!!!! booster gold would make an amazing lantern!  BGWS!
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i was actually leaning away from spider-man related themes and villians but nice list. 
i just find that with animal heros and villians, the first thing to come to mind is spider-man and all his villians and anything spider-oriented and i just thought that thats kind of generic.
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If the natives of Pandora were not blue, what colour would they be? 
What colour would suit them best?

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what do you think would happen if Wolverine was exposed to the Terragen Mists?
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im putting together an animal-related superteam, just for fun but im having trouble coming up with characters to be a part of it. 
im thinking a max of about 6-7 team members, non-mutant or mutant, doesn't matter.  Also, they can be Villians and Heros, but no hardcore demonic stuff, or anyone really high-power.   
street-level or a little bit above.  
I wanna know: what are a few animal-related heros or villians that you think would work well together.  leave your thoughts below. 
some ideas i already had were:  


someone from the Mutant Force?
characters from the Warpies?
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@Billy Batson
are you saying we shouldnt be able to express our opinions? 
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what's with the new update? 
i think it was a lot better when the comic covers went horizontal not vertical now i have to scroll down to the bottom of the page just to read the synopsis of a character or other pages. 
What's your opinion?