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The impression I get from the Punisher is that he becomes very plot-device dependent when going up against powerful super beings, and seems to suddenly come into possession of outrageous weapons and gadgets whenever he needs them. Also these same beings are often rewritten to allow the Punisher his victory. The scan with the Hulk above is a perfect example. Causing the hulk to bleed and actually feel pain never causes him to revert to Banner in any other comic. It makes him more powerful and causes him to heal faster. Yes the C4 explosion would have hurt him, but in any other comic he would have gotten pissed, healed, and gone on an even more violent rampage. Punisher only would have made the situation worse.

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I have read in some older comics that Deadshot pulls his shots against Batman out of respect of some other mental reservation. Of course Batman exploits this to his advantage. I don't know if this still applies in newer comics or not but my question is if Deadshot is shooting to kill and batman takes him on who would win. Deadshot has his standard arsenal (sniper rifle, wrist mounted sub-machine guns, and other equipment and body armor). Batman has his standard arsenal of gadgets (meaning he has brought at least a few gadgets to even the odds if it comes to a ranged face-off). The setting is Gotham City. May the best badass win.

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I would love to see the Joker have a run in with the Spectre. After his chemicals, guns, bombs, and assorted cowardly attacks proved useless his last moments would sound something like this:

Joker: Why smite me, I'm just an agent of chaos, only a dog chasing cars. I'm not a monster, I'm just ahead of the curve.


Spectre: Wrong, you are everything that is dark and evil in the hearts of men, and now you are nothing but a blazing pile of ashes.

Thanks by the way for clarifying where the bat-kick scan comes from. It always confused me as well.

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What can I say about the barbarian badass that few do not already know. He is Conan, enough said. However I stumbled upon Zealot from Wildstorm and was impressed with her awesomeness. Conan is equipped with a broadsword and Zealot wields one of her katana style swords in a battle to the death. Setting is a gladiatorial arena. What say you Comicvine? Who will be victorious?

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I've been playing Arkham City and enjoying the awesomeness of being Batman. I also play games like Call of Duty-Zombies, Left for Dead, and Dead Island and my nerdy mind started thinking. I've always thought it would be awesome to see Batman saving the living and exterminating zombie hordes in the aftermath of an undead apocalypse. Another interesting thing to see would be the new levels of badass that Batman could unleash on the undead. Without the need to hold back a whole new side of the Dark Knight would emerge. On a side note, are there any good comics of Batman battling the supernatural? Any recommendations would be welcome.

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I think Zeus answers G-Man's question in his battle with Hulk on Olympus. There are multiple beings in the marvel universe that could be said to have limitless potential power. These beings include Thor, Silver Surfer, and Thanos. The term "limitless" is not unique to the Hulk and other types of limitless power are superior than his. Hulk is earth's mightiest mortal. But even he, in all his rage and arrogance, knew he was no match for Zeus. That's why he challenged him to hand-to-hand combat. And he still lost, suffered an essentially one-sided beat down, and was forced to beg for mercy for his friends. Hulk is a badass beast. No doubt about that. But against a sky-father like Zeus, even he, must bow down.

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@Iron_Turtle: True, I like his old costume. He looks badass. Does anyone have the batman vs death stroke fight scans? That fight would be cool to see.

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@HughJass: I agree about the bad writing. Joker is insane, but he is also a genius and an amazing strategist. That means he plans out his moves. Which means Midnighter can read his moves. Even if he can't read the electrical impulses in his mind, his computer still takes stock of any guns, bombs, acid squirting flowers, and other weapons he may have. And Midnighter is an established bullet timer or even faster. With or without the computer any attacks thrown (or fired) his way would be easily dodged. Thanks for the replies. I always give the Joker a chance for the win. He is crazy like that. But in this fight the Joker's last moments would look like this.

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Lets get one thing out of the way. Over the past year I have become a pretty serious fan of Batman. He is an amazing, badass character. Enough said. Recently I've been looking into Wildstorm comics and stumbled across The Authority. Their main hand-to-hand badass is Midnighter. For those who have not yet researched him, he is a cool character. He has insanely high levels of skill in hand-to-hand combat that are comparable to other high level comic book martial arts masters. But he is also a meta-human with significant superhuman strength (enough to rip humans to shreds with his bare hands), levels of speed and agility that allow him to move faster than the human or some superhuman eyes can see, and a healing factor. He also possesses an extra heart and a quantum computer in his brain that lets him analyze an opponent, calculate their abilities and weapons, and determine the best possible way to destroy them. Another thread on the vine basically established that without serious preparation, Batman would be (literally) ripped to bloody shreds by Midnighter. Being a Batman fan I had to read the posts before I was convinced. Midnighter seems to be a superhuman version of Batman with less gadgets and planning and more violence, killing, and direct brutality.

All random facts aside I was wondering what would happen if Midnighter subbed in for Batman one night and ended up facing the Joker. Joker has made his usual rounds of death and violence in Gotham and now waits in his hideout with the standard small army of goons with automatic weapons. However, instead of his favorite rival Batman, Midnighter swoops in and starts splattering his mooks with characteristic ease. I know that in a crossover the Joker's insanity prevents him from being analyzed by Midnighter's computer. However, Midnighter's other attributes still stand. Is this member of The Authority a match for the "Clown Prince of Crime?"