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thanks again

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Plot twist.

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Three months pass after Corvus made his way into the civilized world, Middle Europe. From here on he became a stockbroker and made millions. One thing came after another, mansions were bought, vessels chosen. People around the world were so easy to manipulate, all with the same aliby, greed. The more money you gave, the easier they were to corrupt. It's a pity really. Corvus layed off his mantle as the Ravenman, but neverless beheld the attitude. Middle Europe was without a doubt secretly under his control, economically and politcally. He wanted control over more than that, but alone it would prove difficult. 
Browsing in the books of history he noticed a number of villains that put them selves together and formed a mighty allegiance known to the world as "The Vine Villians". Their reign of former leaders made the world crumble from the grasp of the other "heroic" teams, who in truth, were just as easy corruptable as the rest of humanity in Corvus' eyes. 
Now of course he knew he couldn't bring the original line-up together since he never knew any of the members personally, only from hearsays. Thus, "Vine Villians" probably won't be the title for the team he's trying to put together, it will all be a bit more complex, and yet, simplistic. One name, to describe the situation around him. One word, one term to define the struggle.... Exanimare....  other name, yet just a disguise to make the world believe it was something new, something different. In truth, always the same old...
Corvus made some calls to find out who had the most "influence" where and how. Be it underground, through wealth, power, or arrogance. His list was filled with four other names than his: Ginju, Supertrooper117,Aztek_TheLost and Warsman. Two of these consisted of one of the Vine Villian line-ups, not suprising that they made the list. But for the team to survive, one major thing had to change... the reason of the downfall of the former constalations, was always the "leader"'s fault. Be it through death or any other kind of disturbance. Since Corvus had a list of worthy people, he could trust his leading position unto them, sharing the captial at the peak of villainous extravaganza. Thus, preventing the downfall of any future constalations, one man falls, another takes his place at the top. No one would be dependant on one man. 
So far so good. But now to the hard part, convincing them to join in.  Corvus ordered his secretary to take care of the letter disposal. First one went to Ginju, residing in New york. Second one went to Warsman, third to Aztek_The_Lost, both not to be found, but nevertheless Corvus' magick made sure it made it to it's destiny. And lastly, Supertrooper117, the brawn, also probably just strolling around somewhere freelancing. To be attented to in the future... 
This chapter has just begun, everyone of its own with their very own story.

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writing it right now and it does have some twists in it xD

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Can only conlcude to the second poster.

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putting this up first so no one gets to hasty ;P
(anyone wanting to post and doesnt know about my char, click this link for clarification LINK)

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