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@maccyd: Ugh, Ian still would have been better than Falcon... -__-

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Ian Zola. Despite my dislike for most of Remender's run, I enjoyed his Dimension Z story and seeing Steve raise Ian as his adopted son was something we rarely see in modern comics. I think Ian would have made an interesting Captain America, seeing Steve pass the shield on to his son and mentor him as the new Cap continuing their father/son relationship.

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Book Three has been awesome so far. I'm glad we're seeing so much of the Avatar World this season, as well as so many different characters. I'm also excited to see the Air Nation get rebuilt and see them reintegrate into the world after after over a 100 years of the world just having three nations.

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@winter_kills: Well to be honest I think it's the fact that he's willing to make the tough decisions that separate him from other characters. At his core he's a futurist, he's always looking forward and trying to figure what's the best path for humanity. Even during Civil War, which personally I feel both Cap and Iron Man were right and wrong on certain issues, even though he became a "villain" in the eyes of his friends and even readers, he made those decisions because in his heart he really believed they were right.

Even after Dark Reign, when he lost some of his memory and literally could not remember what he did during Civil War, instead of using that as a scapegoat, he stood by the choices he made because he believed that what ever decisions he made, no matter how "bad" they may have seemed, in his heart he was doing what he felt was best for humanity.

I've never really seen Iron Man as a villain, not even during Civil War. He's a man who's not afraid to make the tough decisions, even if the majority think he's wrong. It's what sets him a part from guys like Captain America, who have a strong moral compass. Tony isn't afraid to take drastic risks, even if those risks seem horrible at the time. If he believes that it's the best thing for humanity, he's willing to do it. We're use to things being black and white, but Tony looks deep into the grey and lives in that world.

This could be exactly that in this new Iron Man series. Maybe Tony believes that humanity needs Extremis and this is his way of pushing man forward so that they can be ready for whatever threat he fears is on the horizon. Right now it may seem odd or even villain-like, but over time we may learn that Tony sees something no one else does, and being Tony Stark, he's going to prepare for the worse and is willing to take any means necessary to protect the people of Earth.

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@winter_kills: I'll be honest, when I first read where Marvel said Tony Stark was going to be hard to like, my first reaction literally was, "Wait, people didn't find him hard to like before?" Seriously, I find Tony's character great, but Stan Lee literally created him as a jerk that he forced readers to love, so the idea that we're not suppose to like him now doesn't really shock me. lol

But yeah, obviously something's going on. Either this isn't Tony Stark who's selling Extremis or something happened to Tony in the past 8 months that's caused him to somehow think this is a good idea. But again, unlike Cap and Thor, I actually find this storyline interesting and something that could turn into a great series. Nothing, other than the title, really feels like a ploy or gimmick to grab new readers, just a new direction for Iron Man which could lead to some interesting character development for Iron Man as a whole.

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@deaditegonzo said:

"Batman! You saved me!"

"You were a fool for being in this part of town at this time of night!"

"I live here... I needed groceries..."

"Go inside and lock your doors, or maybe next time i'll let the Man-Bat have you."

"Kay, thanks Bats."

Meanwhile, in Metropolis....

"Superman! You saved me!

"It's no problem son, just be a bit more careful next time, this isn't exactly a friendly neighborhood."

"Thanks! Can I have your autograph??"

"Sure thing Billy! But first, somewhere, some how, a kitten is stuck in a tree, I have to save him, up, up and away!"

"Thanks Superman!"

"If you ever need me, I'll be there, cause I can hear you scream...from space!"

This has to be the greatest thing I've read all day. Seriously that cat-bit cracked me up. xD

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Personally, I feel that if Marvel wants to build up Falcon's credibility as a character, instead of trying to build a fan base for him as Captain America, they should instead simply work on improving his character as Falcon. With Falcon's character getting some spotlight following his appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I can understand Marvel wanting to push the character more...but doing so by making him Cap isn't going to solve the real problem.

The problem is that ultimately, current comic book Falcon is pretty lame. He has an outdated backstory, his powers aren't that impressive, and he's just not that useful aside from giving Cap some backup during a fight. I know fans tend to dislike it when Marvel changes things in the comics to fit more with that of their movie counterparts, but I seriously believe Falcon should an exception.

His movie counterpart was so much more interesting than his comic counterpart and related better to Cap, in my opinion. He was a former soldier, who after losing his partner basically gave up being a soldier, but was inspired once more to fight for his country when Captain America came to him for help. His flight-suit was grounded more in reality and making him a soldier would give him a reason to use firearms (like in the movie) as well as help him relate to Cap better. Overall, if Marvel decided to revamp Falcon's origins to fit more with that version, I really would not have a problem with it.

Sam won't be Captain America forever, he'll eventually return to his role as Falcon and once he does he'll still have the same problems I've mentioned already. He may get some new fans as Cap, but if Marvel truly wants to improve his character and make him more marketable for modern readers, they're ultimately going to have to go to the source of the problem and figure out how to modernize the character for today's generation of readers.

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I actually had the chance to go with my dad back in 2009. Met Geoff Johns and even Babs who use to work here on ComicVine. :D

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@thexx: Actually, I think when Bucky's first Winter Soldier series was announced, I believe it was mentioned that the series would be like a cross between James Bond/007 and Splinter Cell. So your references really aren't that far off. lol

But I agree, with the Avengers having such large rosters over the years, the could easily have Bucky on the roster and only call him in for super-secret missions that require his set of skills.