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@leo-343 said:

They're upgrading Iron Man... To fight Captain America. Right.

Gee, I can't wonder why...


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I feel like this is just meant to try and take people's minds off of Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice.

Possibly or maybe Marvel is simply trying to promote their own movie that happens to come out the same year?

As much as I love Iron Man's Bleeding-Edge suit, I really hope it isn't in the next movie. How do you go from his crappy movie suits to liquid tech that recedes from your bones? He didn't even think of that on his own in the comics. He was inspired by Iron Lad's suit.

One comment I heard to possibly explain how it could be the Bleeding Edge armor is Tony taking note of what Doctor Helen Cho said to him about her work making his suits pointless. Her technology did create a human-like body for Vision, so its possible that Tony could use that same technology to incorporate his suit into his body, similar to the Bleeding Edge suit in the comics

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Even with Avengers: Age of Ultron still fresh on minds of fans, Marvel is wasting no time in preparing for their next big Marvel movie next year with Captain America: Civil War. With recent announcements of new additional cast members, such as Paul Rudd's Ant-Man and William Hurt's General Ross, we also have an apparent leak on the web of some early concept art for Civil War, giving us a glimpse of what the two lead characters of the upcoming film, Captain America and Iron Man, will possibly look like...

As we can see, while Cap's suit is pretty much the same one he wore in Age of Ultron, mind a few minor changes, Iron Man's suit strikingly resembles the Bleeding Edge suit Tony wore not too long ago in the comics, possibly alluding to Tony upgrading his suit even further before his clash with the Star-Spangled Avenger.

Another pieces of concept art was also apparently leaked, this time showing the two Avengers about to clash it in a one-on-one battle.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the new looks for Cap and Iron Man!

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Question: Since Marvel is using Ross in this film, the same Ross from The Incredible Hulk, then why the heck have we not seen nor even gotten a mention of Betty in either Avengers movie. I assumed the reason Marvel tried to force the whole Hulk/Black Widow relationship in AoU was because Marvel couldn't use Betty... but they can use Ross, even the same actor, so why can't they even mention Betty?

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The problem I had with his run is that he seems so focused on world building that he forgets to focus on the actually characters. One thing I love about The Avengers is seeing my favorite characters coming together, interacting with one another, and working together to fight bad guys. While I like serious and some times complex stories, I honestly prefer good old fashioned superhero stories that don't necessarily span over an entire run.

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I love Agent Carter and if they continue with what they left off in season one, I'll be excited for it. With Peggy being a founding member of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the future, I'm hoping we'll see more hints at its birth in season two as it appeared that Howard Stark and Jarvis were keeping an eye on Peggy, possibly to see if she would make a great addition to what would eventually become S.H.I.E.L.D. So hopefully we'll see more of that in season two.

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I'm glad to see Ant-Man getting some love so soon after his solo movie. Seeing him join alongside the other Avengers has me excited!!! ^__^

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the one good thing about Whedon leaving: now we might actually get to hear "Avengers Assemble"

Agreed, while I like that they teased it at the end of AoU, I'm always afraid they'll have Iron Man be the one to say it instead of Cap, but since he was about to say it at the end of AoU I'm hoping they'll build it up to him saying it in Infinity Wars, when the Avengers are broken and beaten by Thanos, Cap finally says "Avengers Assemble" on screen to rally all of the Avengers, including Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk.

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@transformers1024: @starscream_vs_you: @grim: @war_killer:

Gyrich was in the first X-Men movie, so Fox definitely owns him and I doubt a character that obscure has shared rights.

Looking into this, in the movie his character is named "Guyrich" and his character is pretty different from his comic book counterpart, being the assistant to Senator Kelly and being killed later be Magneto's Brotherhood. The fact that his name is different and his character isn't really like he is in the comics, I don't see how Marvel could have a hard time using him in one of their movies. Heck, when was the last time his character was used? Does Fox still own the character if they did before? I don't see Fox fighting hard to keep a character they didn't really use to begin with.

That said, in the comics Gyrich first appeared as a liaison for The Avengers, and following the events of Age of Ultron (spoiler: with Cap having a new team of Avengers that so far aren't tied to the government) I could see Freeman appearing as Gyrich who is placed as the liaison of the Avengers by the government.

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I kinda wish Marvel would bring him back, such a waste of a character who could have been a great addition to Cap's New Avengers.

They could always pull a Coulson and bring him back through other means. We have Scarlet Witch, whose powers were described as "weird" by Maria Hill and could be developed into the reality warping abilities she has been shown to have in the comics. There's also the Time Infinity Stone/Gem that's yet to appear, which could allows time travel and thus changing Quicksilver's death so that he ends up alive.

I'm curious now as to what his suit looked like at the end of the film. I loved Scarlet Witch's, be cool if his looked like his Ultimate version's suit.