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I'm not gonna say...nope, not gonna say it...

Still waiting on closure for Sokka and Suki... v__v

They move to the suberbs ... the end.

Yeah, I saw that comment they made to the fan questions. -__-

I really hope that answer was because they didn't want to spoil any surprises they may have in future episodes. They did confirm that the Kyoshi Warriors wouldn't make an appearance, which is a bummer, but maybe there is still hope! :D

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I'm not gonna say...nope, not gonna say it...

Still waiting on closure for Sokka and Suki... v__v

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I do exactly what I did with The Last Airbender, act like it never happened and keep watching the TV show. :)

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Pretty sure that's how Chopper is suppose to act, he's suppose to be basically the opposite of R2-D2 in that while R2 was nice and helpful, Chopper just straight up doesn't care. lol

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@war_killer: Flatline was bad. I felt the creatures were nothing but a cheap facsimile of the Vashta Nerada. The Doctor's resolve was horrible "Oh look, I have shields up. Oooh how about I use sonic screwdriver on said shield to see what happens." <<<.

I simply thought it was a fun episode and dealt with a concept that was interesting to see play out. On top of that it had some very fun scenes, from the TARDIS shrinking and Clara pretending to be "The Doctor" to how The Doctor tried to reason with the 2D creatures only to find himself having to deem them "monsters" and fight them.

I just thought it was a fun episode, but felt that this weeks episode was lacking in terms of plot. It had a fun concept, but the writing simply didn't hold up.

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@slimj87d: I'd rather just wait for the issue itself to come out, I'm excited for it but I'd rather read it all rather than spoil some of the issue with a preview.

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And speaking of lazy writing, the entire world decides to stop cutting the trees just because they recieved a spam call from an anonymous little girl telling them the trees are good? Riiiiiiiiiight :P

Yeah, I felt that was probably the laziest part of the episode. I originally thought that The Doctor was going to have her give the message over the TV where people could actually see her, but when I realized it was a phone, call the first thing that came to mind was "yeah, no one's going to buy that." lol

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While Flatline was a great episode last week, this one was a miss for me. It started off with an interesting premise, but it never really grabbed me with the whole "tree's are humanity's secret protectors" idea.

I also didn't understand the ending with the little girl, her mom and the other girl who just randomly pops up at the end. Did I just miss something when the mystery girl was mentioned or was that just as random as it felt? Along with that, I also felt the part with the mom could have been cut out completely, she didn't add anything really to the episode and the little girl with a "strange connection to the forest" was perfectly capable of holding her own without the need of her mother.

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I remember as a kid I nearly broke my Gameboy Advance SP trying to beat the final boss Duo.EXE from Mega Man: Battle Network 4. Maybe I just sucked at the game, but I remember almost throwing my Gameboy across the room a few times trying to beat that dude. xD

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I'd say from the highway fight that they were pretty evenly matched in terms of strength. I've mentioned it before in other threads, but I truly believe that fight between Bucky and Steve could have ended either way. It wasn't until Cap managed to get his shield that he was able to get the upper-hand, but up until that point they were pretty evenly match.

As for strength alone, while it did appear that Bucky was enhanced to some degree, it's hard to say how enhanced he was as he did rely heavily on his bionic arm during the fight. During the fight Bucky took some pretty hard direct hits, the hardest one possibly being when Cap kneed Bucky into a car. They both matched each others blow-for-blow and it was hard to say who was stronger.

Personally I'd say Cap most likely is stronger, but again it's hard to be 100% sure as we don't know exactly how enhanced Bucky is.