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Originally, before the mid-season finale, I was thinking Eddie was the Reverse Flash, but then we saw Wells with the suit at the end of the episode and that pointed to him actually being the Reverse Flash. But what needs to be noted is that while yes he does have the suit, we never actually see him WEAR it.

BUT! There's one more theory...

While yes Wells does have the yellow suit and is hinted at having the super-speed, there is still the theory that Wells is actually a future version of Barry who, after failing to stop some "Crisis" in the future, travels back in time to push his past self so that he can change the future and stop whatever it is that Future Barry (Wells) couldn't. This would explain why Wells is so obsessed with pushing Barry to his utmost limits, even willing to kill and allow others to die. With Wells being a future version of Barry this would also explain how he has powers.

So yeah, my theory is that Wells is actually a future version of Barry who failed to stop some major crisis in the future, which drives him to travel in time to change said future by pushing his past self. This ultimately leads to Wells creating the Reverse Flash, who is Eddie, to push Barry even further and to kill Barry's mother as that is the driving force behind Barry's desire to be a hero.

Though, with that said, I'm still not sure how the Reverse Flash was we saw in "The Man in the Yellow Suit." We literally see Reverse Flash beat up Wells, yet we also see Reverse Flash randomly spare Eddie's life. It could be that the Reverse Flash we saw was a future version of either Wells or Eddie, who is trying to make sure that the past remains the same so that Barry can ultimately face this future "Crisis."

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Once again this show gives us another great episode, one full of action, humor, and just straight-up fun.

My only real complaint though was, despite loving Captain Cold in this show (he is probably my favorite villain so far), I feel like he's limited when it comes to fights between Flash. Something I actually liked about the New 52 Cold is that his powers became a part of his body, making the whole questions of why Flash doesn't just take away his gun irrelevant and giving Cold a reason to go one-on-one with Flash. But currently all he can do is just shot his cold gun, which can be cool if used properly like he did with the train last time he fought Flash, but I can see it making future fights difficult to write.

Also, and I feel like I'm the only one, but I really like Eddie. In the pilot episode I remember really disliking the guy, but since then I've grown to really enjoy his character as he's really just trying to be a good cop and do the right thing, which I feel is building to him possibly becoming the Reverse-Flash (seriously, I like "Zoom" more... Sounds more creative to me... =/ ).

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What does this mean for titles that are just starting though? Like for example the new Ant-Man series that just started and hasn't even got the chance to have it's first full story arc yet. I know it will probably get a few issues out before Secret Wars, but I would find it greatly disappointing if new series like it and others that are just started get shafted simply because Marvel decided to cram all of their universes into one over-sized one. :(

Also, I find it a bit funny that they say this "isn't a reboot," yet I know they won't just leave all of these random universes together in one big universe for too long. Not only is that not helpful for new readers, having so many different versions of the same character co-existing in the same universe, but it just seems like a huge gimmick that while cool, most likely won't last for too long.

Even though they say it's not a reboot, which it probably isn't technically, I can still see Marvel using this as their reasoning for what is seemingly an unavoidable reboot. DC used Flashpoint, which was just an alternate-twisted version of the regular DC Universe to justify their reboot, and Marvel appears to simply using an over-sized universe of all their various universes to ultimately justify theirs.

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It's not a movie, it's just a TV show. But yes, it is a separate entity that takes place in it's own universe outside of the DCCU in which the new DC movies like Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice take place.

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My only fear is that the fact that they're making it out to be more about Batman fighting Robin makes me feel as if the Court of Owls storyline will get shafted and won't be adapted properly but will merely be there as a plot-device.

Which if that is what happens, I feel would be a waste of one of the New 52's best storylines as The Court of Owls was a great Batman story that pushed The Dark Knight to his limit and gave both Batman himself and his fans a very different look at Gotham. Plus, the introduction (or re-introduction) of Bruce's long-lost brother was a very cool twist and one that I wonder if they will use within this movie or leave it out to focus more on Batman VS. Robin.

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I know this movie has Ultron's name on it, but since Baron Strucker was announced to be the in the film as well I've been wondering what his role would be. With him having Loki's scepter from the first movie in his possession, and with fans having already speculated it being the Mind Gem due to it's ability to manipulate people, I have a feeling we'll be seeing it's true power used on the Avengers in this movie.

In the first trailer we see of a glimpse of Cap apparently walking into a club set some place during the 1940s, as he also appeared to be wearing clothing from that era. In this trailer we see Black Widow possibly reliving her time as a KGB agent, possibly her being experimented on by the Soviets. In both trailers we see Hulk out of control, prompting Iron Man to deal with him in the Hulkbuster armor, and as seen in this trailer from the look in his eyes, Hulk obviously isn't himself.

I feel like all three of these things could be the result of Strucker using the scepters powers on them, either causing them to witness their greatest desires like Cap living through WWII and back in his own time or Widow reliving his worst nightmare. Strucker could be using the scepter to cause Hulk to go on a rampage as well.

It should also be noted that in both trailers we see Thor grabbing Tony by the neck, this could also be a result of Strucker's manipulation or Thor could just be seriously mad which isn't that hard to believe since we're dealing with Tony here. lol Another interesting theory is the quick scene we saw in the first trailer with Cap's shield being broken into three pieces. I've seen some wonder how this could be, some theorizing that maybe Ultron figures out a way to break it in his search to create a body made of Vibranium, but I'm wondering if maybe it's not just part of an illusion created by Strucker using the scepter where he shows Iron Man all of the Avengers defeated, trying to cast doubt on Tony that the Avengers aren't Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Which, if I'm not mistaken, I believe it was shown at Comic Con a glimpses of Iron Man standing over the dead bodies of the Avengers, so this could very well be what happens.

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@war_killer: I actually didn't like that, it seemed too obvious to be a twist. Of course he'd trade in the luxury of a good life for his daughter. Still nice though.

I also hope this series will stick around.

See, it wasn't an obvious twist for me. Personally up until the end I was wondering where the book would be going as it literally focused on Scott trying to land the job at Stark Industries. So when he decided not to take the job, I actually didn't see it coming and personally felt bad for Scott because he could have had everything he's always wanted, yet gave it up because his daughter means more to him than anything else, even fame and success. That ending really hit me and makes you realize just what kind of guy Scott is, not to mention that it leaves the door open for Scott to really do anything now, which has me excited to see where he goes from here now that he's in Miami.

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Love this issue, Scott is such a loveable character and seeing him give up his dream of living the big life simply so he can be in his daughter's life is so touching and really shows you that despite being the world's smallest hero, he's got one of world's biggest hearts.

I've always had an odd fondness of Ant-Man, simply because he is such a silly character at first glance, but when you actually look and explore who Ant-Man is, you find a character you can root for and one that you enjoy seeing succeed despite the whole world betting against him.

My hope is that this series will be around for a good long while.