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That's actually not a bad idea.

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The sound of War Killer's motorcycle, The Nightstorm, roared through the streets of Ronin's Rest as it approached The Sanctuary. With the press of a button, suddenly the road opened up, revealing a secret access tunnel leading underneath the tower itself. As the road closed behind him, War Killer's bike came to a complete stop inside the towers underground garage. Turing the bike off, the young patriot got off and causally made his way towards the towers main elevator. "Elevator: Floor 59." He said as entered the elevator.

The small cylinder elevator quickly ascended up the tower as War Killer, his arms crossed, stared out at the night-lit city below. Reaching his floor, he exited the elevator and entered into the tower's living space which could only be accessed by C.O.P. members. Though finding no other members currently around, his attention was placed on the large flat-screen TV which had apparently been left on. "...While the mad conqueror was stopped, it was not until a majority of the city, including our beloved Washington Monument, faced destruction..."

Crossing his arms, War Killer stood next to the couch as he listened to the replay of this "Model Citizen's" announcement of his own team of Champions. "...It's time for a more proactive stance against tyranny. We need better heroes. Paladins. Defenders. Champions...of Peace." Turning off the TV in frustration, the young hero moved over towards the large window, once again staring out at the crime-ridden city below.

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@winter_kills: Love that one from Avengers/Invaders and from Captain America & Bucky.

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@c_o_p said:

  • If your intentions are slightly more villainous, we'll try and write up the specifics of the security system as soon as possible so that you can attack us.

The tower has a pretty advance security system, so if someone does try to break in or attack they just need to make it seem like a challenge. xD I would've wrote up a more detailed version, but y'know...laziness. :P

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@vitalius: I know, I just wanted an excuse to use that gif. xD

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My one major complaint about this series is that the villains aren't given enough time for us to really get to know them. Amon lasted one season, Chief Unalaq lasted one season. These four will likely last only one season. It feels a bit rushed with so few episodes in a season.

If I'm not mistaken, I believe both Book Three and Four are being made back-to-back and storylines currently being developed in Book Three, such as with the Earth Queen wanting an army of Airbenders and the four mysterious villains, will roll over into Book Four as well.

It's been stated that Book Three will feel more like the original Avatar series, which had storylines begin in one season but roll over and conclude in the next.

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@zaied said:

I actually didn't mind Zilla. He doesn't make a very good 'Godzilla', but when you establish him as his own unique monster he really isn't bad. Zilla Jr. was even better.

I doubt it would happen but it would indeed be cool to see him pop up in a Legendary Godzilla film, and not just for three seconds to get owned like in FW.

Agreed. As a standalone monster Zilla is actually a pretty cool and would make great allies with the actual Godzilla. Plus the joke about Zilla being mistaken by the Americans as Japan's Godzilla could be a running gag between the two monsters and the fans.

Zilla in the original movie is actually a cool monster, it was just the bad script and poor casting that really hurt the movie, not Zilla itself. I remember loving the animated series as a kid and upon doing some random research when the most recent Godzilla movie came out, I actually found "Zilla's" character to be rather interesting and more so with Zilla, Jr.

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Damian Wayne

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I'd give him a 10/10. I thought he fit the role of Bruce Wayne perfectly and wish he could have continued the role in the DC Cinematic Universe.