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Yeah, I think most fans assumed Book Four would be the last, at least in the LoK series. I think what fans were really worried about was whether or not we'd even get a Book Four at all. As long as the series is ended properly, with the characters and storylines getting the appropriate closure they deserve, I don't think we'll have any issues.

As for them doing another series. With this kind of creative team, I honestly wouldn't say it was out of the realm of possibility. Originally it was thought they'd never do anything past ATLA, so whether or not they choose to do another series I believe is still a possibility.

Personally I wouldn't mind them doing a prequel series, possibly following the adventures of an Avatar set before ATLA. But when it comes to a show like this, I'd only want to see another series so long as the original creators are up for it. If they feel like they want to move on, I think that's completely reasonable and wouldn't really be upset about. But if they feel there's another story they want to tell in this amazing world they've created, I'd love to see what they can come up with.

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I have my likes and dislikes with both companies.

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@lvenger said:

To take over the world piece by piece, corporation by corporation, one step at a time. Soon everything will belong to the Disney order and all will be under their control.

Yup, basically this.

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For the longest time I felt Talia would be the perfect choice as a possibly wife for Bruce, but sadly DC threw any chance for that every happening out the window. The problem Batman really has is the fact that he doesn't really have a Mary-Jan/Lois Lane like love interest. What DC needs to do first is give Bruce a love-interest who would be both compatible with Bruce Wayne as well as Batman.

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Heath revolutionized the Joker, where as Hiddleston took the best parts of Loki's character from the comics and brought them to life on the big screen. I feel both have done justice to their respected roles, but if I had to choose between the two, I'd go with Heath's Joker.

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@kleo_94 said:

Besides, this whole "accepting" the Winter Soldier thing did kill me a little; I mean:

Jim: Bucky!

Namor: James!

Bucky: It's WINTER SOLDIER now, deal with it. --,--'

Whoa... I like the fact of accepting it, but his name's Bucky... Okay, it's James. But it's like with Grayson: it's Richard, but everyone call him Dick. It sticks to the character. James is Bucky. What's the big deal? If they call him Bucky, that doesn't mean they (all of them) don't see him now as the Winter Soldier. It's just his name. It's not Gotham that they can't call themselves by their real names _^_.

It was quite unnecessary, for me at least. I thought he has already accepted it, and everyone around him have, too.

I can see what you mean, but I like that the writer is at least trying to show Bucky coming to terms with that darker part of his life and seeing him accept that, more so that he'd even want his brothers-in-arms to refer to him by that name now. I think it just shows that Bucky understands he can't run away from his past anymore.

Now I'm not saying it's perfect or anything though. lol I found Namor calling him "James' to be a bit more odd than anything, as he normally refers to Buck as "Bucky" or simply "Barnes." Very few people, Cap included, ever refer to him as "James" anymore. Natasha did it because it showed that she knew him on a more intimate level and thus called him by his "true name," which was something I loved about their relationship.

But the fact that the writer's at least attempting to show Bucky accepting his role as the Winter Soldier, even if it's not perfect, isn't what I'd say was something to be upset about. Not completely at least.

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I'm super-excited for this show. From what I've seen and read, it does seem like they want to bring back the vibe of the original movies and personally I'm looking forward to this series! :D

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The Black Widow

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@mercy_ said:

@war_killer: Stealing those if nobody has yet

Be my guest. I figured someone would be able to do something with 'em. :)

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@lvenger said:

@war_killer said:

As long as we can get the rest of Book Three and hopefully Book Four, whether it be on Nick, on a completely new channel, or even through the internet, I'll be happy.

Agreed. But by God this is an utterly stupid, half baked move on Nick's part. This is the best season of TLoK ever and Nickelodeon are cutting episodes out. What idiots run the company who made that ridiculous decision in the first place? There's only one suitable response to this IMO

Probably the same people who decided they'd rather have Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assemble over Avengers: EMH, Young Justice, and Spectacular Spider-Man...there's probably some secret council where they sit around making horrible decisions. -___-