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@war_killer: i watched the trailer 5 times and will watch a bunch more later but i have this feeling/theory. what if antman has his own little universe going. not saying the avengers dont exist in it but with the defenders team on netflix what if antman creates his own team ala avengers west coast. would be a great way to bring characters like spider-woman, tigra, she-hulk, moon knight, etc. and wasp and antman would still be founding members just of a different avengers team. i mean the main avengers is getting pretty crowded

Not sure if it's going to tie into any of the Defenders shows that Marvel is planning on going with Daredevil, Luke Cage, etc. as the it seems like the only characters that will be a part of the Defenders will by those in their shows on Netflix. I honestly don't see them having Ant-Man pop on a TV show since they're pushing his movie to be alongside the Avengers.

That being said, I can see Marvel having Ant-Man appear on a New Avengers team follow Avengers: Infinity Wars. With Chris Evens, RDJ, and Hemsworth's slowly moving towards their end game with their characters, I could see Marvel forming a new team of Avengers with the new characters they're planning on introducing in the coming years like Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel. We may see some previous Avengers be apart of this new team, but I can see Marvel using the new characters, like Ant-Man, to form a new team as a way to keep the Avengers franchise going while also keeping it new and fresh with an almost new cast of characters.

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@winter_kills: Yeah, I greatly disliked the look he had while on the Future Foundation and his new suit that he's sporting in his new series looks awesome. I could actually see Marvel doing a Legends figure with him alongside The Avengers, maybe having his figure have a piece of Ultron or something which would actually be a bit ironic. lol

Awesome points on Hank being one of this universe's first superheroes, they could even tie him into the early days of S.H.I.E.L.D. which Pym possibly helping them out as Ant-Man. Other than what we're seeing in Agent Carter, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s history between the 1940s and the present are pretty much open to have whatever stories Marvel wants, so there's another idea and one that would connect Ant-Man to the rest of the MCU.

Well the thing I like about Scott is that he's that underdog kind of character that you want to see succeed. I think that's probably what drew Marvel to pick him as the lead Ant-Man over Hank as Scott could be seen as more relatable due to him having to fight for his daughter and due to his personal, real-life issues like being divorced and what-not. But going along with the flashback ideas, we could still see Hank's past and seeing things like his mental breakdown and anger issues explored. Heck, that could be one of the reasons why we've seen very little information of Janet from the movie as it's possible that something went down between the two, maybe even a movie adaptations of the infamous back-hand that Hank is sadly known most for.

Personally I hope they stick with the name "Ant-Man" as like we saw in the trailer, at first glance it seems like a poor choice for a name, but when you see him in action you actually start to buy the idea that this is actually a serious character. It would be cool to see them reference the "Giant-Man" identity, maybe having Scott find himself at the mercy of the villain, which causes him to use the Pym Particles to grow into a giant, giving him the advantage he needed.

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@perfect_10: I feel like we could see that at some point, if not in this movie than hopefully in a sequel. I think Marvel knows that some fans aren't happy that Hank isn't going to be Ant-Man in this movie, so I can see them fixing that by either exploring Hank's past in a sequel or at least showing us a flashback of when he was the original Ant-Man.

As for Hope, while I don't see her becoming Wasp in this movie as it will most likely focus on Scott and Hank and the whole building of their world, I do see her becoming Wasp in a sequel and it could be then that we see more information with Janet. I'm sure she'll be mentioned at some point in this movie, but I could see them leaving stuff out simply so they can use it as something to further explore and expand upon in the future.

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It feels like some short of "reboot" is going to happen, but I have a feeling it won't be as extensive as DC's was with the New 52. I have a feeling what will happen is that Marvel will use their "reboot" as a way to tweak certain characters, their origins, and some of the continuity issues they currently have. But at the same time some characters will remain relatively the same, aside from a few minor changes.

As for what characters I would like to see changed if a reboot does indeed happen, personally I would like to see Falcon changed to be more like his movie-version. Even under Ed Brubaker's, I've never found Falcon that compelling as a character and find his origin to be a little dated and in need of a modern update. I believe that changing his origins to align more with his movie counterpart, possibly making him a former U.S. soldier and even bringing in the loss of his partner Riley, I feel would be a good change and one that would give more depth to the character.

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@perfect_10 said:

the bad: no wasp, cassie is a brunette? no big villain fight

the understanding: its a teaser so yeah. its the cinematic universe so changes are bound to happen.

the good: OH MY GODDESS THE SHRINKING!!!! never been a fan of scott (hank is the one true antman) but any antman is better than none. the tone of the film, the shots they chose, hope aka janet jr looks awesome and is going to train scott! and cassie lang aka statue, the first young avenger to make a screen debut! now just got to wait for the full trailer

This, totally agree with 100%. I'm a Hank Pym guy too, so as bummed at him not being Ant-Man. But the parts you mentioned were awesome! The shrinking effect was cool, I loved the flying ants! The costume looks awesome, can't wait to see more of Wasp in the other trailers, & Yellowjacket. I like the idea of Hank being there to train him directly, making more a legacy character out of Scott, which is a cool idea & never been done in a comic movie before. This trailer makes me more excited for the movie than I actually thought I would be when first announced. I want a Marvel Legends figure of this Ant-Man suit, like right now!

Also, just to throw this out there for fans of Pym, because Hank is acting as a mentor to Scott and because it appears that the "Ant-Man" mantle may have been used by Hank in the past going off of how he used the name in the trailer, it does leave the possibility of seeing a younger version of Hank as Ant-Man in flashbacks or even in a prequel/sequel movie set in the past.

If Hope is Hank and Janet's daughter as it's rumored she'll be, it does also leave the door open for Marvel to explore Hank's past as well as Janet's in the MCU. And if we know anything going off of Captain America: TFA and the recently released Agent Carter series, it's that Marvel isn't afraid of doing a period piece.

I agree about the suit as well, I'm really glad Marvel changed his suit in the comics to fit more with his movie suit as both look awesome. I too hope they make a Marvel Legends toy as well as maybe a bobble head by POP! and other figures because I'll be planning on getting them all!!! ^___^

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It's official, Marvel has made Ant-Man my new favorite character.

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I know people will judge me for saying this, and honestly I don't care, but I'm honestly more excited for this movie than Avengers: Age of Ultron. I know Avengers will be awesome, but the very idea of this movie simply puts such a HUGE smile on my face that I can't help but look forward to it.

Seriously, this movie has "One Fun Ride" written all over it.

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Love the movie, hope they announce a sequel is in the works soon. Such an awesome movie! ^__^

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Ezra's lightsaber looked kinda strange if I'm honest.

I think we've yet to see everything it's capable of. It looks like the front can function as a blaster :O

I thought the lightsaber looked like a staplegun--so much so that I wonder if it was on purpose, a reference to how many of the original props were repurposed hardware. I was wondering if the front circle was another mini-blade/crossguard, like on the new trailer. I liked it.

It is a blaster, I saw the toy of it at Target and it shows that it has a blaster function. Personally I think it's a awesome looking lightsaber. Because Jedi never tend to use blasters, as in Obi-Wan's words they were "so uncivilized," I'm excited to see that even though Kanan is one of the last remaining Jedi of the old Order he's not bound by that Order's rules. So seeing Ezra embrace a new way of being a Jedi, similar to how Kanan himself uses a blaster as a side-weapon, is exciting and something I love about this series.

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So I'm thinking of getting a new game for my Xbox One and I keep debating with myself on getting Titanfall simply because it looks fun and I can't think of why I didn't get it when it first came out.

My only concern is that because it's been out for a while, if I get it, are there still enough people playing it so that it will be enjoyable when I do get it?

I know there are a lot of gamers here on the Vine, so if any of you knows the answer to my questions, whether you yourself are still playing Titanfall or if you have friends who still are, I would greatly appreciate knowing before I get the game.