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@slimj87d: @jonny_anonymous: @winter_kills:

Also, found this article where the directors from Cap: TWS talk a little about what we can expect in Captain America 3:

Captain America 3 Director talks Winter Soldier

Thankfully the movie appears to be, in some form or another, a further continuation from where Cap left off at the end of TWS. Obviously Avengers: Age of Ultron will have taken place, but it appears that Cap will still be searching for Bucky in the third movie.

I'm also glad to hear that the movie will focus on Bucky dealing with his past as the Winter Soldier, apparently having him come into conflict with himself over his actions and if Steve will ever accept him after everything he's done.

There's also hint of Steve possibly passing the mantle of Captain America on to someone new, with Cap 3 being an "ending" of shorts for Steve's story. With how much focus the directors are putting on Bucky, I'm hoping this will lead to Bucky becoming Cap in the movieverse at some point, even becoming an Avenger.

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Epting variant for Bucky Barnes #1

The only thing I dislike is the long hair. I get that people are trying to draw him more like his movie-version, but Bucky hasn't had the long-hair since literally his return in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier storyline back in 2005. xD

Other than that, Epting doesn't disappoint, as usual.

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This. Both Marvel and DC have team movies coming out in the next two years, the next solo movie set to release is Ant-Man next year.

Personally I have high hopes for the movie and feel it could be just as great as Guardians of the Galaxy, if not greater.

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The first season ended on a high note for me, so I'm excited to see where Coulson and his rag-tag team if S.H.I.E.L.D. agents go in season two.

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@connor_macleod_6641 said:

No, no, no, you guys got it all wrong. Batman has only been publicly operating for 5 years, but he existed before then (according to the JL origin reboot). The fact that he was an urban legend prior to his coming-out allows for any time-lines since it becomes unclear when he actually started working.

He's been operating for 7 years after the Justice League was formed, and maybe 1 or 2 years before that.

Batman: Zero Year takes place a year before Justice League: Origin, so Batman had only been active a year before the Justice League formed in the New 52. Though Bruce Wayne was active in Gotham months before he became Batman, he was simply an unnamed vigilante during that time. So it could be argued that he built up his "urban legend" status during this time, and later after he became Batman people began to become more aware of him, mainly because he was suppose to be a symbol to the people of Gotham, which thus required them to know of his existence.

This would also explain Green Lantern's reaction of Batman in the first issue of Justice League, as while Batman may have been known to the people of Gotham, he may have still been an "urban legend" to people outside of Gotham, such as Hal.

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"Everybody wants to rule the world." - Reminds me of the song from the Assassin's Creed: Unity trailer. xD

Personally I like the idea of a novel set within the Marvel Universe. We're so use to these characters being written in a comic book format, so seeing them explored through different mediums, other than movies and TV shows, is something I'd like to see more of in the future.

The fact that it is its own story and not simply an adaptation of a comic book story, in my mind, makes this something less likely to be looked over.

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@kleo_94 said:

@war_killer: It's not about the look. His bionic arm is really recognizable, like wings are for Falcon and shield for Cap. They don't necessarily have to hide it even on Earth, I'd say. Since he's this super-secret-spy and all, I doubt anyone would be able to see him, recognize him, and live at the same time. We all know what Buck's capable of. And, come on, it's comics reality. It's not possible that someone can protect their identity wearing just a domino mask, for example, and yet they do so in comics. So I don't quite see how Bucky would have to hide his bionic arm. He's not the only one out there who has ever had bionic arm.

Good points. I also like your point about the domino mask. In the past I've had my issues with the mask, but as you pointed out, it's a comic book and sometimes you just have to accept it as such. Really, and this goes for other characters like Nightwing and the Robins, the domino mask is a lot like Clark Kent's glasses, as realistically they wouldn't hide a person's identity at all, but because it's a comic book you kinda have to accept it, even if it's not "realistic."

Personally I wouldn't mind seeing them try to adapt the domino mask on the big screen. Some might say it looks cheesy or stupid, but having seen Black Canary wear one on Arrow, I believe it could actually work on the big screen as well.

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@kleo_94 said:

@war_killer said:

@jonny_anonymous: @kleo_94: His bionic arm is also covered up it seems.

True... Not sure if I like it that way, though.

If he was back on Earth it would make a little more sense, giving that he's supposed to be "dead" to the public and the arm is kind of a giveaway. But out in space...I don't really see the need to hide it. Then again, I'm not totally against Bucky having a new look either.

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