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@jaken7 said:

@war_killer: No, they're not.

Uh, dude. I wrote that five months ago...which at that time, they were still canon. They're not now though, which I am aware of.

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That cover for Descender looks awesome. All of these look great.

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He ducked his head down behind the old rusty car as gunfire erupted, pelleting the vehicle with holographic bullets. Lifting his head, poking it out just for a quick glance, he watched as his new ally dashed forward with amazing speed, slicing through soldier after soldier, leaving behind her a trail of severed body parts to dissipate into particles of digital light.

Knowing he couldn't stay where he was for long, with his shield in hand he quickly dived out from behind the car, rolling across the snow-covered ground as bullets came from what felt like every direction, bouncing off the hero's impenetrable shield. Rolling to his feet, he kept his momentum going as he threw his body into a forward slid up against a more sturdy wall made of concrete.

Unholstering his pistol, ducking out from behind the wall, he fired three bolts of plasmic energy, each hitting three different targets, leaving a small hole burned into their bodies as they too shattered into pieces of light. "I may have a shield, but I'm fair from just a defensive player." He said with a grin as the gunfire ceased, allowing him to come out from behind the wall.

"This is a Zion Innovations prototype Plasma Pistol. Holds up to ten plasmic bolts per mag and can burn through just about any material on the planet." He said as he approached Natasha from behind, her hands still gripped tightly around her katana, obviously ready for the next wave. "Nice moves by the way, lost track of you a few times...maybe someday you could show me how to use one of those-" Reacting almost without hesitation, he shoved her to the side as an RPG unexpectedly exploded right before them, sending the soldier flying back into the side of a half-collapsed building.

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As long as we can get the rest of Book Three and hopefully Book Four, whether it be on Nick, on a completely new channel, or even through the internet, I'll be happy.

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Pretty cool feat right here. Bucky takes down multiple guards with advanced technology from a distance. He shoots and takes them all down nearly instantly and avoids hitting their armor with tranquilizers.

These are the feats I've been waiting for in this series. I also like how Bucky's accepting his role as the Winter Soldier now, knowing that's it a part of his life and he can't run from it anymore.

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Looks cool...though I was hoping they'd still go with the name "Red Arrow."

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MUA for me, that opening cinematic is still pretty epic even today.

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This series look amazing and I can't wait. This is a time period in the SWU that I'm interested in seeing explored more and from what I've read and seen, I'm really warming up to these new characters.

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Up for grabs.
Up for grabs.
Up for grabs.

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