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I have a feeling that Marvel is simply going to use this event as a way to do a partial reboot. They won't reboot everything, but use Secret Wars as a way to path the way for a "new" Marvel Universe where history/continuity has simply been tweaked and characters will be slightly different origin-wise. It's a great way to clean-house, change certain characters and give them a modern update, while still keeping that's characters history intact for the most part.

That's ultimately what I see this leading to.

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Love the art, and I find Silk's character to be interesting. Too bad Secret Wars will most likely end this series before it even gets a chance to go anywhere... -___-

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@war_killer: Yes and no, it probably won't matter much in the long run, but as long as it's a comic you enjoy reading it still fulfilled it's purpose.

True, I mean I'm wondering the same thing about others comics which some have only just started (like Ant-Man, for example which is currently my favorite comic). I get that you can still enjoy the comic and hopefully the stories that have been building in these different series will get the proper conclusion they deserve. But at the same time, knowing that the whole Marvel Universe is going to end, be reformed into Battleworld with other Multiverses, and most likely afterwards get rebooted, it still takes away the impact that these stories have, in my opinion.

Currently, they can still serve a purpose, but in the long run they come off as meaningless to me, which I find it unfair to the readers who have been reading these comics since they began.

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Quick question, but with everything that's about to go down with Secret Wars and the Marvel Universe ending, does this storyline even mean anything anymore? Like seriously, when both All-New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men began, with the original X-Men being brought to the present, it was a big deal, but with the Marvel Universe ending and all of these various multiverses being crammed together on Battleworld, does the storylines that begun in both of these series even matter now?

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The Marvel Reboot is Coming.

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"Boo-Yah!" - Cyborg (Teen Titans)

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Just curious, but was I the only one who had the music from the movies playing in my head while reading through the issue. The opening with the "A long time ago..." with the logo and the scrolling intro, plus I had the "Dark Side" music playing in my head when Vader arrived and began walking down the platform. Seriously, this issue captured the Star Wars-feel.

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Originally, before the mid-season finale, I was thinking Eddie was the Reverse Flash, but then we saw Wells with the suit at the end of the episode and that pointed to him actually being the Reverse Flash. But what needs to be noted is that while yes he does have the suit, we never actually see him WEAR it.

BUT! There's one more theory...

While yes Wells does have the yellow suit and is hinted at having the super-speed, there is still the theory that Wells is actually a future version of Barry who, after failing to stop some "Crisis" in the future, travels back in time to push his past self so that he can change the future and stop whatever it is that Future Barry (Wells) couldn't. This would explain why Wells is so obsessed with pushing Barry to his utmost limits, even willing to kill and allow others to die. With Wells being a future version of Barry this would also explain how he has powers.

So yeah, my theory is that Wells is actually a future version of Barry who failed to stop some major crisis in the future, which drives him to travel in time to change said future by pushing his past self. This ultimately leads to Wells creating the Reverse Flash, who is Eddie, to push Barry even further and to kill Barry's mother as that is the driving force behind Barry's desire to be a hero.

Though, with that said, I'm still not sure how the Reverse Flash was we saw in "The Man in the Yellow Suit." We literally see Reverse Flash beat up Wells, yet we also see Reverse Flash randomly spare Eddie's life. It could be that the Reverse Flash we saw was a future version of either Wells or Eddie, who is trying to make sure that the past remains the same so that Barry can ultimately face this future "Crisis."

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Once again this show gives us another great episode, one full of action, humor, and just straight-up fun.

My only real complaint though was, despite loving Captain Cold in this show (he is probably my favorite villain so far), I feel like he's limited when it comes to fights between Flash. Something I actually liked about the New 52 Cold is that his powers became a part of his body, making the whole questions of why Flash doesn't just take away his gun irrelevant and giving Cold a reason to go one-on-one with Flash. But currently all he can do is just shot his cold gun, which can be cool if used properly like he did with the train last time he fought Flash, but I can see it making future fights difficult to write.

Also, and I feel like I'm the only one, but I really like Eddie. In the pilot episode I remember really disliking the guy, but since then I've grown to really enjoy his character as he's really just trying to be a good cop and do the right thing, which I feel is building to him possibly becoming the Reverse-Flash (seriously, I like "Zoom" more... Sounds more creative to me... =/ ).