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@winter_kills: The writing I thought was fine, nothing really stood out to me while reading the issue that had me concerned or saying "that's not how Bucky would act." Like I've mentioned before, my only real complaint is that the art does make it a bit hard to follow the actual story. But after having read the issue multiple times now I do believe that over time, Rudy's art becomes easier to follow. It really comes down to preparing yourself first and then taking your time to make sure you're moving through the story correctly.

Honestly the art is pretty awesome overall. Like I mentioned above, there's a huge two-age spread of Fury's secret space station in orbit above Earth with the sun shining in the background. The spread also has Bucky's head interwoven into the blackness of space, making for a pretty awesome scene that I couldn't help but stop and simply admire. (Which isn't something I do very often when reading a comic.)

The only thing missing from the scene was Bucky calling Namor "Subby." lol

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"We agreed on this!!!" Ah Deadpool, this is why we still buy your comics. xD

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@xwraith said:

And did anyone else think "Imperious Sex" wasn't that funny?

I wasn't rolling on the floor laughing, but I'll admit that it did make me chuckle, though just after doing so I did shake my head as I know I probably shouldn't have laughed. xD

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@cap10nate: Yeah, the art did make it hard to figure out exactly what was happening. I couldn't tell if they were fighting aliens or just random Altanteans.

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Honestly not a lot has been mentioned about the movie, aside from a few set photos being released here and there. The reason the first movie generated so much hype is because it was something big and new and that hadn't been done before. I'm sure that once the first trailer airs the hype will quickly began to build as we move closer towards the film's release.

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@g_man: Agreed. Though I actually didn't realize Coulson had already recruited all of those other members, like the ones you see walking around in the background. But I do like that that we have a much larger cast that the writers can play around with. I'm also glad that we get to see "Flowers" again, as I was beginning to wonder if Hydra was going to be the main threat again this season. But it appears that Coulson and his team may have their hands full this season.

Also, did anyone else notice the little nod towards Peggy Carter when Coulson was going through Fury's files? I guess that just further shows that Agent Carter will in someway tie back to AoS in the future.

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@cap10nate: Okay, yeah. That's what it seemed like happened, I just wasn't really sure as the art was a bit unclear.

Yeah, that does appear to be Bucky from the future, which is pretty interesting as it seems a bit random but I'm curious as to where that will lead.

I read the comic on Comixology on my home computer. The guided view helps a little bit, but there are points that you have to step back and make sure you're reading the issue in the right order, as the art can at points get a little...psychedelic, to say the least. The art itself looked great, but there were times I had to go back a reread something simply to understand what happened.

The parts with Daisy seemed like just simple set-up, a way for Kot to connect the book back to Nick Fury and Original Sin, while still keeping the story moving forward. I liked the quick team-up with Namor, though it did feel a bit random. I did laugh though at the whole "Imperious Sex" joke Bucky made at the end. But I guess the whole scene made sense as it leads to Bucky heading to Asgard next issue.

Overall I think 4 out-of 5 is a fair rating. This was a good first issue, I believe the art is probably the biggest issue. I thought Kot's writing was fine, but when put with Rudy's art it can be hard to follow at times. In the end though we're left with Bucky having literally the whole universe as his playground and I look forward to seeing where this creative team decides to take him next.

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Hunter is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters this season, he brings that "wildcard" feeling to the team and his sarcastic and rebellious attitude makes him a fun character.

My favorite thing about this season is the fact that S.H.I.E.L.D. is now underground, working from the shadows in secret. Way back in Iron Man 1 when the organization was first introduced, they appeared more like this secret Men In Black like group who deal with super-human threats without the world knowing about them. Even in Thor the group still had that feeling of mystery. But by the time The Avengers came out, and even more so in The Winter Soldier, S.H.I.E.L.D. appears to be a very well-known organization.

I simply like that Marvel is slowly returning the team back to the shadow, giving them that MIB feel, as they deal with these super-human threats from the shadows.

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Yeah, I have to say that my biggest problem with this first issue was the art. Overall it looked great, like the full two-page spread of Fury's secret space station, but the art also made it very difficult to follow the story, especially near the end where Bucky's teaming up with Namor. I'm also unsure of exactly what happened at the end, mainly due to the art, but did Bucky get shot by that mysterious person on the last page? O_o