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I seriously want that Zero Year Batman figure. Already ordered the New 52 Batman figure based on Greg Capullo's art. Can't wait to add his Zero Year version as well!!! ^__^

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Looks awesome, can't wait to see it on the big screen.

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Super-Excited!!! ^__^

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I really can't see how it could be any other Robin other than Damian that he'd be bringing back. The whole series has focused on Damian as Robin, we saw Bruce grieve over Damian, and now we're seeing him set off on a journey to revive Damian. Having it be any other Robin or even a new Robin just wouldn't make any sense.

With that said though, even though we're most likely going to see Damian's return, that doesn't mean he'll the be same Damian we saw in Batman, Incorporated. I remember reading in another interview where it was stated that for Damian, after going through what he has, coming back from the dead would have some major effects on him and how he sees the world. So while we may be getting Damian back, he may return much different from how we last saw him.

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@jayc1324: I don't see how having the Batmobile would take away from the exploration of running across the rooftops of Gotham. Sure, the Batmobile will make traveling through the city a lot quicker, but there are sure to be places and areas that the Batmobile can't go and thus will require you to eventually get out and explore. It's been stated already that the game's map will be fives times larger than the Arkham City map, and from the gameplay trailer and screen shots, the city looks pretty big. So while gliding is cool and pretty fast on its own, having the Batmobile will make getting to places much easier as well as look pretty kick-butt at the same time.

As for the Batmobile being OP. From the gameplay trailer that was shown at E3, it appears that the Batmobile goes have a health bar of some short, leading you to believe that there's only so much damage it can take. I'm not sure on what kind of upgrades the Batmobile will have, but I'm sure it will be similar to how you can upgrade Batman's armor as you progress through the game and earn enough experience to unlock said upgrade.

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Well, that was underwhelming...

Yeah thanks for the peak of Goku screaming/powering up like we don't have hours of that already.

I just found it funny by how the whole trailer could literally be recreated by just editing together random scenes from the anime. xD

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Well, that was underwhelming...

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I'm interested in the idea of Hank, and possibly Janet, having a daughter. I have a feeling Hope will probably become the MCU version of The Wasp in an Ant-Man sequel.

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With Dr. Pepper?

Well, it's not technically a food...but yeah, those are a match made in Heaven for me. xD

All this technical stuff :P Who pays attention to that anyways? Aside from you xD

hhmmmmmmmmmm I miss Dr. Pepper </3 DRINK A BOTTLE OR TWO IN MY NAME!!! lol

Well I've tried eating a can of Dr. Pepper before...yeah, it didn't end well. :P

What, you don't have Dr. Pepper where you live? <_<