Skottie Young Marvel NOW Variants and Icons

So Skottie Young has been doing Baby Variants for all of the Marvel NOW books.

Here are 25 covers of those books, including some covers for Avengers vs Xmen.

As you can see, a lot of the heroes in those images seem like they can be changed to icons, huh?

Well, I've complied a large list of all of the ones I could find.

Feel free to use them!


Well, this is embarassing

So about a month ago, user One Eye Hulk started to post in the forums, specifically Paddy's.

Now, whenever this user would post, and then I would post, I realized that I could not post again, meaning that we were in the same IP. I quickly messaged One Eye, asking him who he was.

"Who is this?"

"Um, hello?"

"Once again, who is this?"

"Is this Walli?"

I became frightened and nervous that this user knew my name. I immediately decided to deny that my name was Walli, and deduce who the person was before I told him who I was. After a long talk, I figured out who it was (A freshman in high school) and decided to keep my identity a secret.

And so, 401 posts later, I realize that this user is not in fact a freshman in high school, he couldn't be, as he posted that he would be going to see Zero Dark Thirty tonight at a local cinema that I go to.

My immediate reaction was that it MUST be my friend, there is no way that it couldn't be anyone else. So I Pm'd him, saying I know who it is.

This was the response.

And so, I was trolled.

My 8 year old brother trolled me.


Why Modern Gaming is Great

Single Player

While others would argue otherwise, single player in video games these days is fantastic. While a portion may be a cesspool of the modern first person shooter, outside of that portion exists a awesome variety to choose from. While there are many classic games back then that you have fond memories of, if you were to go back and play them, a large majority would just be plain awful. Games back then were the backbone of what makes games these days, they were the things that showed us what good and bad controls were, and showed later developers on what to do and not do. Take Halo for example.

Halo is arguably the game that changed the FPS. With it's button layout that is copied to this day, the smooth vehicle controls, and the refined health regen which is somewhat used to day, it marked the change in the way FPS` were played.

If someone was to argue that story in a game is where Modern Games are lack, I'd say you're wrong. Aside from the cesspool that is the combat FPS, games` have become much more versatile than they were back then. From Portal 2 to Sleeping Dogs, there is always a game for you.


Split Screen was one of the best experiences I've had playing a video game. I'll never forget all of those days when me and my cousins would get together and play Halo and Mario Kart. But to say that Split Screen is the better way of playing a game instead of multiplayer is ridiculous. Yeah, there are the exceptions, such as Super Smash Bros, but there aren't very many. Split Screen limits the amount of things you can do with the game's graphics, as the console is processing much more than it does with one player. Also, you can say goodbye to playing with random people, since you're going to be playing with friends only.

Indie Games

Indie Games are amazing. Really, that's all that needs to be said. They are relatively cheap, they are created by people who want to create games, not by some large company looking for cash, and they bring in their own cool aesthetic. Let's talk about Bastion.

Bastion is a game created by Super Giant Games. How many people worked on that game? 7. Where did they work? at someone's house. How many awards did it get? A ton. The game has received praise from almost every major news outlet, for it's aesthetics, music and narration. Indie Games are being acknowledged now, and they have given us some of the best games of this generation.

Downloadable Games

Downloadable games will end up being the way everyone gets their games. We are seeing it today, with Steam being such a haven for all PC gamers. It also gives us as consumers an advantage, as we don't have to drive to the store anymore. The big advantage of downloadable games however is that we get massive discounts with games. If you've ever seen a steam sale before, they are crazy. You can get a new game that came out last month for 15 percent off, or you can get older games for much less.

What are your opinions on Modern Games?


X-Face and other horrible decisions introduced by Uncanny X-Men

Uncanny X-Men is a comic being relaunched in February. I will be picking this comic up, at least the first issue, as I am impressed by Brian Michael Bendis` work on All New X-Men.

I do not plan on picking this comic up for very long. Why? The Outfits.

You yourself may seem fine with these costumes. I am not.

So let's go step by step with what is wrong with these costumes.

I'm not gonna lie, I really don't have a problem with Cyclops ` costume compared to the other two. Other than the fact that he has a giant X on his face, nothing is really wrong with it, and I'm aware of the fact that due to the events of Avengers Vs. X-Men he is mutating again.

Magneto survived the Holocaust. It's a vital part of his back story. It's the reason he thinks that mutants should take over, because he doesn't want them to experience what he has experienced. So can someone tell me why a man who is in his 80's looks like he has been doing steroids? Why is he so damn buff? I get he always looked like this, but the costume really emphasizes it now. Look at this Del Otto variant cover:

I get they are trying to make him look cool, but unless he somehow became younger or something, I'm not impressed.

Let's move onto everyone's favorite mutant, Emma Frost. Emma Frost's old look, with the white outfit and the cape, was absolutely fine. It wasn't so bad. This new costume though, is just horrible. Not only is contradictory to the whole "White Queen" thing, but it's also goes against what Marvel is doing for females in general.

Marvel is currently doing this whole female push in their books. With books such as Captain Marvel land Journey into Mystery on the shelves, a almost completely female X-Force book just released and Fearless Defenders and X-Men coming along in the next few months, they are showing off their female characters. Do you want to know what is a similarity with all of these characters? No one looks like their costumes were incomplete. Seriously, I think the designer was working on her outfit and went, "Eh this is good enough".

As for the other characters, I honestly don't know anything about them, nor do I plan to stick along with the book for a long enough time to want to know anything about them.