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Welcome to Paddy's

Paddy's Owners

Glitch_Spawn: Original Owner of Paddy's.

PowerHerc: Joyful Co Owner of Paddy's.

Paddy's Patrons

Decoy Elite: Prep Genius and Protagonist (most of the time) of Paddy's.

TheCerealKillz: The Insane Antagonist of Paddy's.

MK11: Owner of the Juice Bar upstairs. He's neglectful of it.

Vortex13: Powerhouse of Paddy's.

DarkKnightDetective: Billionaire, Playboy, Genius, world's greatest detective, master strategist, escape artist, speaks fluently every language known to man and kryptonese, master of every type of martial arts known to man, prep-god, champion brooder, state-the-obviousist, nocturnal knight of righteous redemption, shadow bothering street-level vigilante, noble kicker of criminal a$$, tenebrous terror of wrongdoing-rascals, shoulderchip bearer, chisel-jawed night knight, puritian, rapier-witted technobastard.

Walzo: Reincarnated TCK, isn't as Evil.

Ozlaw: Reincarnated Walzo. Is a Good Guy.

Paddy's Bartender

One Eye Hulk: The Bartender of Paddy's. Outsmarted me.

Act I: The Rise of Liquids

Part 1

  • I want to destroy the bar.
  • I start to try, however nothing works due to the bars Adamantium foundation.
  • I start shitting all over the bar.
  • One shit, however, is bigger than all of the other ones.
  • Thus Pat the shit monster is born, and wreaks havoc upon the bar.
  • However, Decoy, a regular at the bar, decides otherwise.
  • Decoy grabs Pat and throws to the sun.
  • I want Vengeance.

Part 2

  • I try to burn the bar.
  • Doesn't work.
  • Herc then offers me a drink, causing me to get drunk.
  • I start to vomit everywhere.
  • Hank is born.
  • I treat Hank like a son, and he, like his predecessor, wreaks havoc upon the bar.
  • When he is wrecking the bar, I see a vision of Pat.
  • Due to the vision, I come to the conclusion that I must kill Hank in order to reunite with Hank.
  • When Hank is in a weakened state, I stab him several times.
  • However, it doesn't work and Hank defeats me and runs away.
  • In a fit of rage, I attack Decoy, thinking it was him who made me see the vision of Pat.
  • I am destroyed with little effort.
  • In my dying moments, I create a giant transmutation symbol and use it to possess the bodies of another.

Act II: Walzo and the Decoy Corps

Part 1

  • I return in a much more powerful body.
  • My attacks against the bar become a daily thing.
  • The bar is able to heal from anything I throw at it with ease.
  • Decoy comes into the bar.
  • I attack Decoy.
  • The impending battle ends up destroying the bar, due to Decoys instant bomb effect.
  • As we come outside, it turns out that it wasn't Decoy at all.
  • This persons name is Agent 12.
  • After defeating him, he tells me that he himself is on a mission to defeat Decoy.
  • He tells me the only way to defeat him is to climb the tallest mountain in the world and see the greatest hero.
  • And thus, I embark on a journey.

Part 2

  • I teleport to the largest mountain in the world.
  • I am told that this is not the right place, and this isn't the right world.
  • I am must journey to Hair World.
  • I teleport to the new world, in which I meet Afroman.
  • Afroman is a singer. With a Afro.
  • I then gain the powers of the Afro Force, however, I am told that the greatest of good can use it, or else I will die.
  • I go back to Comic Vine, and confront Decoy at the bar.
  • I unleash the Afro Force, which holds enough power to destroy Decoy.
  • However, Decoy has tricked me.
  • He says how the Afro Force is a force of pure good, and it can't kill anyone or else the user dies.
  • In response, I teleport to Giant Bomb.
  • Inside of Giant Bomb, I visit every pub containing the scum of the internet.
  • The Afro Force then is expelled from my body.
  • After the giant confrontation, I do not attack Decoy, instead, we drink together.

Part III: The Purps, The Clone, and The Renovations

Part 1

  • Purps is on a quest to kill Walzo.
  • She attacks him.
  • Purps is defeated.
  • Walzo goes to attack her.
  • Zllik, TCK's opposite, saves her.
  • Zllik and Walzo duke it out.
  • It's a stalemate.
  • Zllik Is teleported out.
  • Decoy reveals he was the one who made Zllik.
  • Decoy teleports away.

Part 2

  • I punch a hole in the wall.
  • The hole reveals treasure.
  • Herc and Glitch become millionaires.
  • I get a book.
  • Book reveals secrets of alchemy.
  • I learn how transmute objects.
  • I help out the bar.
  • I give the bar 2 new floors: The Juice Bar and the Danger Room.
  • I drink from one of the old bottles of wine from the bar.
  • After a moment of extreme pain, I gain the power to control my speed.
  • Decoy goes kind of insane.
  • He tries to burn down the bar.
  • It doesn't work.
  • We drink.

Act IV: The Bar Force VS The Army of Limbo

Part 1

  • Several weeks have pasted since the past events.
  • We have gained two new members to the bar: Dark Knight and Vortex.
  • A female who goes by the name of, "Tweety" keeps trying to get a job here.
  • Decoy rejects her.
  • Tweety comes back with a lawsuit.
  • Decoy still doesn't give two shits.
  • Tweety reveals herself to be the living embodiment of Justice, and declares that Paddy's has offset the balance between Good and Evil.
  • After tanking most shots of the patrons, she leaves, stating that Friday will be the bar's Judgement.
  • Justice then sends the bar high into the air.

Part 2

  • I come into the bar, feeling horrible.
  • I am randomly shitting and pissing everywhere, and can't control the monsters.
  • Monsters are quickly dispatched by the patrons.
  • A fairly new patron, DarkKnightDetective, gives me pills that should help control the monsters.
  • While the pill helps, it has it's downsides, like making me give birth to a human.
  • Ozlaw is born, who quickly KO's me.
  • He escapes.

Part 3

  • Ozlaw returns.
  • He quickly crushes every bone in my body and smashes my head in.
  • The regen stops working.
  • Decoy tries and stops Ozlaw.
  • Succeeds, he quickly calms Ozlaw down.
  • Ozlaw then explains that he is the good part of the Trinity; me being the neutral and TCK being the evil.
  • He says to watch out for TCK.
  • Everyone disregards it, TCK was never anything big.
  • He also says that I am a traitor, and that I am aware of where TCK is.
  • I am a traitor, I took Justice's oath and gained the power to read minds.
  • I say that nothing will happen.
  • I also say that she has been monitoring the bar from the day she entered it.

Part 4

  • Judgement Day arrives.
  • Justice arrives at the bar, and throws the bar toward Earth.
  • The bar survives the crash.
  • The Bar Force attacks Justice.
  • Justice is hurt by the attacks, but not hurt too bad.
  • While taking on the Bar Force, she also shatters my mind.
  • Vortex opens up a black hole into Limbo, which extremely weakens Justice.
  • However, TCK was also in there.
  • TCK quickly escapes.
  • Justice is reduced to a weakened state and left to die within Limbo.

Part 5

  • TCK enters the bar.
  • He calmly sits down next to Decoy.
  • He tells Decoy that he is going to murder everything.
  • He then tells Decoy that he should've watched over Ozlaw.
  • He then opens up a portal that shows Ozlaw in a near death state.
  • He then drops Ozlaw into the bar and leaves.

Part 6

  • TCK returns.
  • He unleashes a horde of the undead outside of the bar.
  • He then takes on the Bar Force.
  • He starts to create residents of Limbo that attack the Bar Force.
  • Vortex is able to quickly destroy the residents.
  • However, he is met by the clones of TCK.
  • Decoy and TCK are fighting in space, and while Decoy thinks he had the advantage, making his ship appear near him.
  • TCK unleashes a giant resident of Limbo that destroys the ship that sends Decoy back to Earth.
  • Back at the bar, Vortex has sent all of the clones to the Underworld.
  • Decoy, nearly defeated, goes back to the bar and unleashes the bar's canon, which KO's the giant.
  • Vortex then shows off his new powers and fight TCK.
  • TCK and Vortex fight to a stalemate.