pixie's costume

pixie have been a part of many x-teams ,first she was with the new x-men ,then she went with the uncanny x-men & now she is in storm's team. the only thing that bothers me is that she is still wearing her new x-men costume (or mabye i should i say uniform). i loved the part of new x-men after the house of m ,where all the memebers get to wear a costum ,but pixie wasn't part of the team back then. then they all went & start wearing a blue & yellow x-men uniform ,wich i HATE! i love the idea that every hero get to wear his own costume. and now that pixie is part of big x-men teams ,she should change her costume. i was thinking of something more pinky & girly but then i thought a dark costume & persona would suits her. like her AoX version (her name is nightmare there & she have bat wings). they should give her wings a more darker appernce & increase the black strikes on her hair (wich most artists forget about). i actually drew a couple of pictures on how here costume should be but my computer won't upload them. anyway ,will pixie be part part of "the all new x-men " in marvel now! ? (i gess not). i really hope to see pixie in marvel now in any book ,i don't care. & i want her with a new costume.

what do think ? does she need a costume change ? should her costume & appernce be more girly or more dark ?

Posted by umbrafeline

why not hvae her costume be both dark and girly. goth if you will :-)