psylocke psychic powers

  • when she first came back to the main universe ,she was still a telekinetic ,but not as strong as she was ,then she said she regained a degree of her telepathy ,writers then said that psylocke now have both TK & TP. in uncanny x-force however rick remender chose to write her with OMEGA level TP & no TK at all. however other writers hardly dissagreed & kept her with mid-level TP & mid-level TK ,as shown in x-men legacy & x-men second coming & her own mini series. they then explained ,so that readers wouldn't be confused ,that her powers float between TP & TK . so if she used one ,she woun't be able to use the other for a while. BUT after a while ,i mean now ,in x-men ,uncanny x-men & the whole AvX series ,writers would write on the first page "psylocke :telepathic ninja" & she didn't use TK at all. so what ? did they get rid of the TK ? and will the new writer ,sam ,for uncanny x-force in marvel now write her with TK ?

can spider-woman fly ?

i'm really confused now. i always thought & knew that spider-woman CAN'T fly but she can glide on air using her web-wings. but on her wiki page ,it says she is now able to fly ,after the secret invasion ,without the use of the gliding wings. but in "spider-woman: agent of sword" she couldn't fly & save herself when she was falling from a bulding ,actually she jumped from the roof & then said "oh crap, i can't fly ,without the wings on my costume i can't glide on air". and the story took place after the secret invasion. but in avengers vol.4 she is able to fly ,& she is also able to stand on one place & hover like athor full-flying charecters do. so what ? is she able to fly without the costume ?


all new x-men ,how ?

so if the 5 original memebers of the x-men r coming to the future (yay for marvel girl!) how will they affect they the main timeline ? the time they will travel to the future is set after isuue #20 of uncanny x-men ,i gess (not sure though) but if they came to the future ,there will be no x-men in the past wich will affect the future of the x-men too. jean will never turn to phoenix ,angel won't turn into archangel & best won't be a big blue monster. i don't understand how will they explain that. will the x-men just come temprarily & then go back to the past ? will they be from anthor universe or something ? but if they r going to go back to the past ,why did they say that jean grey (as marvel girl) is coming back to the marvel universe if it's only temprarily ? and why did they say "all new x-men" ? it should've been "all old x-men". i'm really confused. somebody please explain ? or should we wait for the comics ?

i just hope jean grey stays for a while. i really missed her . and i'm happy she is for the first time not involved with the whole phoenix force thing.


pixie's costume

pixie have been a part of many x-teams ,first she was with the new x-men ,then she went with the uncanny x-men & now she is in storm's team. the only thing that bothers me is that she is still wearing her new x-men costume (or mabye i should i say uniform). i loved the part of new x-men after the house of m ,where all the memebers get to wear a costum ,but pixie wasn't part of the team back then. then they all went & start wearing a blue & yellow x-men uniform ,wich i HATE! i love the idea that every hero get to wear his own costume. and now that pixie is part of big x-men teams ,she should change her costume. i was thinking of something more pinky & girly but then i thought a dark costume & persona would suits her. like her AoX version (her name is nightmare there & she have bat wings). they should give her wings a more darker appernce & increase the black strikes on her hair (wich most artists forget about). i actually drew a couple of pictures on how here costume should be but my computer won't upload them. anyway ,will pixie be part part of "the all new x-men " in marvel now! ? (i gess not). i really hope to see pixie in marvel now in any book ,i don't care. & i want her with a new costume.

what do think ? does she need a costume change ? should her costume & appernce be more girly or more dark ?


psylocke vs ironman

-fight takes place in new york city ,on a rooftop.

-they start off 100 feet away from each other.

-iron man with his reguler armor.

-psylocke is affected by anti-telepathy ,she can only read his mind. she have her current levels of telekinesis & her ninja fighting skills.

-morals r allowed. battel ends if one knocks down the other to a faint point (killing is not allowed)

-who wins ? and HOW ?? i want everyone to explain.

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psylocke in the big screen

until now ,psylocke didn't make it to any of the 5 x-movies. (i won't count the x-3 version cuz i didn't feel & knew it was psylocke before the credits. everybody knows that). there will be 2 more x-movies to come. the first is "the wolverine" & the second is the sequal to x-men first class "x-men : days of future past". i don't think that she will be part of days of future past. but hey ,nobody thought that angel salvadore ,darwin & banshee would apper in x-men first class. everybody thought that jean & scott will but they didn't. fox is full with surprises. so mabye she'll actually make it & be like the new girl memeber in the x-men or the new telepath for the helfire club (of course all memebers including emma left the team ,but mabye it's a new hellfire club team with psylocke as it leader. who knows). everyone is expecting kitty ,rachel ,storm ,cable ,bishope etc. once they heared "days of future past". but hey, fox love to change ,and sometimes changing is good.

i was expecting & hoping that she will be in "the wolverine" movie in summer 2013. cuz the movie will be in asia ,so she could be there as an asassion in the hand or something ,then she help wolverine in his adventure against the the silver samurai. she could also fight with yukio like she did in her mini series (cuz yukio will be in the movie). i was also hoping to see some bad @ss kicking scenes where she beat like 10 ninjas (males of coure) like black widow did in the movies. but the movie casting is almost done ,if not done already, and psylocke isn't part of it. but there is still hope that she'll make it to days of futre past in 2014.

if she made it to the movie :

1-would u like her to be a hero ,a villian or both ?

2-would u want her as a british lady or an asian ninja ?

3- what kind of power set ? telepathic powers ? if so would u like the psychic knife ?

4- would u like to see her as a bad @ss telekinetic ? if so would u like to see the psychic katana ?

5- would u want her with half-telepathy & half-telekinesis ? with her psi-blades ?

6-would u like the crimson dawn version ? with shadow teleportation powers & the red tatto over her left eye ?

please answere my questions.

my personal version is the current version ,a hero (x-man) i want her to have reguler (not so strong) telepathy with the abilty to manifest her psychi knife. i want her a low level telekinetic with the power to increase her physical blows ,strength ,speed & agility. (i don't want the telekinetic katana ,just have her with 2 reguler katanas)

i hope this day really comes. the day when i see psylocke kick some @sses in the big screen.


emma frost a telekinetic ?

we all know that emma frost is a potential telekinetic & that telekinesis is part of her mutation & psychic powers but she don't have acsess to it ,that's why it's a latent power. but mabye if she survives after the events of AvX (wich i personaly hope she does & she appered in all new x-men cover with cyclops ,magik ,magneto & an unknown guy, so she probebly will survive.YAY) mabye after the phoenix force leaves her ,it awakens her latent powers ,making her a telekinetic. but of course the writeres have to make her a low level telekinetic & she won't be able to acsess her telekinesis nor telepathy in her diamond form. but do we really want a telekinetic & a telepathic emma frost ? will that make her anthor clone of jean grey ? especially that jean grey will be back & she is a telekinetic ,hellion is also telekinetic ,cable,psylocke & rachel r also ,do we need anthor telekinetic ? will that affect her as a charecter & make her uper-powerful ? will it be a mess like when psylocke first gained telekinesis ? telepathy ,telekinesis & diamond form. do we want this power set ?

i personaly don't. LOL. i think she reached her full potenial as a psychic ,she is now one of the strongest psychics in the marvel universe ,if not the strongest. i think thye should increase her strength is her diamond form ,making her able to lift up to 10 tons mabye rather than 2 tons. increase her durbality & making her without a flaw & not easy to shatter if it's possible. making her with strong hand-to-hand combat & some impoveded fighting skills. i gess that would be enough. what do u think ?

be free to comment.


a mistake in psylocke's mini series

it's not a big mistake or something releated to the storyline ,but in issue 1 i belive (or possibly 2 ,i'm sure & i don't have the scan) where they go into anthor country & the title says "dubai ,sudia arabia" really ? REALLY ??? dubai is not in sudia arabia ,it's in emarets (UAE) sudia arabia is anthor country & dubai isn't part of it nor one of it's cities. the writer or the one who adds the scripts should've atleast googled the city to see where it's loacted rather than missplace it in anthor coutry. LOL.


wich psylocke version do u prefer ?

psylocke has been through alot of changes in her life. she lost powers ,switched bodies ,gained new powers ,switched powers ,retained old powers & improved powers. so there r alot of versions of her with difrrent powers & body. here r the best 4 versions of psylocke , i gess :

1- the original british psylocke with her butterfly telepathic powers , her psycho blast & her precognition powers.

2- the asian body -ninja- psylocke with telepathic powers & the ability to manifaste her psychic knife. (more like her uncanny x-force version)

3- the telekinetic -ninja- psylocke with powerful telekinesis & the ability to creat a telekinetic katana.

4-- the current -ninja- psylocke with high level telepathy & normal (i gess low) level telekinesis ( though she have problems using both powers at once) she can also creat both TK katana & psychic knife.

wich psylocke of these 4 versions is ur favourite ? list them from 1-4.

my personal favourite is the current psylocke ,then the telekinetic psylock ,then the asian body telepathic psylocke & the last is the british telepathic psylocke.


psylocke vs firestar

psylocke has her current powers (telepathy ,telekinesis & her ninja fighting skills). firestar with her microwaves powers. no morals r allowed. no shutting down her mind. they both start 100 feet away from each other. battel to the death. who would win ? and how ?

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