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A fantastic read 0

I have to say this is one of the best first issues I have read in a long time. I not much a Marvel person but this definitely brought me back into Marvel. It such a good read through, and the ending is a jaw dropper to me. I never saw it coming. I do like the team for the lack of experience and how they evolve later on in the series. The cover is right, they aren't what I thought. I went in with low expectations and came out with a greater one. I am done talking now, so I hope you enjoy reading ...

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Great issue 0

I will admit I bought this for Mister Miracle. The cover is absolutely fantastic, I found it my selling point. Anyways onto the plot outline. Someone plans to capture Superman and of course kill him. Scott Free (Mr. Miracle) is on New Genesis doing some soul searching with Big Barda . Superman is captured and Scott's Mother Box is triggered. Transforming him and teleporting him to Superman to figure out who is using Apokolip technology. Also a side story for Conduit , which I really did not care...

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Great story 0

This issues is really well done. It delves more into the leader 'Night Thrasher" past which is quite a sad one. The introduction of a new villain and a new ally which would become part of the team later on the series. I felt for Night Thrasher (Dwayne} more in this issue because it shows why he is who he is today and shows more reason into why he formed the team. I do like the interaction with the team training showing how they form a better relationship with each other in this issue. Toward the...

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From a new fan 0

Okay first off I never really read much of "The Clone Saga" and the recent "Spider Island" so jumping into this I was a little worried I might get lost. There is a "story thus far" in it so it helped. I have to say I definitely digging this comic and where it is going. It is way different from Spiderman as in chracter and story wise. Kaine is a total badass. The part where he somewhat saves the old woman made me laugh a bit, but it show how the repercussions of those action reflected upon Kaine....

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One of the Marvel teams. 0

I recently been going back to certain Marvel comics and The New Warriors pulled me. I love this team, the characters and the action it packs. The first issue is really great, although I wish it did more on developing the team. I felt it was rushed together and its my only problem with the comic. But it does leave way to the action that takes place half way through the comic. I never read much of these heroes outside of these comics. After reading this I wanted to more about the characters that a...

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