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Madman 100%
Due to his "rebirth," Madman is innocent, kind, and good natured. He doesn't like evil and will try to put a stop to it. He'll show you a snappy time.
Gambit is a suave guy. He will charm the pants off of you. He has a way with women and will steal your heart if you're not careful. Give him a chance and he will charge up your life.
Ooh, you got Robbie Baldwin. He's big on self-pain. Looks like you could be in for a kinky night. Don't worry, he won't tell your friends what kind of stuff you must be into.
Spider-Man is perfect for you. He's totally nerdy and always cracking jokes. And cute! A date at the museum or a movie would be right up his alley. Don't expect to spend the whole evening together though, Spider-Man's known for ducking out early.