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Wallace Name Origin

Pro Libertate

Wallace is a well known and respected name, they are renown for their magical talents and have shown abilities of much more. Current Wallace's are direct descendant's of William Wallace, Scottish Freedom Fighter. They are born fighters and are gifted with high IQ. Sadly the name started to die out in the 19th Century but it was soon revived in the 20th century, and the name grew strong again. The meaning of name "Wallace", some say it originated in the Latin word representing denizens of the ancient kingdom of the Strathclyde Britons: "wallensis". Another theory is that the name comes from the Anglo-Norman French term, "le waleis" - meaning, "stranger" or even "foreigner".

Wallace in Gaelic= Uallas


William Wallace

Statue of Sir William Wallace

Sir William Wallace (Scottish Gaelic : Uilleam Uallas ; 1272 – 23 August 1305) was a Scottish knight and landowner who is known for leading a resistance during the Wars of Scottish Independence and is today remembered as a patriot and national hero. Along with Andrew Moray, he defeated an English army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge, and became Guardian of Scotland, serving until his defeat at the Battle of Falkirk. A few years later Wallace was captured in Robroyston near Glasgow and handed over to King Edward I of England, who had him executed for treason. Wallace was the inspiration for the poem, The Acts and Deeds of Sir William Wallace, Knight of Elderslie , by the 15th-century minstrel, Blind Harry.

1st Generation (19th Century)

Gardner Wallace (1894 - 1960)

Born Gardner Arion Ewington Wallace. He was the first born child to wealthy, Scottish landowner, Alexander Wallace. Gardner always appeared to be the top child in the family and his father held him to higher regards over any of his other children, this said, Gardner's father, Alexander, did still love his two youngest children, but he named Gardner his prodigy. Gardner was expected to take on his fathers responsibilities, as well as a majority of the money. Gardner was taken to work with his father at the age of twelve and continued to do so every summer. He learned the ways of the trade, from working inside with metal (for Weaponry and Vehicles) to outside with crops (farming, food). Gardner finished Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry early, aged sixteen and moved to the Wallace London Manor to work full time with his father, and he did so for several years, along his way he met many famous people of that time, but it was not the life for Gardner and aged twenty one he left this life and moved to Australia, which was a fatal blow to Alex, knowing that his first born did not wish to carry on the Wallace legacy, and unfortunately they did not make amends before Gardner's father really did pass away in the 1920's, of cancer. The thought killed Gardner inside and in memorial Gardner helped his younger brother to produce up an even better company for weapon manufacturing, and so Wallace Enterprises developed, with the big Company in London being run by his younger brother William, who preferred to be named Austin, whilst he ran the minor company out in Australia. Gardner fought through both world wars, alongside his brother and unfortunately suffered the deaths of both his younger siblings, but in the long term he died a happy, yet emotionally hindered, man in the 60's as a husband and father.

Wife: Geraldine "Cherry" Wallace (née Clyro)

William Wallace (1897 - 1950)

Born William Todd Austin Wallace. He was the second child to Alexander and Fredonia, the wealthy weapon manufacturers, builders and farmers of Scotland. He was a very smart child, but in his fathers eyes he always came second best to his older brother Gardner. Despite the lack of faith from his father, it was all made up to him by his mother, whilst Gardner was off being taught by their father in many different places, Will and his younger sister Lily were well cared for by their mother. Growing up, until he would be old enough to be in Hogwarts, he spent most of his time with the best teachers in Europe(for various subjects), learning stuff he couldn't from most teachers and if he wasn't learning from them, he'd have his head buried in books, learning things for himself. At the age of eleven Will's parents dropped him off at the Hogwarts express and watched him go. In his years at school he made many friends. Will first met his future wife Mary Winship there but it was until the third year did they get to know each other, she was in Ravenclaw, whilst he, like most Wallace's, was in Gryffindor. They instantly liked each other and, after a few embarrassing classroom moments, started dating, over the years they fell deeply in love and a year after leaving Hogwarts, which both William and Mary sailed through with flying colours, the two got married. It was too late for Will to become his fathers fully fledged prodigy, Alex had spent years teaching Gardner, and was crushed that he didn't want to follow on from him, but Will had promised his father he'd carry on his work once he passed away, this somewhat fixed Alexander a little. A couple of years later Will's father passed away, leaving the entire company to Will. With the whole of the company in his palm Will shut it down, but only to build a bigger and much better one in it's place a year later from the same foundations. So began Wallace Enterprises. Eventually Will and Mary got married and had three boys. Will always hoped that his children knew how much he cared for them, something he never truly felt from his own father, even though he knew Alex did love him. By the time he passed Will had fought through both world wars with his his brother, Gardner, and lived to tell the story. Over the years he and his new company suffered attacks, several on his life, he never saw them justified but the attacks stopped. Late on in the year of 1950 Will, aged 53, died of lung cancer. He unfortunately never got to see any of his grandchildren.

Wife: Mary Patricia Anne Wallace (née Winship)

Lilias Wallace I (1899 - 1934)

Born Lilias "Lily" Rose Wallace she was the youngest of Alex's and Fredonia's three children, and there only daughter. She spent most of her time with her mother learning how to be a proper lady, if she wasn't with her mother, she was normally playing with her older brother Will, or at least trying to pull him out of his books. Even though, like her brother, Lily thought her father didn't love her, it was made up for by her mother. She was cared for plenty by Fredonia. Aged eleven, like her brothers, she was finally on her way to Hogwarts. After years of watching her brothers go to Hogwarts it was finally Lily's turn. She made plenty of friends, It turned out her two brothers had made quite a name for themselves, both being top of their year, and she was instantly popular. It seemed that Lily was not as smart as her brothers but she was still very strong in magic. Lily and her brothers all went to school under headmaster Dexter Fortescue. During her school years, just like William, Lily met her "true love", after a few boyfriends, who weren't very much like boyfriends, he was a Hufflepuff boy, named Steven Pachinelli. Steven was with her to the end. Lily died at the young age of 34 from Dragon Pox, a year after Steven had made her his fiance. A year after her death, Steven was found poisoned in his home. It was also found out during autopsy that Lily had not been infected by Dragon Pox of natural means, but that instead it had been injected into her body. Sometime in the late 1950's these unfortunate events were written down in a wizarding conspiracy book as an attack against big company man, her brother, William. This was confirmed by several attacks on Will following Lilias' death. In memorial her name was given to her great niece Lilias Wallace II and great great great niece Gabrielle Lilias Wallace. Lilias also, unknown to her brothers (until later on) and even to her fiance, gave birth to a son before she died of Dragon Pox. Impregnated by Steven before he went on a two year Auror job in Egypt, after a serious outburst of werewolf-vampire hybrids being let loose, the job was cut short when he found out she had Dragon Pox. Lilias wished to tell Steven before she died, but never got the chance to. Her son was left at the doorstep of a Scottish Orphanage under the name Bassett Cree Wallace.

Partner: Steven Pachinelli

2nd Generation (20th Century)

Struan Wallace (1929 - 2011)


Born Struan Anthony Callum Ewington Wallace, he is the first son to William and Mary. Eldest of three brothers, Struan was instantly most responsible. His childhood was generally a good one, his father, Will was mainly off doing business in different countries but always returned with some sort of magical present. Growing up Struan loved watching Quidditch and eventually loved playing it. He got his first broom at the age of two, it only got a feet off the ground but Struan used to fly it around the Wallace Manor in Edinburgh all day. Whenever his father got time he would play with Struan and his younger brothers and normally take them out to meet interesting people or see interesting things, a family favourite was going to see the Edinburgh Eagles play. Aged six Struan's father left him and his family to go to war. It was always a relief to get letters from him or when he was able to return home, even for the shortest amount of time. At the age of eleven he left for Hogwarts, leaving his family back on the platform, Will almost didn't make it to see him off but he managed to get there just in time. Struan made many different friends in Hogwarts and became a teacher favourite, due to his politeness, heritage and smarts. As most Wallace's he was sorted into Gryffindor house. In Struan's second year he made it onto the Gryffindor Quidditch team as a Chaser, he was on the team for the rest of his Hogwarts years. Struan lived through most of WWII in Hogwarts. To students WW2 was not much of a concern, it was different for wizards than muggles, Hogwarts had a protective spell over it, so if ever bombs did drop on them, which was only recorded several times, it just sounded like a heavy thunderstorm. The building structure wouldn't even shake. Some teachers, were kind enough to let the students out, if they pestered enough, to see the bombs in affect. It was strangely threatening, sad and awe inspiring all at the same time. The only real worry of being hit was going to and fro Hogsmeade or Kings Cross Station to your own home. All witches and wizards were safe in their own home, as leaflets of how to magically secure your house, by providing a list of spells, was sent out to every known magicking family. Struan thoroughly enjoyed school and became a Gryffindor prefect, following becoming a prefect in his fifth year, Struan became Gryffindor's Quidditch team captain in his sixth and Head Boy in his seventh. His whole life his father encouraged him to do what he always dreamed to do, no matter how big or small it was, with that mind set, upon leaving Hogwarts Struan was signed to play for the Wigtown Wanderers, through the first year of his career he won many awards for being the most promising newcomer. He eventually gained the reputation of being one of the best players of the 20th Century and aged nineteen he was transferred to the Chudley Cannons. He was shortly signed to play for England and at the age of twenty one helped them win the Quidditch World Cup of 1950 by defeating Iceland in an amazing one thousand and twenty points to five hundred and fifty, Struan scoring fifty goals himself, one teammate, Justin Hardwitch, getting thirty five goals and other teammate, Icarus Long, getting seventeen. They went down in Quidditch history books and Struan at only twenty one was named a best player of all time. Unfortunately a future that looked so bright suddenly became very dim. Shortly after the World Cup, and WWII, Struan's father William died of lung cancer. This was devastating for Struan, his father had been to all his matches supporting him all the way, and now he was gone, Struan couldn't face another Quaffle, so he pulled out of his sporting career. A year after his fathers loss, with Cedric taking over the company at only seventeen, Struan became an Auror and a damn good one at that. He had a few run ins with his own brother, Niall, over the years but nothing they both couldn't look pass. Struan had many stories to tell from his lifetime experience as an Auror, most of them dark, terrible stories, but still great ones. Aged twenty five, whilst he was still trying to gain a name as an Auror for himself, in 1954, he married his wife Claire Cooley. They had their first child, Lorie, in 1960, he always wished he had more time to share with his children and took an early retirement in 1961, to do so. Unfortunately things took a turn for the worse and in 1971, several years after having another daughter and a son, his wife was killed by a band of young death eaters. With this Struan brought himself out of retirement and went rogue to find the five sicko's that murdered her. He only brought one back alive. This got him a temporary suspension, but it only lasted one year as there were too many outbreaks of these new "death eaters" with the upcoming reign of Lord Voldemort. Luckily he lived through it and worked with "Mad-Eye" Moody along the way. Struan managed to keep his family safe, but once his wife died there was a certain rate in which he detached himself from them. Eventually when his son was old enough, Struan took him under his wing and made Bradley his Auror protege. In 1987 Struan went back into retirement, he was cared for by his eldest, Lorie. He didn't want this, but she always insisted, and he loved her for that. Again he had to come back out of retirement in '96 with the return of Lord Voldemort. He still works with his son as an Auror or just as a rogue frequently spending time with his three children, Lorie, Kaitlyn and Bradley.

Wife: Claire Lorraine Wallace (née Cooley)

Brenton Wallace (1930 - 1973 'Declared Dead')


Brenton Callahan Wallace is the first and only child of Gardner and Geraldine "Cherry" Wallace. Born out in Australia his upbringing was slightly lonely, being an only child he didn't have any siblings to play with. Yet his parents paid more attention to him, for there was no one else they needed to spend time on. Brenton had pretty much everything he wanted, except childhood friends. All though he did have one friend out there, a girl, the maid's daughter, Kira Holmes. They used to play together each time she came round with her mother. Just like the Wallace's, the Holmes family was a wizarding one so there were non of those complications. Aged five Brenton watched his father, Gardner, go off to fight in WWII. Brent luckily still saw him regularly as Australia was quite secluded from the war. When Brent turned eleven he traveled off to the Australian Wizarding School, Maaladrone, along with Kira. The School is located somewhere just outside Thundelarra, near where the Quidditch team Thundelarra Thunderstorms play. Maaladrone had many enchantments on it, just like Hogwarts, so it was hidden from normal muggles. In his first year Brent became the top of nearly all his classes and was well liked by all the teachers, he shone brightly in Defense Against The Dark Arts, but was lacking in Herbology. In Brent's second year he and Kira started dating, they dated all through their years at Maaladrone and eventually got engaged but upon leaving his wizarding school Brenton became an Auror and worked part time for his fathers company, so had little time for Kira and they broke it off. He worked many years for the Australian Ministry of Magic until in 1955, when he took over the Wallace Enterprises Australian division, from his unwell father and quit being an Auror totally. Unfortunately later on in 1960 Brent's father died after being unwell for five years. His fathers death only encouraged him to work harder for his fathers company. In 1962 Brent married his wife, Marilyn Henry, and in 1964 they had a child together, Lilias Wallace, who they named after Brent's aunt. Unfortunately he never got to see Lily grow up, as in 1969, when she was five, Brenton mysteriously disappeared whilst on a business trip.

Wife: Marilyn Aurelia Wallace (née Henry)

Niall Wallace (1932 - 2020)


Born Niall Averett Edgar Wallace, he is the second son of Will and Mary.

Wife: Lana Wallace

Bassett Wallace (1933 - 1974)


Born Bassett Cree Wallace, he is the bastard child of Lilias Wallace and Steven Pachinelli.

Cedric Wallace (1934 - 1970)


Born Cedric Horace Sinister Ronald Wallace. Ced is the youngest of Will and Mary's three sons. Cedric was always very adventurous and talented as proved from a young age, he always wanted to be the best at everything. However his brothers always beat him at quidditch. Ced had a good relationship with his brothers, Struan was the good sporting son, Niall the troublemaker and Ced the quiet clever one. Aged eleven Cedric started school to practice in the art of magic, a skill which came naturally to most Wallace's. He got through school obtaining the age old tradition for Wallace's to pass with flying colours (with the exception of Niall). He had many friends and girlfriends, being popular by nature which was only a compliment to his personality. Ced also became fond of Wizard Archaeology which was he career he saw himself advancing in. Unfortunately when Cedric was sixteen his father died of lung cancer and Ced became head CEO of Wallace Enterprises, as was always intended. Aged seventeen when he graduated school Cedric went straight into running the business, a task he took to in great stride, it was clear he had his fathers business instinct. However he still longed for a job in archaeology so when he had the company securely settled in early '54 he set off to fulfill his dreams around the world. He came across many wondrous sites and discovered many things, his greatest work was discovering great tombs and tools of the Egyptian high priests. Whilst in Dubai, year of '56 Cedric met a lovely young aspiring artist and writer by the name of Lara Simmons, she had gone to the same school as Cedric but was a couple of years below, it was mere coincidence. They hit it off, fell deeply in love and a month later Lara was pregnant, Cedric returned to Britain with a new girlfriend and baby on the way. A year later they were married and had baby Remus. Cedric was a great philanthropist and the first Wallace to turn their company away from weapon manufacturing and into funding works of science and helping Britain. Cedric struck a big change with his company and by '68, whence expecting twins, had made a few enemies who were not happy with the changes made and preferred that the rich were superior. Before the birth or announcing of Lara having twins the family received death threats that made them hide their twins and forced Lara to stay away from the public eye and into telling others she was seriously. They sent the twins into the custody of Lara's sister Alice for protection. Cedric was murdered with his wife Lara, in front of their eight year old son Scott, many suspected it was one of Wallace's business enemies.

Wife: Lara Wallace (née Simmons)

3rd Generation

Iori Wallace (1956 - Present)


Born Iori Alpin Wallace, He is the only child of Niall and Lana.

Wife: Charlotte Wallace (née Reed)

Remus Wallace (1957 - Present)


Born Remus Ewington Cole Wallace, Remy is Cedric and Lara's first child.

Wife: Kara Wallace (née Forrester)

Lorie Wallace (1960 - Present)


Born Lorie Elisabeth Wallace. She is Struan and Claire's Eldest Child.

Scott Wallace (1962 - 2032)

Born Scott Lewis Wallace. Scott is the middle child of Cedric and Lara. At a young aged he was abandoned, not by anyone's choice, but the mishaps around him. Due to death threats toward his family Scott's younger siblings were moved to live their aunt in Hawaii, but when Scott was eight his parents were shot down in a dark alley in front of him, as a result his younger siblings were kept in their aunts custody and due to Remus' fits of rage over the coming year and being accused in a murder trial he was locked away for a long time. All he had was his faithful butler and friend, Albert, who had become his legal guardian. Albert gave Scott the best childhood he could, raising him and teaching him the things he had learned from past experiences, they lived happily together. When he turned eleven he headed for school in the magical abilities to hone his skills, and from an early age they could sense a greatness in him. There was a pleasant surprise for him in school where he met Kayleigh Guard, the old house maids daughter, he had not seen her since his parents death, after it became just Albert and Scott around the house. They rekindled an early flame and started dating in the second year, straight through the third and into the fourth, but the relationship became unsteady and they broke up, and after some harsh words in the fifth year they managed to retain a friendship. But Scott had his eye on another beautiful girl, Gemma Fox, the only problem was she was Scott's best friends younger sister. Though nothing happened apart from some fooling around, not until the Christmas of the seventh year. As Scott, Albert and the Foxes, including Mary, Ewan's soon to be wife who were expecting a child together, celebrated the Christmas holidays they received a very upsetting letter, news from the ministry that Mr. Fox had died in the line of work. From a sense of loneliness, the two were driven together to seek comfort in these dark times, things got hot and they made passionate love of the eve of Christmas. However they returned to school as though nothing happened (whilst Gemma unknowingly carried Scott's child). Later in the year of '79 war erupted and the school was used as a battlefield, the dark lord penetrated the defenses in order to kill some innocents and shake up the wizarding community. Scott fought valiantly but was killed in action. Which was when he discovered he wielded the great power of immortality. Over the years Scott ventured many places and learned much more from each. He even became a vigilante in his parents name. In late 80's he returned home a new man and took back control of the company left to him, allowing Remus to be more family centered. In 1990 Scott's life was changed when he discovered he had a son, Aaron Wallace, it was proved the child was his however he was baffled as to whom the mother was. In '98 Scott was reunited with Gemma after she gained the courage to talk with him once more, it was revealed to him that she married Harold Granger, recently deceased, but Hermione (then aged eighteen) was really Scott's daughter. Hermione was not partial to this news but Scott was ecstatic.

Scott and Gemma soon rekindled their love after he was comforting her in the loss of her husband, Hermione was not happy to hear this either, saying that Scott was a user and a playboy. However Gemma accidentally became pregnant once more with Scott's child, along with this Hermione became more hospitable towards Scott after seeing how happy her mother was and how much they loved each other. In '99 Gemma gave birth to William, after which they had two more, Gabrielle and Alexander. They were a happy family, but in 2007 Aaron packed his bags and left for vast adventures, he was seen little afterward and rarely visited. Scott went on to be prime minister in later years, but retired to become a proud father and husband. In the year 1932 Gemma died and along with her Scott Wallace.

Wife: Gemma Wallace (née Fox)

Kaitlyn Wallace (1962 - Present)


Born Kaitlyn Josie Wallace. Kate is Struan and Claire's middle child.

Ryder Wallace (1963 - Present)


Born Ryder Taiven Peregrin Leo Hayden Wallace, he is Bassett's only child.

Lilias Wallace II (1964 - Present)


Born Lilias Jessamine Wallace, she is Brenton and Marilyn's only child.

Husband: Jeremy Cole

Bradley Wallace (1965 - Present)


Born Bradley Edwin Wallace. Brad is the youngest child of Struan and Claire, with two elder sisters he is the only boy.

Gabrielle Wallace (1968 - 2000)


Born Gabrielle Rose Wallace, with her twin brother she is the youngest child to Cedric and Lara, and their only daughter. Elle was raised, with twin Hal, by their Aunt Alice Redolty, in Hawaii. Lara's sister had been widowed a year prior to receiving her niece and nephew, and unable to have children of her own, this was a real gift for Alice. The twins moved to live with their aunt after their billionaire parents had received disturbing death threats, so Hawaii was decided as the best option. For two years Elle's parents kept in contact, trying best to sneak off and see them whenever they could, but the temporary transaction was made permanent when two year old Elle's parents were murdered. It was decided best for the children that they be raised by their Aunt, under the radar, until the time was right. So Elle spent her childhood years as Gabrielle Redolty, oblivious to her true identity and past, the twins knew Alice was not their mother but they preferred not to ask about their parents. In the early days, when they did not have to go to wizarding school, Elle, Hal and Alice traveled the world. They visited all weird and wonderful places, meeting new, strange, exciting and interesting people. Often they would stay within magical villages and travel into the bigger more known cities. Upon their travels Elle came to love Paris, Rome and many other wonderful places, she also managed to pick up several languages by ear. Elle would soon reminisce that those were happier times. The traveling stopped when the twins turned eleven and got accepted into the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. With Elle's marvelous mind she soon became a top student, which struck a mini rivalry between her and James, always trying to better each other, it was a war of the wits. Elle always had Potions, and James, Defense Against the Dark Arts. Over the years, as Elle rose in popularity and stuck out whilst James stayed distant and private, a bond which was once so tight, loosened. The twins hardly saw each other let alone talked to one another. They only ever really met in class but even that changed when they picked classes they would be studying for exams. With her new friends and life Elle was as happy as ever, but everything changed in her fifth year when Aunt Alice sat the twins down and told them the truth about their parents. When Elle learned of her origins, that she was a Wallace, she naturally wanted to know all she could. Elle became obsessed with finding out more, she read into all the conspiracies covering her family, and learned as much as she could about her father's company and the controversy surrounding it. She learned that her older brother Remus had recently been released from jail and that Scott was currently missing. In her Sixth year Remus came to visit the twins, there was hearty exchange and love for all the while Remus stayed. Even when she returned to school and Remus returned home they kept in contact. In her seventh year she passed all her exams with flying colours. After school she left France and Hawaii behind, as Remus picked her and Aunt Alice up to join him in England, where he had recently been engaged to the mother of his first son. They were not joined by James, who wished to take a different path, which upset her, after all they had been through she still loved her brother. For the next few years she spent her time living the high life, living with Aunt Alice, Remus, Kara (Remy's better half), their son Gideon and their daughter Emma, with a second son on the way. Elle was happy but her brothers family was a reminder that her life was amounting to nothing. So she picked up her bags bid farewell and returned to France to work at their Ministry of Magic, starting in the magical creatures department. She spent the next few years climbing the ladder and during this time met her brother Scott.


She eventually got bored of this too and took a leaf out of James' book and went traveling. She traveled for years and met many interesting people and did many things, always popping back to England when she had the chance. In 1997 she met Hunter Troy Austin, an explorer like herself, he was an Irish wizard that had done some stupid things and was on the run, Gabrielle fell deeply in love and would have followed him to the end of the world, which she did, until she became pregnant with their child. Hunter couldn't handle it and one morning Elle woke up alone. With a broken heart and child on the way she traveled back to London to seek comfort with her family. in 1998 she gave birth to Wesley Liam Wallace, a beautiful baby boy, he became her world and she loved him more than anything. Unfortunately in the year of 2000 as she was returning home from Christmas shopping she was in a car crash and died.

Partner: Hunter T. Austin

Hal Wallace (1968-2046)


Born Hal Gardner Wallace, he is the twin brother of Gabrielle and the youngest child to Cedric and Lara.

4th Generation (20th - 21st Century)

Hermione Weasley (1979 - 2087)


Born Hermione Jean Wallace, she is the first child to Scott and Gemma. Hermione did not know her father until she was an already accomplished eighteen year old wizard. She was raised by her mother and stepfather, Harold Granger. She had a happy childhood, raised as normal as could be, until eleven when her life changed entirely. She was made famous in her teens for destroying the dark lord with friend Harry Potter. Though life is not without sacrifices and when she returned home she found out her father had been murdered. To make things worse she found her mother had sought comfort in billionaire playboy Scott Wallace, her birth father. She resented her real father for a year or so, and escaped her family by spending most of her time with boyfriend Ron and studying for the NEWTS she'd missed. However she came around when she realised how much her true parents loved each other, even if he wasn't there for them, but in 1999, Scott and Gemma were already engaged and having a second child. Scott tried his best to make it up to Hermione, for the years they didn't have together, and she came around as soon as she became the older sister to baby William, a well as having a half brother, Aaron. Hermione's mother moved into the Wallace Manor and left their old house to Hermione. Early 2000 Hermione managed to get a job in the ministry along with her two best friends, though she went into the Magical creatures department whilst they became Aurors. She continued her work to help house elves and drove up the ranks. She eventually got married to Ron and came to like her father, realising how much they had in common, how well he treated her mother and how they had started a loving new family. Around this time Hermione, Ron and Harry were put on chocolate frog cards. She also became close with her uncle Remus and his family. In 2006, aged 26, she became pregnant with Rose and upon maternity leave spent most of her time in her parents manor house, the she had two more children in 2007 and 2009, Hugo and Scott.


She and Ron raised them with the same morals they had been, though occasionally she would have to leave them with their grandparents. When her children were older she assumed a more demanding position in the ministry and by 2017 had become the Minister of Magic. She reigned as Prime Minister through the years of Dark Lord Atra and she suffered many losses, when he was defeated she immediately resigned. During those dark years she lost many who were close to her, such as her mother and best friend Harry. She settled herself into retirement with her husband Ron and they kept themselves surrounded by family, Hermione took it upon herself to fulfill the motherly roll to the entire family and managed to be there for everyone. Years passed and she lost her husband, it was then that she assumed the roll of headmistress of Hogwarts, where she carried out her remaining years.

Husband: Ronald Weasley

Gideon Wallace (1983 - Present)


Born Gideon Struan Ewington Wallace, Dean is the first son of Remus and Kara. Dean was always excellent, a polite handsome little boy with plenty of potential. He was always interested in his fathers company, and whilst he was away took great pride in being man of the house and looking after his younger siblings.

Cole Reese (1984 - Present)


Born Cole David Reese, he is the bastard child of Scott Wallace and Davina Reese.

Emma Wallace (1986 - Present)


Born Emma Eloise Wallace, she is the eldest daughter to Remus and Kara.

Galen Wallace (1988 - 2021)


Born Galen Ashur Harbin Wallace, he is the only son of Ryder Wallace.

Ignatius Wallace (1988 - Present)

Born Ignatius Billius Wallace, Nate is the second son to Remus and Kara Wallace.


Amanda Cole (1989 - Present)


Born Amanda Marilyn Cole, she is the daughter of Lilias II and Jeremy Cole.

Aaron Wallace (1990 - 2007)


Born Aaron Kale Wallace, he is Scott's second bastard child of an unknown mother.

Hayley Wallace (1991 - Present)


Born Hayley Elisabeth Wallace, she is daughter of Remus and Kara, and twin sister to Grace-Everleigh.

Grace-Everleigh Wallace (1991 - Present)


Grace Everleigh Abbeline Marie Wallace, she is daughter of Remus and Kara, and twin sister to Hayley.

Septimus Wallace (1993 - 2012)


Born Septimus Jared Wallace, he is the third son of Remus and Kara Wallace.

Bruce Wallace (1995 - Present)


Born Bruce Conan Wallace, he is the fourth son of Remus and Kara Wallace.

Cedric Wallace II (1998 - 2015)


Born Cedric Alvar Darrow Wallace, Ced is the fifth son of Remus and Kara, and twin to Lauren.

Lauren Wallace (1998 - Present)


Born Lauren Celeste Eileen Wallace, Laura is daughter of Remus and Kara, and twin to Cedric.

Wesley Wallace (1998 - Present)


Born Wesley Liam Wallace, Wes is the bastard child of Gabrielle Wallace and Hunter T. Austin. Wesley has known misfortune for a long time, his father left before his birth, not wanting anything to do with him and his mother died in a car crash when he was merely two years old. He was left in the custody of his great aunt Alice, who had cared for his mother. He was raised happily and always knew that he had to be good for his aunt, because if he wasn't he would have to answer to uncle Scott and Remus. He spent a lot of time with family, he and his cousins were practically raised together, there was never much time he was away from them, especially with his aunt having problems, due to her age. Wesley was very lively as a child, he loved to run around and play sports, he particularly enjoyed playing hide and seek in the Wallace Manor house as he was rather good at it. Wesley, Cedric, William and Benjamin were very close, almost brothers, they looked out for each other and had some top notch laughs. Wes' fondest memory was the summer of 2009, the last summer before he started school, the whole family was there, they had spent many summers and Christmases there together but this was different, better than normal, it was the last time he was truly innocent, before he started to learn, of the war arising, of dark things around him, of what loss truly is. In the September of 2009 he boarded the train with Ced and Laura, and his other older cousins, leaving behind his family on the platform and heading toward a new world. Upon arrival he was sorted into Gryffindor with Laura, where they were greeted by Bruce and Septimus, whilst Cedric was sorted into Hufflepuff, alone. Despite being in different houses Wes and Cedric were closer than ever, and managed to get into the same trouble as they did at home, they got into a scrape once with a third year but Bruce stepped in, making sure he regretted it. It was known throughout the school that the Wallace's weren't to be messed with. The next year they were joined by William (a Gryffindor), and the laughs started again, the fact he was the year below didn't matter to them. In the third year however, the worst happened, the dark lord Atra was everywhere, and in the final term of their year he attacked the school, for no real reason other than to strike a hearty blow, which he did. Septimus had returned to the school to help aid in the battle and was killed by a death eater. The fourth year was different, there were still the happy times of school but they were shrouded by the death of Septimus that hung in the air, Wes became very protective of Lauren, they spent much time together and when she got a boyfriend he took it upon himself to play the roll of the brother as Cedric was not there, and Bruce was busy with girls. Wesley himself had his first girlfriend in their fourth year, Ravenclaw Hannah Stone. It lasted all of three weeks, but a month later he found a new girlfriend in Sarah Michaels, which lasted a year, in the fifth she became jealous of how much female attention he got and could no longer handle it. He didn't have a serious school relationship thereafter. He was a great student, one of the most intelligent and passed his OWLS with some outstanding work. He continued to work hard and have fun throughout sixth year and into seventh, now responsible for looking after his younger cousins, Gabrielle, Ben, Izzy and Xander, together they all had a great laugh. Unfortunately half way through Wes' sixth year aunt Alice became ill and died a month later. Though woe did not end there, as it struck once more through the wand of the dark lord. In their last year, the school was attacked once more, Wesley, Lauren and William stayed to fight and protect, whilst Cedric helped get the children out of the school and to a safe passage, including Ben, Izzy and Xander. They fought long and hard and it lasted throughout the night. Cedric returned, arriving in the nick of time to save Wes from a death eater, they fought as a family for the night. Though in the heart of the battle Wes could do nothing but watch as Cedric was hit and killed. He was distraught but had enough wits about him to drag Lauren off the body and inside the castle. They retreated from the battle which lasted into the morning. It was such events that drove Wesley into a bottle. He returned to school for NEWTs and achieved high grades but he did not use them, he lived off his family's money and spent most of his time drinking. Until he was eighteen when he got into a bar fight with several murderers and he was going to be their next victim until he was saved. It was his father Hunter T. Austin, and half sister Alice. They saw themselves as rogue Aurors and needed Wes' help in retrieving a great artifact, that would contribute their winning in the great war. He helped them do so but in the process his father died. This did not send him tumbling down as the other deaths did, but gave him a sense of right and responsibility. He had the great artifact that he turned over to the Order of the Phoenix and a younger sister of thirteen that needed him. He cared for her deeply and enrolled her in Hogwarts, after pulling some strings to get her in so late, and then went onto becoming an Auror.

William Wallace II (1999 - Present)


Born William Richard Wallace, Will is the first son to Scott and Gemma Wallace.

Avril Wallace (1999 - Present)


Born Avril Antoinette Wallace, Avril is the daughter of Hal Wallace and Amadora Belluci. Avril was born and raised, for the earlier part of her life, in Rome, Italy. Her mother, Amadora, raised Avril on her own. Her father could not deal with having a child so left before she was born. However since her fifth birthday, Hal visited her annually. She loved her mother dearly, after all the hard work she put into raising Avril alone. Deep down she loved her father also, but there was much resentment on her part, for him leaving her. She very much sort her fathers attention, in the worst ways, the result of which was that by her fourteenth birthday she had moved to live in England, after being caught several times looting cash and thieving items from tourists with a bunch of her friends before being warned by police she would be arrested. When in England (year 2013) she began school, after some strings had been pulled via her father. Other attempts to get her fathers attention was bad behavior at school, dating older guys and then turning lesbian. All of which did garter some attention. Eventually her antics got her on community service which she served nonchalantly. However things settled down when in her sixth and seventh years she became close to her cousin Elle, finding they had a lot in common, then she and her mother started to attend the great Wallace family gatherings.

Gabrielle Wallace II (2000 - 2020)


Born Gabrielle Lilias Wallace, Elle is the second daughter to Scott and Gemma Wallace.

Benjamin Wallace (2000 - Present)


Born Benjamin Azrael Wallace, he is the sixth son to Remus and Kara Wallace.

Isabella-Rose Wallace (2001 - Present)


Born Isabella-Rose Jeannine Wallace, Izzy is the youngest child of Remus and Kara Wallace.

Xander Wallace (2002 - ????)


Born Alexander Achilles Wallace, Xander is the second son of Scott and Gemma Wallace.

Wives: Kiara Lockhart, Angelina Stewart and Lois Levaann

Alice Austin (2003 - ????)


Born Alice Gabrielle Austin, she is the daughter of Hunter T. Austin and Michelle Leanor, making her the half sister of Wesley Wallace.

5th Generation (21st century)

Rose Weasley (2006 - Present)


Born Rose Louise Weasley, she is the eldest child of Hermione and Ronald Weasley.

Husband: Gilligan Grindelwald

Hugo Weasley (2007 - Present)


Born Hugo Aaron Weasley, he is the first son to Hermione and Ronald Weasley.

Scott Weasley (2009 - Present)


Born Scott Arthur Harold Weasley, he is the youngest of Hermione and Ronald Weasley's children.

Blade Wallace (2012- Present)

Born Blade Ackerley Abbott Braddock Wallace, he is the only son of Galen Wallace.

Zoe Strange (2012)


Born Zoe Angelica Strange, she is the only child of Bartholomew and Lisa Strange, orphaned just after birth Zoe was adopted by Scott and Gemma Wallace.

Carlyle Wallace (2018 - Present)


Born Carlyle Lorenzo Wallace, he is the bastard child of Gabrielle Wallace II.

Annabelle Wallace (2019 - ????)


Born Annabelle Louise Athena Rosalie Iona Wallace, Belle is the only child of Alexander and Kiara Wallace.

Anastasia Wallace (2020 - ????)


Born Anastasia Victoria Wallace, Ana is the only child of Alexander and Angelina Wallace.

Clyde Wallace (2021 - ????)


Born Clyde Sebastian Reuben Wallace, he is the eldest son of Alexander and Lois.

Domhnall Wallace (2022 - ????)


Born Domhnall Hercules Ewington Wallace, Hall is the second son of Alexander and Lois.

Gabrielle Wallace III (2023 - ????)

Born Gabrielle Cassandra Blythe Wallace, Gabby is the only daughter of Alexander and Lois Wallace.

Clayton Wallace (2024 - Present)


Born Clayton Matthew Wallace, first son of William and Lauren Wallace.

Landon Wallace (2024 - ????)


Born Landon Forbes Wallace, he is the youngest son of Alexander and Lois Wallace.

Chandler Wallace (2026)


Born Chandler Michael Wallace, he is the second son of William and Lauren Wallace.

Jessica Wallace (2029)


Born Jessica Wallace, she is the only daughter of William and Lauren Wallace.

6th Generation

Gracelyn Grindelwald (2031 - 2053)


Born Gracelyn Gloria Grindelwald, Grace is the eldest of Rose and Gilligan's two daughters.

Gwendolyn Grindelwald (2034)


Born Gwendolyn Everleigh Willow Grindelwald, Gwen is the second daughter of Rose and Gilligan Grindelwald.

King Erik the First (2053)

King Erik I

Born Erik Albertine Wallace, he is the eldest son of Domhnall Wallace and Harmony Windsor. He was king of Great Britain during WW3. His acts through which he was named King Erik the Redeemer, cleanser of sin.

Prince Ulric (2054)

Prince Ulric

Born Ulric Mortimer Brendan Wallace, he is the second eldest to Hall and Harmony Wallace. And Prince of Great Britain, second to the throne. He was later nicknamed the Prince of Darkness as his activities were often shrouded in darkness.

Prince Ewan (2056)

Prince Ewan

Born Ewington Constantine Wulfric Wallace, the third son of Hall and Harmony Wallace. Prince of Great Britain. He was often referred to in the later years as Prince Ewan the Kind.

Princess Liberty (2057)

Princess Liberty

Born Libertine Allison Wallace, she is the only daughter to Hall and Harmony Wallace. Princess of Great Britain. She was Britain's Freedom Warrior Princess.