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"Oh god.... oh god oh god oh god..."  Beth clutched at her head, praying the voice had dislodged and she wasn't crazy.  Outside on the wall?  How could he be outside and talking to her?  That's insane!  She'd finally cracked!  She'd lost her mind after everything and now she was hearing her boyfriend tell her things in her own head.  "So this is what crazy feels like," she muttered as she climbed off her bed and grabbed her jacket.

She tried her best to creep down the stairs but half of them creaked as she stepped on them and by the time she was at the bottom, her mother was waiting with a frown.  "Where do you think you're going?  You need to go back and lie down.  That was a nasty bump!"

"I need air, mum, I'll be okay."  For a moment, she reached out her hand as if to touch her mother's shoulder.  When she realised what she'd almost done, she snatched her arm back and hugged herself.  "Trust me, it's okay.  I'll be back soon.  Promise."  I just want to see how crazy I am, she added in her head.

Her mother frowned harder at her but stepped out of the way.  "Just come right back, okay?"

"Yes mum..."  As she opened the door, she sighed at still being treated like a five year old despite being in her 20s, then started scanning right and left for a sign of Chris.  He wasn't right at the door so she padded out onto the drive and did a full turn.  "Well, I'm here, Mr I Can Read Your Thoughts Man.  This is f$cking insane!"

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Methos said:

sorry to everyone that i haven't posted much yet...

i got attacked by real life... other wise known as a new relationship lol

Awesome :D Congrats!  Isn't it a lovely feeling?
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I don't suppose Jack could join, could he?  Or do I have to stick to just the Stone account?

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"What happened!?!?! Are you okay?"  Beth's mum came rushing in, her eyes wide and staring at the remains of the mobile phone scattered around the room.

"I don't know!  I just... touched it.  That's all I did."  As her mum approached, she held up her hands and scuttled back on the bed.  "Don't!  I don't want to hurt you.  I don't know what'd happen!"

Her mum frowned and edged a bit closer, her arms out to her daughter.  "It's okay.  How would you hurt me?  It'll be fine."

"Mum, please, trust me.  I just want to be sure."  She stared into her mum's eyes as hard as she could.  "You trust me, right?"

"Of course!"

"Then please, let me just sit and think.  I don't want to hurt you by accident."

"That's just daft," her mum huffed, but she stepped back and walked to the door.  A flicker of worry crossed her face before she left, muttering about her daughter's vivid imagination.  "Read's too many gross books."

Beth...Beth can you hear me.

Her eyes snapped up and she stared around.  "Chris?"  She shook her head, trying to dislodge the thought that he was right by her, whispering in her ear.  "Is that you?  This is insane!  What's going on!?"

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Kiara_Sullivan said:
"Stone joined o_O Awesome :D"
I was far too tempted and then was talked into it :P  Everyone's posts are so amazing and detailed, I just wanted to join in :D
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"I am so not getting sucked back in."  She said the mantra over and over outloud, repeating it on syncopated beats in her mind.  "I am NOT getting sucked back in.  Not cool.  Not cool.  Not..."  Beth slammed her palm against her forehead as she groaned.  She'd been popping onto the forums again.  Just to read, that's what she told herself.  Just to read.  She wasn't going to go back.  She'd sworn she wouldn't.

But here she was, just clicking onto the RPG section, having a quick scan of Methos's newest thread.  For a split second, it sparked an idea inside her.  It felt like the world shook with the joy of it.  Then the world did shake.  Her laptop shuddered in her hands and she grabbed it.  She was about to close it and see what was up when it lept from her grasp.  It exploded in a nova of light, blinding her completely.  She toppled from her bed and the world turned black.


Little stars were exploding inside her eyelids, tiny solar systems going nova and being wiped out.  She tried to move but her arms felt like weights were tied to them.  There was a faint buzzing around her ears and she could feel vibrations of people walking around her.  She groaned, rolled and when pain stabbed through her head, wished she hadn't.

"She's awake."  Beth felt cool hands touch her face but she still couldn't see past the light show in her eyes.  "Elizabeth, are you alright?"

"Ow," she croaked.  "What happened?"

"You slipped and banged your head," her mother told her.

"What?"  She eased into a sitting position and glared through the lights at her room.  It was exactly as she'd left it, even the laptop on her bed.  "Bloody hell..."

Her mum helped her to her feet and eased her onto the bed.  "I'm going to call a doctor, don't fall asleep."

"Like there's any chance of that," Beth muttered.  Her mum's scowl told her she'd heard her just fine and stop moaning.  The look made Beth feel better.  After all, if it was serious, how could her mum scowl at her?  As her mum left, she reached for her laptop.  As her fingers brushed over the alien on top, a spark shot from them and danced across the surface of the casing.  Beth snatched her hand back and stared at her fingers.

"Sh!t."  Rather than try that again, she grabbed her phone to text Chris.  The second she touched it, it exploded in a sphere of electrical sparks and pieces of circuitry.  "SH!T!"

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Oooo this is so good!!

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Really wish it did work that way :P

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*throws creativity around like confetti* :D LOL, come on, we want more! :O

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@ Redhead - I get a spurt of creativity and then a drought of nothingness.  Right now I'm on creativity but I can bet you anything by the time part 3 comes around, I'll be dry as a bone :P