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Funny thing is folks keep talking about Dante surviving and what Jackie did to Supes.........First off Supes is weak to magic and Darkness is all about the magic. Second, things that would kill a normal person more then likely wouldn't even harm Dante, if that was the case the shockwave from his strikes would tear him apart. So its not just if Jackie could keep him down, it if Jackie could kill him too. The second Dante realizes Jackie's weakness the fight will be over soon.

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EMH vs Hulk vs...........yea EMH wins hands down. Thor had a pretty decent showing, while he did get beat up, at the same time he still got up from it all...........Hulk was far from unbeateable, didn't Widow and Hawkeye take him down.........though him with Exicutioner's axe was pretty nice. Something people have to realize is that when it comes to fighting one super strong enemy then yea Hulk is your go to guy, but when you are facing an army Thor is your best weapon. They were the Avengers in the show far as I saw they were both shown pretty well..........the Galactus thing did put Thor on top in my book though

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I must admit I once bought into the Hulk hype but as stated they make him as strong as he needs to be, when Thor was first created he was made to be stronger then Hulk and due to writing and popularity Thor is written like a feather weight against him (I vomited a little when reading Fear Itself when Thor said he could never beat him). Thor has literally stood against Galactus, elder Gods, and other planet busting threats and never admitted he couldn't win, but just to stroke the Hulk fans he says it to him. Thing about magic is that it doesn't apply to basic rules, if its a spell I don't care how angry or strong you get you shouldn't be able to over come it. Since WWH I've been gradually beginning to dislike Hulk simply because now questions like this seem plauseable due to how he's written.

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I strongly doubt it, the day Marvel allows him to do it is the day Hulk has gotten to strong or Thor has gotten to weak. Mjlonir is one of the strongest weapons in Marvel and above that its magic which adds a level of durability that Hulk shouldn't be able to surpass, because if that was the case then he should have been able to get strong enough to lift it by now.

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I was afraid to read it at first but the TGOT is a great read, its an interesting look at the Gods and putting them on a more mortal scale with them being afraid and the scene with Thor begging for death really got me into it. I can't wait to see what happened in that cave that pushed Gorr to do what he's doing.

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I could do it with either a Green, Red, or Orange ring......Orange is a guarantee since I'd have the ability to summon those I defeat(correct me if I'm wrong). People are afraid of the big hitters but to me my first target would be Cap, kill him and you throw the rest of the team off and get them angry. Added to that, I've seen their weaknesses and habits, Stark is weak to EMPs, I will mess with Hank using his past, Panther can be over powered if I fight him smart, Thor leaves himself open due to pride and holding back, I'll just make Hulk super mad and drop him in the middle of a crowded town and after the others have to take him down I'll hit them while they are weak. I would use Bane's strategy he used on Batman, get them tired, break them down, and take them out. I will be smart, I will be ruthless, and I will win.........plus push come to shove I'm blowing the planet and going to try my hand at the Guardians of the Galaxy lol

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Interesting how for what ever reason everybody assumes a Hulk vs Thanos fight will be decided with a punch out. Thanos has shown to be able to known to knock out characters like Thing and Thor with simple blast, withstand a fully feed Galataus, tank blast from Odin and Silver Surfer, and went toe to toe with Tyrant. Between his intelligence, power, and strength this is an easy fight.

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Its not just Hulk getting stronger it's him being able to heal quick too, its hard to beat somebody in a fist fight that will eventually get stronger then you and recover from everything you do in a matter of seconds. I agree with an earlier post, you figured by now Tony would have come up with a sniper armor by now or something, thought he was smart lol

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@johnjoe66 said:

@TheSuperHuman: @Greendevil: @tamabone: @Jonny_Anonymous: @torderocksSt: BLUE MARVEL!!!

He was my number one pick and you beat me to it, he would be a great fit, powerful, smart, and he doesn't feel at peace on earth

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Trust man I have no beef with the bats I respect him just as much as I do Cap. I was just venting in the Batman prep thing because I feel like he's way more then just a good planner, I just fans to come up with a different reason for him winning. I'm leaving this thread before I start something lol