Top 9 sad comic moments.

Folks, there is NOTHING wrong with crying sometimes... well, unless you're a guy, in which case that makes you a pussy. But even for manly men like myself, it can be hard to hold your tears back sometimes. Even our comics, there are suppose to give us cool stuff like golden supergorillas with blue energy riffles on the moon, can touch us. And that is what I am going to tell you about; he 9 comic moments that really made me sad.

Nbr. 9: Invincible learns the truth about his father.

We all have to learn one day, that dad aren't Superman, but not all of us have to learn that he is General Zod.

Nbr. 8: Human Torch trapped in the Negative Zone.

The funeral issue were amazing.

Nbr. 7:The death of Ted Kord.

He died because he weren't important enough for the heroes to give him a hand.

Nbr. 6: Tony sacrifice his sobriety to Odin.

Years of hard work down in the kitchen sink.

Nbr. 5: The Exiles leave T-Bird in coma.

Nbr. 4: The death of Starfires first love.

Nbr. 3: The funeral of Sue Dibny.

The only thing I like about Identity Crisis.

The death of the Silver Age.

Nbr. 1 Donna’s virtual reality.

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Posted by waezi2

Do any of you have a sad moment that you think is even sadder than mine?

Posted by CheeseSticks

@waezi2 said:

Do any of you have a sad moment that you think is even sadder than mine?

Rob Liefeld

Posted by SoA

@waezi2: only moment comes to mind is when wolverine is drowning daken while thinking how life could have been .

Posted by MarcosVergara14

Bruce reaction to Damian death and Bart Allen funeral in countdown 43

Posted by waezi2
Posted by AnyaSon

i think damian's death was the most sad moment

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Death of peter parker in ultimate spiderman, death of jason todd in under the red hood movie(not comic version), death of mandarin in fractions invincible iron man, when kyle rayner finds gf in the fridge, when joker kidnaped alfred, when colossus comes back in astonishing xmen

Posted by New_World_Order
Posted by waezi2

@anyason: There is something I don't understand, but that might be because I don't care about the new 52; How old is Damian, if superheroes appeared 5(or 6) years ago?

@queencorp15: The return of Colossus is sad?

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I'm only putting spoiler block because pictures take up a lot of space. Be warned, there are a lot of scans here

Selina Kyle giving up her daughter forever

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@batmannflash said:

Selina Kyle giving up her daughter forever

Dear lord!

Posted by Arkhamc1tizen

@anyason said:

i think damian's death was the most sad moment


Posted by Paul2814

Found the epilogue in Identity Crisis quite touching.

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@cheesesticks: Don't you have an sad moment as something that happens in the story? But you are right: The day Rob decided to work in the comic industry were a sad day.

By the way, were Barbara Gordon the first fridged woman in a comic?

Posted by eternalnature

Im actually crying. thanks guys.

Posted by deaditegonzo

Martha: I cant lose them both!

It was after the Death of Superman, and Jonathon had a heart-attack. I openly wept.

Posted by Perethorn

The death of Peter Parker in both Ultimate and Mainstream universe was pretty sad.

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

Would you consider Flashpoint #6 wear Barry Allen gives Bruce his father Letter to

Him ?

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I pick the death of Sue Debny - Elongated Man's wife... First death of super heroes spouse that seemed to affect the entire DC hero community.

I used to read JLA & JLI in the 90's and loved them as a couple..

plus the last shot with the pregnancy test.. that was heartbreaking

Posted by cameron83

I'm only putting spoiler block because pictures take up a lot of space. Be warned, there are a lot of scans here

Selina Kyle giving up her daughter forever

All of these excluding the Damian one and the Superman one AND The Death of Ultimate SpiderMan.

Edited by MarcosVergara14

@waezi2: sorry it took so long reached post limit yesterday countdown tell the story of Jimmy Olsen,Donna Troy and Jason Todd,Trickster and Piper, Mary Marvel and others, 52 weeks before the final crisis in the 43 issue that follows Bart Allen death in the fastest man alive 13 in the POV´s of Jimmy ,Donna and Jason (hinde watchin from up) and trickster and piper (out of their costumes paing their respects) for my is really sad beacuse of the situiation of Bart death and his friends and family telling relly good and depresing stories about him.I uplod some scans to give you the idea

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Posted by waezi2
Posted by Wolverine08

Wolverine killing his son Daken, and thinking about how he failed him was pretty depressing.

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@waezi2: not sure. it's fairly recent so it's one that really comes to mind. Batman has suffered so much and Damian's death means that Bruce loses his family AGAIN. It's also what follows. I highly recommend reading Batman and Robin #18. It's a silent comic of Batman suffering Damian's death. Only then did his death hit me as extremely sad. We also see Bruce lose it even more. He's more angry than usual and has closed himself off to even the Bat family. He spends a long time watching tapes of Damian. Batman and Robin is currently having Bruce go through the 5 stages of grief, encountering the main members of the Batfamily. And we sure how much Damian has affected him, with him even trying to go through supernatural means to resurrect him (talking to Frankenstein, Jason Todd...). I guess it's the actual moment that's really sad, but the toll it's taken on Batman.

Posted by waezi2

@shadowswordmaster: It actually never occurred to me, because I didn't like Flash-point. But it DID touch me.

Posted by thespideyguy
Posted by waezi2
Edited by MarcosVergara14

@waezi2: I don´t know, the issue itself is really sad you have seen the captures well the complete issue is really 10 times sad i really cried you can se how Bruce and Damian develop their around relationship between the Batman and Robin comics and in the annual Damian organize a trip for Bruce all around the world where it shows a paint that Bruce make with Martha, a photo of Thomas and Martha in front of at statue,and finally a rock where Thomas propose to Martha,aproching the end of the issue Damian comes in a limo where Bruce aproches Damian (he was in gotham making himself a mini Batman) and tell him that he trust him.There yo can realase how much their relation has grown and it´s beacuse of that Bruce has taken the lost so badly.

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The only moment to ever make me cry in comics was Captain Marvel's death in Kingdom Come

Posted by waezi2
Posted by MagnificentStorm


You have very great an really sad moment there but I always thought that the ending of House of M was sad mainly the part where Magneto Killed Quicksilver an Wanda held him as he died.

Also In End Song where Jean was talking to Scott before she went to the White Hot Room loved that moment.

But the saddest moment of all

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I doubt that it tops Wolverine drowning his son, but Silver Surfer Requiem, when Galactus shows on Zenn La;

"I do not know that I can save you, but I can try."

Literally the only time I welled up at a comic.

Posted by waezi2

@patzello: To bad that its not part of continuity. Sad and beautiful.

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Posted by Black_Arrow

Funeral for a friend the most sad comics ever

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Edited by danhimself

Ultimate Fantastic Four - X-men Annual #1...the X-men and Fantastic Four go into the future where Ben and Firestar are together and Ben spends 2 whole issues flirting back and forth with her only for Johnny to ask her out at the end and for her to say yes

Posted by Z3RO180

@waezi2: I don't think Tony drink in fear itself as a sad moment. Now the death of Superman was sad. The actual Death ignoring the crap that came after.

Posted by waezi2

@z3ro180: He is an alcoholic. Every day is a battle to keep his sobriety and dignity. It were a great sacrifice to make. He LITERALLY gave up his self-respect, that he had to fight for for years. It is one of his five nightmares.

Posted by Z3RO180

@waezi2: I'd say its more of step back rather than a tragic event

Edited by MagnificentStorm

@waezi2: Its from What if AvX #1 but its just a what if lol BUT STILL SAD :'(

Posted by waezi2

@z3ro180: Let us agree that we disagree.

Can anyone explain to me how Damian can be 10, when superheroes appeared 5 years ago?

Posted by TekTheNinja

Edited by Bierschneeman

wow, Sue Dibny's Funeral is the only one of your top nine that makes it into my top ten... seriously The Human Torch is trapped???? that was a 'meh moment if I ever saw one.

Posted by waezi2
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I don't have scans, but Psylocke's illusion of how her and Archangel's life should have been in Uncanny X-Force 18 is always the first that comes to mind.

Posted by Bierschneeman

@waezi2 said:

@bierschneeman: Did you read the story of Johnny Storms "death"?

Since I posted.... I have.... still Meh

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mine are death of ultimate peter parker the suicide of angel even tho he was saved the deaths of karen page and elecktra were sad the end of flash point when bruce gets the letter also when they make vthe new 52. i thought preacher was sad when cassidy let the sun destroy him or when jesse made cassidy let go of his hand.

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I know something similar to this was posted earlier, but this rendition of it seems to just make my heart sink...

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