How Secret Invasion should have ended(in 5 panels)

Okay, this is not a standard CI5P, but I couldn't miss the opportunity:)

Wow, my skrull impostor was messed up!

... How did this... "Civil War" start again?

... The White Queen? THE White Queen? How did that happen?

Oh MJ, the day I learned that it was your skrull impostor who hypnotized me to make the deal with Mephisto, so I never sold my actual marriage, was the happiest day of my life.

I cant believe I was gone for THAT many years. Now, tell me some more about this so-called "Spider-Man." He seams like a nice guy.

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Posted by InnerVenom123

Some of these aren't even real panels.

Posted by waezi2

@innervenom123: Couldn't find the panels I was looking for on the net. And it was at some point PART of a panel:)