Civil War in 5 panels

I have only made good decisions since I put on this mask.

Punch everything! That is the american way!!!

A cyborg-clone of Thor? I AM really the W Bush of comics!

Politic and philosophy is boring! MORE FIGHTING!!!

... Well, that could have gone better.

I'm a fucking genius!

(honestly, Civil War had potential, but blew it)

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Posted by HBKTimHBK

I read it for my English class, so I enjoyed it

Posted by AweSam

Watch the language, this is a family site!

Posted by PowerHerc

I liked Civil War.

Posted by waezi2

@powerherc: And you are welcome to do that. I just think it had a lot of potential that it didn't live up to. And what is up with Cap?

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I think Marvel squandered it's chance to make the ramifications Civil War matter. They almost immediately moved on to "business as usual" in the Marvel Universe and business as usual in the Marvel offices - meaning; "To hell with dealing with what should be permanent, sweeping changes caused by what we've just done. On to the next big crossover event."

Posted by waezi2
Posted by waezi2

@awesam: It is? But the site is full of violence, half-nakedness and other that is far from child-safe. What kind of family site is that?

And besides, I only used the F-bomb because its Mark Millar.

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@waezi2: normally I would say watch the language, but your so funny! Please do avengers vs x men next?

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Was this supposed to be funny?

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@waezi2 said:

@awesam: It is? But the site is full of violence, half-nakedness and other that is far from child-safe. What kind of family site is that?

And besides, I only used the F-bomb because its Mark Millar.

Eh, thems the rules. Please just censor your post.

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Pretty much...

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@jnr6lil said:

@powerherc said:

I liked Civil War.


Civil War Library-DC

I completely agree.I think Civil War was one of the best things in comics...and.....

Was this supposed to be funny?

I also agree...

Although that's just me....and you....

Posted by JediXMan

Eh. Honestly, I loved Civil War until the last two issues or three issues. It and the tie-ins were really good for awhile, and CW: Front Line is amazing.

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Posted by waezi2

@allstarsuperman: Already working on in, have some ideas, but I'm not sure how to make it a 5 panel.

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@jedixman: I have nothing against Civil War! I just think that it could have been more than it is. And apparently NON of the writers can agree what this Superhuman Registration is all about. You have to agree that it is a flaw. If you like it, good for you. I'm satisfied with getting it from the library, read it so I knew what people were talking about, return it, the end.

Posted by TDK_1997

I loved Civil War.It's one of my favorite Marvel events.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

I liked the main book but again like all events I didn't really see the need for all the tie-ins.

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I fully agree

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I enjoyed the storyline, I just hate that Marvel basically acted like it never happened following Secret Invasion. I mean seriously, everyone and their mom were up in arms in the Marvel Universe, saying superheroes need to be trained and should be registered, yet after Secret Invasion and Siege all of those people literally just forgot about heroes being trained and being held accountable for their actions and just went back to how things were before, as if Civil War never happened. This seems to be the trend of every Marvel event since Civil War, which I think is poor storytelling.

Posted by waezi2
Posted by War Killer

@waezi2 said:

@war_killer: I know, right?

The storyline was very realistic in a sense that it tackles a real world situation of what would happen in we really did have super-humans flying around, smashing buildings and throwing cars, and how would we respond to such people is one of them screws up and a bunch of people are killed.

That's what made Marvel Comics different from others such as DC, they told stories in a more realistic sense, with these characters reacting in a way that normal people would. It gave us a good idea of what would happen if the government started cracking down on superheroes, demanding they get training or retire, dividing the super-human community. It would have been interesting to see the storyline still having an effect on the Marvel Universe, but it feels as if after Secret Invasion with Norman Osborn becoming America's Top Cop everything that happened in Civil War was swept under the rug and forgotten.

This feels like a trend for most Marvel events and to me that makes them less desirable to read because what's the point? If they will have no real effect on the universe and ultimately be forgotten once the next event rolls around, so what's the point of reading them?

Posted by waezi2

@war_killer: And the fact that apparently no one knows what the superhuman registration act is doesn't help.

Posted by PowerHerc

@waezi2: No, but thanks for asking.

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