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Posted by Legendary_StarHero

How Awesome are you good sir.

Posted by 616Vulture

On a scale of 1 to DC how awesome are you

Posted by AllStarSuperman

DC or marvel?

Posted by Guardian_of_Gravity

Tentacle sex, Y/N?

It's my question for everyone.

Posted by Samimista

Happy Unbirthday? =O

Kitties or puppies? 0.0

Do you know the hokey pokey?

How long have you been reading comics for?

Posted by waezi2

@shadowswordmaster: WEARY awesome:)

@616vulture: DC+

@allstarsuperman: DC guy till the day I die. I just like the DCU better... the old DCU that is. But that said, I know that when Marvel get it right, they get it right. And I am unsure what team is my favorite team; the JSA or the New Warriors.

@guardian_of_gravity: I'm going to say no.

@samimista: Thanks I guess:)

Puppies, but kitties are adorable to.

Nope, but I am sure he is a nice guy.

My entire life. My mom is a comicbook fan herself. She is more into stuff like Tarzan, but we bout like The Phantom.

Posted by INLIFE

What got you into Comics in 5 Panels?

What is it that makes you awesome?

How are your relationship endeavors?

Do you listen to Two Steps From Hell?

Are chicks in Denmark hot? I would Google it but I am too lazy.

How is life?

What is your name?

What do you stand for?

Posted by waezi2

@inlife: I wanted to be a comic reviewer for a long time, but unfortunately I cant afford to buy a camera. My first CI5P were Kingdom Come, that I just posted because I were a little board and didn't know what to do. I were surprised over the many positive responses. So now its my thing:)

I dont know, its a gift. But sunglasses help.

My danish accent and my eccentric charm makes it easy to enchant the women from foreign countries. Unfortunately I cant find any:P

No, but I am going to.

Only 1/4 of them:P

Hard and unfair XD

Josef Elias Waezi-Ashtiani.

Humor, love and truth. You can live without them, but you cant live decent.

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Why do I dream that I am close to naked in public while everyone else is clothed?

Posted by waezi2

@lifeboy: according to Doc Freud, it has something to do with your mother/father.

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Posted by waezi2

@ostyo: Nope, and I find it unlikely that I will:)

Posted by The_Legendary_SuperSaiyan_Hulk


Favorite Manga?

Favorite Comic?

Favorite Character?

Do you like Pizza?

Favorite music artist?

Goku or Superman?

Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokemon?

Posted by waezi2
Posted by markofkaine

batman or a unicorn

Posted by Ostyo

@waezi2: Bad news then, I'm suing you. :P

Posted by waezi2
Posted by Ostyo

@waezi2: That's just it, I'm suing you for stealing my coolness.

Posted by waezi2
Posted by Ostyo
Posted by Samimista

@waezi2: Your welcome! =D Unbirthdays are my favorite holidays. ^__^

Ah your mom sounds really cool. =D I love the Disney Tarzan movie. xD When I was little I used to watch that every weekend at my dad's apartment. Phil Collins rock! =D

How's your CI5P going? Do you ever get stumbled with ideas on which comic to do for it? =O

Posted by waezi2

@samimista: Well, the best CI5P are the once I dont plan to make, after my own opinion anyway.

I have some new possibilities, now that I can scan and edit, so I dont have to depend on scans from Google. Witch means that I can do stuff I couldn't do before, like manga CI5P. So I would say that it is going pretty well. But I need more time to make them, so they dont end up being about pointing fingers at flaws, instead of being about entertainment.

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Interesting answers. Round 2:

Are you a virgin?

If the answer to the question above is a "no", then at would age did you lose your virginity?

Current favorite comic book writer?

Have you started listening to Two Steps From Hell? I recommend the songs "Divided We Fall", "Starvation", "Starfall", "Dark Ages", "Archangel", "Love and Loss", "Protectors of the Earth". They are all short and sweet; many more by TSFH are also amazing.

Do you own a gaming console?

If the answer to the question above is a "yes", then what console(s)?

Space Marines/ Chaos/ Eldar, which do you choose?

Something other than comics that you like just as much or even more?

How proficient is your English?

Your feelings toward Comic Vine?

Do you know who I am?

Posted by waezi2


Dear lord, is it really THAT obvious? XD

Mark Waid AKA 2 out of 5 reasons to why I love comics.

Nope, busy with school, and then busy with my blogspot. Thanks for the recommendations.

I have a Wii and a DS.

Can I be a Nova Centurion instead? :)

I am a fan of stand-up comedy, romantic movies and weird movies. I like to perform, bout comedy, filming and theater.

I dont speak fluent, but well enough to have a good conversation with English speaking people.

Like it allot:) Use it more than I thought I would ever do.

Nope. Who are you?

Posted by INLIFE
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Posted by Legendary_StarHero
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@shadowswordmaster said:

@inlife: Is that Clark Kent ?

Yeah. The Earth-1 Superman is the closest comic book character to my real life appearance. Nose structure and such.

Posted by INLIFE

@waezi2 said:

@inlife: What?

I should have known: too symbolic to work. Well, the guy in the glasses is me. He ends up in awkward conversations and the girl, both a girl and a symbol for life, often conflict with me and create largely awkward situations.

Super- simplified: It just means that I am not as awesome as you are.

Posted by waezi2

@inlife: Oh, come on, I'm blushing.

I'm sure you are awesome to.

Posted by INLIFE


We all have our moments, I suppose....

Posted by Joygirl

Do you find goth/punk/alt girls/boys sexy?

Edited by waezi2
Posted by INLIFE


Shh! Lois would kill me if she found out. Fine, let's do this:

Posted by waezi2
Posted by INLIFE
Posted by KingOfAsh

Favourite method of destroying a planet?

Favourite method of devouring a cat?

Ever read Vertigo?

Posted by waezi2


With puppy's.


Yes, Animal Man and Doom Patrol.

Posted by Epicbeast3000

What is the solution to the M-theory.

Posted by waezi2
Posted by INLIFE

Do you see yourself as a father?

Posted by waezi2

@inlife: If I get a child, I will tell you:)

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1. Blue pill or red pill:

2. Death by headshot or death by nuke?

3. Ferrari or Lamborghini?

4. Werewolf or vampire?

5. Could you please do a "Comics In 5 Panels" of The Ultimates (#1-13)?

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So I've heard you are a TGWTG fan?

Posted by M3th

WHy do you tHink you're so AWESOME?

WHo is your favorite obscure cHaracter?

WHat did caused tHe Dynasty to die?

How was your day today?

Have you ever gone to a concert?

When was AbraHam Lincoln killed?

WHere do you stay at?

-Abstract 4$$#073-

Posted by SaintWildcard

My standard questions

Do you like Fish Sticks?

Do you like to put them in your mouth?

Posted by waezi2

@dragonborn_ct: That I am.


Define "obscure."

My guess is cake.

Fine so far, thank you.

A couple of Jazz concerts.

April 14, 1865.

A little town called Eskilstrup in Denmark.



I dont remember, haven't had fishsticks for years.

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Ever ate a burrido before?

Do you own wooden shoes?

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