5-panels updates and more.

First of all, here are the resent 5-panels:

Liar Game in 5 panels.

Animal Man; Deux Ex Machina in 5 panels.

New Avengers; Everything Dies in 5 panels.

Batman Incorporated(New 52) in 5 panels.

And also, my New Warriors 1-4 review.

Also, I would like to ask for recommendations for two upcoming theme-month: One being Halloween of coarse, the other being my probably soon-to-be-controversial "Not-White Superhero Month."

If you have suggestions for the later, it cant just be a book with a not-white guy, but one where he/she is the main character.

That's all for no, and once again: thanks for a year with 5-panels.

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Thank you from Waezi2.

Well, I have now made 5-panels and reviews for a year now. And I think it's only appropriate that I say a couple of "thank-you"'s.

@ostyo, what can I say but: you are awesome!

@samimista, I consider you a very good friend. Comics In 5 Panels wouldn't have been the same without you.

@ximpossibrux, he first to notice my very first 5-panel and give me my first request.

@awesam, I honestly think you made me improve my once @&%/ up language:)

@WarBlade539, you made me make one of my best 5-panels(the Annihilation one)

@laughingstock/@_goliath_, you always make the 5-panels a little more interesting with your tomatoes.

@thecheesestabber, you have an exotic kind of humor, and I'm sorry that it could never be the two of us.

@allstarsuperman, you may be a Hit-Girl fanboy, but you are a good one. And at least we agree about the awesomeness of jet-packs:)

@matteopg, for drawing that awesome ad for my blog. If you haven't seen his Deviantart, then you should check it out RIGHT HERE.

@The_Deathstroker, I will do everything I can to get the video on YouTube as soon as possible.

I would also like to thank @mattersuit, @sandman_, @mrdirector786, @retconcrisis, @dragonborn_ct, @russellmania77, , @powerherc, @jedixman, @ultimatejonathan, @monsterstomp, @ostyo, @shadowswordmaster, @magnificentstorm, @judasnixon, @thespideyguy, @mysterioususername, @veshark, @cameron83, @rustyroy, @theincrediblesuperhulk8642, @v_scarlotte_rose, @limpoyzloan, @joygirl, @wolverine08, @inlife, @glitch_spawn, @dccomicsrule2011, @gumflabica, @mucklefluga, @yourneighborhoodcomicgeek, @xwraith, @glitch_spawn,@trebean, @madeinbangladesh, @thecannon, @rulerofthisuniverse, @risingbean, @OverLordArhas, @princearagorn1, @peppeyhare, @dbatdog, @scorpion2501, @the_legendary_supersaiyan_hulk, @humanrocket and @swordmasterd. Without you guys, there wouldn't have been any Comics In 5 Panels.


I hope you will find time and interest to see some of my upcoming stuff, including a crossover I hope to do in a near future with a fellow internet critic.