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Wasn't bad!

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Marilyn Manson I believe he is the one with the talents for our new age of Joker. No we will never have a Heath Ledger again he made his own Joker thats why it is so tuff trying to figure out where to take it next. so instead of comparing why don't we take it in the direction of Scott Snyder. In his Death of the Family story arch Snyder took a new and sinister look on the joker and did very well with the idea. So if there was a new movie to come out based upon the new 52 comics why not Manson. After reading the Death of the Family I cant think of any one else capable of preforming on that level. I believe that he is the man with the needed talent for this type of joker. now obviously this movie wouldn't be the norm to use it would be branching out into a more sinister thought process even more so then we saw with ledger. If it was done correctly it would not surprise me one bit if it turned out to be rated "R". But the big question is are we ready for this type of Joker to be unleashed on the big screen?

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The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh has to be in the Batman Arkham Origins it has been put aside for two tittles now and needs to be in one of these awesome games. This is one of my favorite batman suits ever created and deserves a shot. Warner Brothers please do something about this!