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Interesting, though I didn't need that for me to know they made Goku much weaker than he actually is, and make Superman wayy stronger than he actually was as well. Like I said one guy has the capabilities to wipe out Planets, Solar Systems and potentially Galaxies while the other has trouble taking on City level robots made by Lex Luthor. . . hmmm I wonder who wins.

the same guy who's skin can be pierced by shop object like needles and sharp rocks. he wins

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@thanosrulz: he's not real...he's as smart as he needs to be, just as he is strong as he needs to be, he's punted the front end off a motorcycle for crying out loud. He's clearly a super human man, the only reason he's not is because the writers tell you he isn't after showing everyone his head being slammed into concrete and thrown out of a building.

dont take it to heart, just lighten up and accept it

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Doesn't Frieza have TK as well? Even the Mewtwo version that red faught was defeated by a charizard. The one from the movie wasn't "beaten" but he honestly didn't do anything impressive. He bashed into his counterpart with a forcefield.

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Atheists can say some pretty dumb things too.

Stupidity is not restricted to any category.

Anybody can be stupid.

This is true, very true, but im guessing the OP just wanted to hear stories that are related to this.

like if someone asked for hulk feats, and you started giving super man ones.... "Well superman is strong too"

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@scouterv said:

Jesus H. Cox, are people still whining about this...?

I love it. I feed off the salty hate

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Americans viewers lack the imaginative aspect and sense of humour that Japanese viewers do. Like look at their ads lol

so what you are saying is because they lack the imaginative aspect, they can't copy something that already exists....and instead created new plots?

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@hylian said:

@sodamyat said:

@hylian said:

@sodamyat said:

@hylian said:

@sodamyat: These arguments are just getting annoying

i understand, but so then just dont click on them.

I want people to stop making them

I get that too, but you cant control everyone. Its gonna happen regardless, so you might as well not even waste your time nor get mad about it.

They are the ones wasting their time

Technically we are all here in this convo lol. You seem to hate them though, yet here you are.

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Superman still should've led the fight out of the city, like into a wasteland or Rocky Areas or something.

Easier said then done. Especially when the person you are grappling is a trained soldier, he coudl have easily just flown back to the city in minutes.

Im perfectly fine with the damage. I expect it when two kryptonians are going at it. It's not like he did it all on purpose.