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He's one of my fave dc heroes. I was hoping to see more of him

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@vitalius: oh yeah i know, he was just asking if blue had his own comic


I stopped reading it, I was curious to find out who he was, then i found out who he was and it was interesting, but the pacing was so slow I got bored. I guess now that more are out I could pick it up again.

if you want to know what happened. I was going to type it all out but this is easier :P


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@nerdork said:

I dont know that you need to review solely non-white lead characters. It seems a bit involuntarily prejudicial. But, if you want to check them out, just to read...

Maybe check out Blade.

John Stewart or Simon Baz.

Does current Nick Fury have his own title? He'd be a good one.

There is also the Captain America and The Falcon series that ran from '71-'78...i know its not solely Falcon's series, but he is a lead.

Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu


Luke Cage

Black Panther

Miles Morales you already have this listed in OP.

Does Blue Beetle have his own series?

Blue had one, it was canceled.
spawn is now a white character. Al simmons was B.A. though!

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Fix Transformers, that abomination of a movie game was unacceptable.

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@thedailybagel: the sentry is a horrible character to use for ABC logic. The human torch sent him running at one point. His fighting prowess and over all power depends on his mental state confidence, and what side of the bed he woke up on, just like the hulk. Hercules made him the butt of his joke. Even she hulk gave him a good punch to the face and evaded capture from him. something that should have been done quite easy. ABC logic can't be used for characters like that. Walking plot devices.

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@testament said:

@ Attention all Spiderman fans!!!!!!!! I need help from my Spiderman family. I'm currently being ganged up on by a bunch angry butthurt Batman fanboys who can't except that he'll die in a Death Battle. I've never seen this level of idiotic fanboyism. I keep trying to use intelligent and logical arguments but I'm totally out numbered. If you have a Youtube account then please help


When you get to the page, scroll down to the first comment and you'll see. The guy used a lotta f-bombs so I can't copy n' past but you'll just tell by how butthurt he is. I'm the guy with the Spiderman and Guan Stacey picture.

@bezza @w0nd @amazingspiderman15 @punyparker

well that was amusing lol. Every character, console, movie, or show has their fair share of fanboys though. It's easier to just ignore them. Something I admit I don't do, but should. I was tempted to jump into that convo but I know id end up mad.

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I LIKED black panther and storm a lot.

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What's this amazing spider-man 1.3?

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Quicksilver in comics has ran with people without holding their necks before fast enough to avoid being shot at, so that would require some sort of instantaneous speed.

None of those people have died from the momentum and sudden stopping.

Pretty sure he carried Gambit in xfactor and didn't have to brace his neck.