My msn

For anyone who tried to add my msn from my profile, apparently some of my requests are not sent. If anyone who is interested in adding me, make sure to pm me first.


Writing a story for Marvel

I have over the past few months formulated my own ideas for Marvel story. I don't have huge expectations for it to even be used by the company but would really like to try out some of these ideas I have. My question is if I need any expressed permission from anyone in Marvel comics even if I state that these characters are not my own and give credit to the creators. If I need to do that, who in the Marvel company would I have to contact. If anyone knows, I would appreciate the help. As I said, no high expectations about it to be picked up but I feel like writing it and finding and artist to assist me. I am not talking about fanfiction if that is what some of you are thinking,


Villain perspective

I feel like reading a trade paperback from the villains perspective. It can be for marvel, dc or any other company. I have already read Wanted, the latest Joker one based on the Dark Knight movie.
Any recommendations?


New to this community

I just joined this community today. I have always been to this site but never thought about joining it until now. I realize how much this site is awesome and I hope to meet even more people who are into comics as much as myself.