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Every necromancer in the CVU in a horrifying death battle

Vrakmul's first learned school of magic was Necromancy.

Of course including Vrakmul in this would be like including a nuclear warhead in a fireworks competition.

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@killerwasp: I'm not sure why people stack up PR Jaegers and Kaiju against Tohoverse monsters and mecha given the enormous mass discrepancies.

It takes the biggest PR monster we've seen (Slattern, at 6k tons) to get up to half the weight of Megaguirus (12,000 tons) who's probably the weediest Toho kaiju around.

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Otachi is the primary threat due to her damage dealing abilities (purely because of the acid, nothing else she has will matter), however, she, like all Pacific Rim mecha and Kaiju has the density of Styrofoam (not to mention being just flat out smaller volume wise) and will be sent flying from lovetaps from team 1 while their punches are liable to stove in their skeletal structures.

Knifehead kind of sort of didn't do much impressive, he did damage Gypsy but he only did so when he caught the two off guard and was otherwise getting creamed. Plus, literally two minutes of screentime isn't really enough to determine much of anything other than that he's atomic breath fodder.

The Mutos are the only ones who are in their weight category here (literally) and they can't make up for the failings of their tiny ass pacific rim allies. (To put this in perspective, the Male MUTO weighs in at 50,000 tons as per the novel. This means he weighs more than the entire cast of Pacific Rim, PR Kaiju weigh in at 1.5-5k tons) and will get creamed in short order when their allies go down like Chihuahuas trying to pick a fight with Labradours.

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Vrakmul is very cosmic.

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@zarius said:

He just needs to have more mature writing in the comics and cartoons, the audience eventually grows up, and he used to grow right along with us, now he's a clown who takes the easy way out of everything and takes responsibility for granted.

Blame that on Dan Slott.

Quesada was mucking up Spiderman before Slott ever sat in front of a keyboard.

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Silver Age superman dumps on everything and anything New 52 *anyone* has done.

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@jwwprod they have as much range as leman rust tanks?

Predator Tanks can be upgraded to Railguns for hilariously more hitting power, and this is keeping in mind that they use 155mm rounds normally, now keep in mind that we use 120-125mms for tanks these days as generally there's nothing a tank should be shooting at that needs a shell bigger than that. Tank designers generally like to use the smallest shell they can get away with so that you can store more of them in any given tank, so logically GDI's designers felt that armor had advanced far enough to make artillery grade shells as standard issue, with the option to fit big ass railguns if somehow that's insufficient.

Generally, a direct fire weapon's line of sight is limited to about 2-3 kilometers no matter how far the shell can actually travel due to there generally always being some kind of terrain to get in the way. Hence why modern tanks haven't had an appreciable increase in effective range in decades. Going by this, even though the Predator uses a bigger shell than the Abrams, there's no reason to assume it has more range unless the shells can magically curve over obstacles.

The Leman Russ probably also has about the same effective range assuming it's the Battle Tank or Vanquisher equivalents.

Railgun predators are comparatively far easier to come by then Vanquisher Russes, so in terms of pure tank killers GDI can just have more dedicated vehicles.

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@jack_ said:

Does anyone here "own" Russia? Anyone at all? Because I'm thinking of...using it for something.

Make it communist again for the lulz.

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@_prometheus: "Welcome to Installation Phi Beta Kappa, otherwise known as the Pastel. Please enjoy your stay at this facility so thoughtfully made for us by our forerunners." An intelligent message stated, managing to find just the right speaker to address him in particular, with a holographic symbol one could swear was the Masari equivalent of a :-) smiley flipped turnways. If the message's A.I was at all aware that it's creators hadn't been counted among the living for a hundred thousand years it showed no sign of dampening it's incessant cheeriness and nondescript pseudo-British accent.

The Sentinels, for all their lethality, had a worriyingly lax policy with regards to laws. Oh they enforced them alright, but the laws of the station were based around the laws of the Ecumene, who's people generally didn't need much regulation. The Sentinels typically let people resolve their own matters and make their own law unless they came to them for help or applied for ecumenical citizenship or threatened the running of the installation itself. 719's trust in the altruism of others was however, rather catastrophically naive.

A patchwork of fiefdoms only held in check by 719's ability to crack down on anyone who got too uppity. And given the staggering size of the installation and the wonky warpage of space, that was plenty of room to hide some seriously shady shit. Such as of course, members of the continuation Reich attempting to use Warm Embrace's portal systems to smuggle a Hierarchy scientist to the heart of the Third Reich's space colonies. The Irony of Nazis trying to bring in Scientists guilty of heinous war-crimes under a genocidal regime to benefit their own research seems to be lost on them.

Though the scientist had to be kept in one of their hover-cars to prevent the standard mass outbreak of violence that occurs when people realized that one of the genocidal Hierarchy's members is among them and is lacking in the protection of their galaxy sweeping armies, the measures used to hide him were no match for the powers of a purple ring's ability to sense corruption. Besides, anyone of human shape wearing a swatzika on a red and white background was clearly bad news.

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@erik: What are you talking about? There was no Metroid game in 2010. You're lying.