Black Hand Dossier Part 1 (Units of the black hand army)

This blog post is meant to showcase the standardized units in the vast armies of the black hand to give you a rough idea of what they look like and what they can do, so that I will not have to describe them in a role play; thus holding up valuable time. Note that this list is not complete, but it does show the units you're most likely to run into should you cross with the Black hand. Next part; Dominions and politics of the Black hand!

Black Hand units

Ezekiel's wheel:

  • Optic Camouflage: The Ezekiel's Wheel is a fast, deadly vehicle used by the Cult. Among its greatest assets is its stealth; it is invisible to the naked eye, and only sophisticated sensors or keen senses will detect its presence.
  • Death on a Wheel: The Ezekiel's Wheel is armed, as well; with two pairs of 30mm autocannons, it can tear into light vehicle armour easily. When combined with its invisibility, it makes for an excellent flanker. In addition, it can crush infantry and walls as it rolls along; it doesn't even need to decloak to do so. The autocannons can be upgraded to laser, particle, then supercharged particle cannons.
  • Delicate Balance: The Ezekiel's Wheel is among the most expensive vehicles in the Cult's arsenal; aside from that, the Ezekiel's Wheel is forced to decloak itself before it can fire its autocannons.


  • Aim, shoot, reload: The Black Hand's Acolytes use their large caliber assault rifles with accuracy, discipline, and skill. While slower firing than most assault rifles, they have superior range and stopping power.
  • Are you seeing things?: Acolytes are also trained to use their hallucinatory grenades when neccessary; the home brewn hallucinogens induce hallucinations in people, causing affected units to attack anything in sight, including their own forces.
  • Combat Armor: Unlike the millitants, the Acolytes wear full body battle armor that provides superior protection than that used by any mainline army in the world in addition to such fancy benefits as HUDs.
  • Fire in bursts: The Cult, a pioneer in laser technology; is starting to hand out Laser rifles to it's acolytes, reverse engineered from the Hotshot Lasguns of the Symaarians and possessing similar firepower. These can be upgraded to particle and supercharged particle beamers.

Armor hunter:

Armed with illegal RPGL launchers, the Armour Hunter is used when the Cult needs to defend itself against armour. They act as the anti tank infantry unit for the cult of the black hand and are effective against aircraft and armour alike. They serve as an economical and useful support unit for tanks lacking anti-air capabilities and are secretly considered expendable by the upper ranking members of the Cult. In an essence they are intended to be used in large groups as a support unit providing a flexible defence for enemy units.

The clothes worn by the Armour Hunters reflects their role; the leather armour pulled over the uniforms is treated to be extremely resistant to flame and heat, making them ideal for surviving the weapons of the Order. Their freakish masks have built in goggles to protect them against a backfire from their RPGLs, and their hoods seal around their heads, pressurized by their toxin filter so as to allow them to use their weapons indoors without causing themselves harm.

Avatar Warmech:

In the wake of the destruction caused by Talon walkers to Black Hand forces in the first world war, the Black hand began its own research, basing it in part on Talon designs and taking advantage of its own research in other areas to accelerate the development of the Avatar.

They invested years of research and development at a ruthlessly fast pace. The first result of this research was the Purifier warmech, and eventually the powerful Avatar, a towering bipedal mech able to engage most targets with ease was created.

The Avatar's pilot was enclosed in a "virtual sensory pod", a control interface for the vehicle. Its incredible all terrain ability fluid motion and power, make it in effect a gigantic soldier.

The introduction of this towering walker changed the cult's military doctrine - instead of always utilizing hit-and-run attacks to outgun their heavier adversaries, the Avatar gave the cult the opportunity to fight their opponents head on with superior armor and firepower if the need arises.

It comes by default with a powerful laser cannon (based on the Obelisk laser), and possesses the ability to use it's 'hand' on the left arm rip off weaponry and equipment from certain other Black hand units with its unique modular design, augmenting its own battle capability:

  • Attack bike: stealth detectors and missiles
  • Stealth Tank: mobile stealth generator and more missiles
  • Flame Tank: flamethrower
  • Beam cannon particle beam cannon.

In addition, the Avatar Warmech is capable of crushing most other vehicles under its feet. Like all laser using units, it can be upgraded to particle and supercharged particle beamers, while it's flamethrowers can be upgraded with purifying flames and it's missiles with dark glass core warheads.


Militia are primarily disillusioned (or possibly ecstatic) men and women, who have suffered from harsh lives in poorer places of the world and have been attracted to service in the black hand's relief efforts.. The use of militia plays an important part for the Hand, as the Inner Circle secretly regard them as expendable, the inevitable product of the "Control The Media, Control The Mind" social doctrine, with commanders preferring to waste their militant auxiliaries rather than endanger the thinner ranks of the "true believers"" who comprise the Cult's cherished elite troops such as shadows and the black disciples.

Militia wear drab, gray hooded jackets and pants, with bandoleers, backpacks, and goggles. The Militants use a variety of small arms, ranging from old 20th century assault rifles like the Ak-47, to modern such as the late 20th century GAU-3 eliminator 5.56mm assault rifles, to new GD-2 rifles preferred by advanced organizations such as S.H.I.E.L.D. Militia are poorly trained and equipped when compared with army regulars counterparts, but their fanatical zeal, willingness to fight for the Cult and sheer numbers make up for their weaknesses.

Confessor Cabals:

Confessor Cabals are squads of well armed and armoured Black hand priests. These Cabals continue to inspire their fellow infantry, improving their rate of fire, accuracy, and resolve to continue fighting even in the face of grievous injuries. Confessor Cabals retain their trademark hallucinogenic grenades and laser miniguns, making them more than a match for any basic infantry that their opposition can throw at them.

Cabals can "welcome" a black disciple to lead their squad, giving them the edge of their flamethrower weaponry, especially when it comes to dealing with garrisons. Finally, they can replace their standard issue laser minigun weapons with particle beamers like the T-7, giving them firepower like virtually no other earth based mainline infantry possess, and when upgraded with supercharged particle beams they are ridiculously deadly, However, their powered armor focuses more on speed and strength at the expense of armor, and thus are still vulnerable to anti-personnel weapons.


Members of the Black Hand that are most devoted to its cause are called fanatics and with good reason - they are ready to sacrifice their lives to allow the cult's mission to succeed. Just before heading off on their mission, they perform their last rituals in a barracks.

Fanatics have dark glass-based explosive charges strapped to their chests. Upon reaching their targets, they detonate them, obliterating themselves and causing heavy damage to the target as well as splash damage to everything within the area, but causing zero damage to the remaining squad members. However, if they are killed before they make contact with their target, they die harmlessly. There is one caveat though, if they are killed with flame weapons or explosives, their packs will detonate.

It should be noted that such is their irrepressible desire to sacrifice their own lives in honor of of the Icon that Fanatics show absolutely no fear in the face of enemy fire, no matter how intense it might be. Because of this, they cannot be suppressed.

Shadow squads:

They are trained much like the ninjas of ages past, providing them with great skill at stealth and infiltration. Much like their famed forebears, Shadows are capable of seemingly appearing from nowhere and moving at lightning speed, usually in groups of four. Perhaps this was because they were trained in stealth. Shadows wear body-fitting jumpsuits with lightweight body armor and a full-head plexiglass helmet with rebreathers. The armor is equipped with collapsible powered hang-gliders, giving them the ability to fly. In combat, they wield dual fully automatic pistols that make short work of infantry. They also carry a special explosive that can destroy vital structures.

After noting the effectiveness of snipers spotting for artillery units, the cult has equipped its Shadow teams with special artillery beacons, allowing for a devastating barrage from black hand specter artillery units. These beacons may also be deployed in-flight.

Although powerful, the Shadow Teams have several drawbacks. First, while gliding, they are incapable of defending themselves, and units with both stealth detection and anti-air capability can make quick work of them. Second, while capable of shredding infantry, the sub-machine guns they carry are ineffective against most types of vehicles. The guns also lacked range, and if their targets were not eliminated, it placed the Shadows at risk due to their lack of armor.


Named Saboteurs, these men are recruited from the most brilliant, elite and loyal Black Hand clerics. They are equipped with state of the art HazMat (Hazardous Materials) suits (which is proofed against most environmental hazards) as well as a supply of C4 charges for mining buildings and all necessary engineering tools, allowing them to perform all the duties regular engineers would, in addition to planting explosive booby traps on neutral structures and bridges. They are also able to reactivate fallen walkers.

Chem warriors:

These units are the result of research from Doctor Giraurd, who "defected" from the mediterranean syndicate. Wearing what appears to be powered armor similar to a black disciple, these infantry are not equipped with flame weaponry, but instead, use an advanced version of the chemical sprayer.

The mixture sprayed from their tank can melt anything and has the passive effect of slowing down anything it touches. Chem warriors have undergone significant dark glass and cybernetic enhancement, and can be further upgraded with symaarian bionic legs significantly increasing their speed. Naturally, their suits also allow them to walk into virtually any form of radiation or toxins without taking any damage.

Despite their impressive abilities, Chem Warriors have shortcomings. First, they lack durability compared to armoured units especially the ones that have anti- infantry machine guns. Additionally, their tiberium weapons, while devastating against infantry, do little damage to vehicles, though they can slow vehicles down with their tiberium spray, and are less effective against structures than the Black Disciple's flame weaponry. Finally, aircraft prove very effective when dealing with Chem Warriors.

Black Disciples:

Forces of the Black Disciples wear full powered armor with fireproof cloaks to mask their thermal signatures and helmets with three horizontal visors. This equipment allows them to use their advanced flamethrowers effectively without harming their health, and is part of the source for their outstanding durability in the field. Virtually any modern man portable firearm will bounce off of their armor, and shooting them in the optics only renders that optic nonfunctional, it takes .50 rounds to puncture the eye piece. Also, the Black Hand commanders are fond of upgrading the standard fuel of their troopers with the purifying flame, an even more damaging concoction that burns as hot as stars.

Attack Bike:

The newest model is even faster than it's predecessors, but this speed comes at a cost - the armour is practically non-existent, the driver (usually a militant) is completely exposed and it has absolutely no defenses against enemy infantry, other than speed and streamline glass. Its roughly resemble cruiser bike with pod in both of its side.

It carries two missile launchers capable of decimating air incursions or putting a serious pounding on vehicles. It can also be upgraded with dark glass core warheads. One great development is the deployment of micro missile. This technology can be packed into the bike, Increasing versatity as it now capable pf shooting down aircraft something the previous version lacked. The micro missile warhead can be replaced with dark glass core warhead. This require additional modification to the launcher to prevent dark glass to the rider.

In addition, it has a sophisticated set of detectors, allowing it to detect any stealthed units or structures.

Raider buggy:

It has four wheel drive, with each wheel on a separate mount and a centrally mounted cockpit with a rear-mounted machinegun that deals excellent damage to infantry and enemy aircraft. However, it is almost useless against tanks and heavy armour.

It's primary role is reconnaissance, but when equipped with EMP coils, it can be surprisingly effective at countering enemy armor assaults and neutralizing base defenses in one swift attack by disabling them. Another upgrade is the spitfire laser capacitor, which replaces the machine gun with a medium power laser, increasing the buggy's firepower to one enjoyed by the Symaarian Chimera's multilaser. It can be further upgraded with particle beams and supercharged particle beams.

Using EMP coils, many Nod units are able to reach well defended enemy targets. First, they send in a storm of buggies and order them all to EMP in the middle of the enemy AA defenses, just as the bombers come in.

Scorpion Tank:

The tank, codenamed the Scorpion, has three unique design features - first, the front of the tank is sloped, with the back completely exposed. Second, the gun is mounted on the front right next to the crew compartment. Third, it moves on three threads.

This configuration, while odd at first glance, provides excellent maneuverability, as the articulate rear tread allows for fast turns and reversing. The mobility and speed of the Scorpion tank also minimizes the danger of a rear-armour shot from enemy tanks. The driver is protected by the black hand's trademark insect-like cockpit, also used in the Attack bike and raider buggy.

The main weapon is a classic 105mm APDS cannon, which is moderately effective against newer armour, such as that equipped to a Leman Russ MBT. It can be upgraded to a Spitfire laser cannon which increases its firepower dramatically, but increases the fragility, as it partially uses the space on the rear track, it can later be upgraded to particle beams, then supercharged particle beams. Another upgrade is a forward mounted dozer blade, which allows the light tank to crush enemy heavy infantry (e.g. space marines), a feat impossible for the default configuration, as well as remove minefields without any harm. It also increases the armour of the Scorpion.

Flame Tank:

This new version is a return to the roots, featuring a four tread chassis with a turreted main canopy. The vehicle boasts substantial armour plating this time, as well as an advanced version of the napalm launchers. The tanks were also hardened and plated, limiting the risk of additional discharge.

The new flame tank is a frightening enemy, as it can incinerate infantry with ease and clear out garrisoned buildings effortlessly in addition to burning them down quickly. Its only weakness is the lack of an effective weapon against enemy armor, however its flames are intense enough to be a large threat to lighter armored vehicles. It can also be equipped with Purifying Flames, which increases it's firepower to such dizzying heights that it becomes a threat to even heavily armored enemies.

Specter Artillery:

Essentially a lightly armoured tracked vehicle with a large caliber cannon mounted on its top, the design of the vehicle seems to be based on the scorpion, the Black Hand's traditional symbol. In order to fire, it needs to deploy itself by spreading six "claws" that provide a stable platform for the large caliber weapon. In order to allow it to safely reach its destination and prevent premature detection by enemy scouts, the Specter, as its name suggests, is outfitted with a state of the art stealth generator. The high impact shells fired from the cannon follow a high-arc trajectory and do tremendous amounts of damage, especially against structures, with a large blast radius. Shadow teams can interface with these artillery units and deploy an artillery beacon to accurately guide their fire.

Beam cannon:

The Beam Cannon was a powerful particle beam emitter mounted on a versatile six-wheel chassis, giving the vehicle a high degree of mobility. As a long-range artillery vehicle, the Beam Cannon sacrificed heavy armor in favor of firepower and cost-effectiveness, so commanders would need to position it behind their own lines. The beam cannon can be upgraded with particle, then supercharged particle beamers.

The Beam Cannon was highly effective against vehicles and structures, especially when in groups, as well as being reasonably effective against infantry. The Beam Cannon had four unique properties. Firstly, it could be used to supercharge Obelisk of Light, increasing their rate of fire, attack range, and vision range (up to maximum of four Beam Cannons per Obelisk). Secondly, the Beam Cannon could extend their effective range by reflecting its laser beam off mirrors which were mounted on the underside of Venom patrol craft. Thirdly, the Beam Cannon's weapon could be commandeered by Black Hand avatars in order to act as a secondary laser. Fourthly, multiple Beam Cannons firing at the same target could combine their beams in order to produce a single beam with firepower greater than the sum of its parts.

Stealth tank:

Third generation stealth tanks provide valuable mobile anti-air support along with anti-tank firepower. Their stealth and speed make them excellent scouts.

The redesign resulted in the removal of the fourth tread and streamlining of the vehicle, as well as overhauling the missile launchers. The new tank moves on three articulated treads, has an aerodynamic profile and much improved stealth generator. The missile launchers are now placed over the pilot's cockpit and are capable of firing volleys of guided missiles, numbering up to 16 rockets per volley. These rockets can be upgraded to Dark Glass core missiles.

The new generator is much more advanced and is capable of reactivating the stealth bubble almost instantly after the tank has fired its volley, making the tank even more deadly and hard to locate than before.


The Redeemer was essentially a massive quadrupedal mechanized walker, based on the design of the Avatar warmech, though significantly more heavily armed and armoured. It was armed with Obelisk based nona-part which were able to cut through the heaviest of armour, and also equipped with a Rage Generator, which inflicted temporary insanity on enemy units, making them attack each other. The Redeemer also has give infantry hardpoints that could be upgraded at the commander's discretion.

The Redeemer served as a symbol for the Cult, whose power is the representation of the Tirad's own presence.

The Redeemer was armed with a long-range nona-part laser derived from the Obelisk of Light. The laser basically split into nine beams that were capable of sweeping a small area to inflict damage to squads of infantry, giving it some measure of effectiveness against infantry.

The Redeemer could also bolster its already formidable lasers, like the Avatar. However, unlike its predecessor, which destroyed Cult vehicles for added firepower, infantry sacrifice their weapons to the Redeemer, possibly traveling within the Redeemer to operate the weapons. These upgrades depend on the units 'redeemed':

  • Acolytes, Confessor Cabals, Awakened: Anti-infantry autocannon, can be upgraded with laser, particle, and supercharged particle weapons.
  • Armor hunters: Anti-armor and anti-aircraft rocket launcher. Can be upgraded with dark glass core missiles.
  • Sabatouer: An automatic repair module. An additional Saboteur will double the healing rate. This is more important for the Redeemer than the other epic units because Nod lacks any repair vehicles.
  • Black disciple: Anti-infantry and anti-structure flamethrower. They will fire at anything in range, even at targets the Redeemer isn't focusing on. They can be upgraded with purifying flames for the terrifying hot fires of the messiah.
  • Chem warrior:: Anti-infantry/anti-structure Tiberium sprayer (though it is overall inferior in power to the flamethrowers given by the Black disciples, but they had a longer range, in addition to being able to slow down vehicles).

Another weapon was the glowing device on the Redeemer's back, the Rage Generator, which was able to drive enemy units into a frenzy, causing them to ignore Cult units and attack one another, disobeying their commanders' orders. Lesser vehicles can simply be stepped upon this walking mountain of metal, which stands taller than many buildings. It's own lasers can be upgraded with particle and supercharged particle beamers.

Venom patrolcraft:

It uses VTOL technology. Its primary tasks are recon and air intercept, as it is extremely fast, but armed only with dual chaingun. The chainguns are upgradeable to dual laser cannon based on obelisk technology, then particle beams, then supercharged particle beams.

The fighter possesses an extremely aerodynamic shape and two VTOL engines on articulate mounts on its sides. The pilot's cockpit is at the extreme front of the machine, allowing a large field of view, but also limiting his protection. It's chaingun/laser is ideal for attacking infantry or harassing armour. But the real role of the Venom is scouting out targets, using it's advanced sensors, it can detect and track stealthed units, providing targeting data for beam artillery units operating in the field, allowing them to bounce their beams off of mirrors the Venom carries on its underside. Thus, allowing them to strike targets otherwise immune to their damage. The Venom also features a pressurized cockpit, which relieves pilots from wearing oxygen masks during long patrols, but does have the unfortunate side effect of causing the Venom to lose pressure and explosively decompress when it takes too much damage (much to the pilots' dismay).

Another function of the Venom is deception - it can be equipped with signature generators, that interfere with the opponent's radar, fooling him into thinking a few Venoms to be a whole army.

It is also worth noting that the Venom is capable of engaging airborne targets, making it useful as anti-air protection for ground forces or bases, particularly when upgraded with laser capacitors, particle beam emitters, and supercharged particle beamers.

Vertigo bomber:

The Vertigo is a next generation VTOL bomber in the service of the cult, using stealth technology similar to that in the Ezekiel's Wheel and Stealth Tank.. It is a powerful aircraft carrying four high explosive Groundpounder bombs, and is equipped with an effective stealth generator and VTOL engines. Its primary role is destroying large structures and vehicles located deep within enemy bases, thanks to its stealth capabilities. For defense against pursuing aircraft, the Vertigo has a chaingun turret in the rear of the plane, though the power of this weapon is lackluster, they are backed by two turrets built into the wings and one into the nose. The articulated exhaust nozzles for the jet allow the Vertigo to conduct vertical take-offs and landings along with giving excellent maneuverability for such a large aircraft. Like the venom, the chainguns can be upgraded to lasers, then particle beams, then supercharged particle beams.


Carryalls are capable of lifting all but the heaviest of vehicles over any terrain, and are also VTOL aircraft with four engines on rotatable mounts providing lift and thrust. It can directly carry infantry without the requirement of an APC. Nevertheless it is by no means designed to enter enemy-controlled terrain and is highly susceptible to anti-aircraft fire. It is surprisingly well armored though, and has eight chain guns across it, two on each side, two in the nose, and two on top, allowing it to give fighters a nasty surprise, especially if upgraded to lasers, particle beams, and supercharged particle beams.

Armageddon Bomber:

If the Vertigo is the precision bomber of the Cult, then the Armageddon is it's strategic one. Built to be the finest strategic bomber in the world, a single Armageddon can carry enough bombs to deal as much damage as all twenty B-2 spirit bombers in the air force put together. Equipped with no less than sixteen swivel mounted chaingun mounted across the structure of the plane, any fighter approaching it is garaunteed to get holes put in it, and when upgraded with laser capcitors and later particle beamers and then supercharged particle cannons; flying against it is a nice way to get slaughtered. Not only is it well armed, it is also well armored, incredibly fast, and is invisible to radar and microwaves, forcing those who wish to intercept it to rely on their eyes. The Black hand is fond of using them to carry munitions too large for any other aircraft to drop.

Shredder turrets:

Firing a volley of high-powered anti-infantry shrapnel from it's line of barrels, the order of the talon has commented that the Shredder turret acted like a large shotgun. The shrapnel is enough to penetrate virtually any body armour, making it the perfect choice to protect the base from higher tier enemy infantry, such as Symaarian Storm troopers, Russian Juggernauts, or even Space Marine scouts.

Much like the laser turrets, as long as the hub remains intact, destroyed turrets will be automatically rebuild, should they be destroyed. However, damaged turrets need to be repaired manually, by repairing the hub.

They can be upgraded to laser beams, particle beams, and supercharged particle beams, increasing their firepower, making them extremely effective against all infantry, and even light-to-medium vehicles. The second upgrade available to all factions is the addition of a fourth turret.

Laser turrets:

These turrets, armed with a pair of lasers, are hidden in underground armoured compartments and deployed when the situation calls for it. Three of these turrets are linked to a single hub and each is capable of self repair as long as the hub remains intact. They are weaker against infantry now but stronger against vehicles. They are also unable to target aircraft.

These laser turrets could be upgraded with particle beamers, then supercharged particle beamers for especially devastating effect. The hub system can also be upgraded with a fourth turret.

SAM Turret:

In contrast with the classic SAM site, three of these turrets are linked to a single hub and each is capable of self repair as long as the hub remains intact. When a hostile airborne unit enters range, the turrets unlesh a volley of three missiles each. While weak individually, the combined power of nine explosive missiles is enough to severely damage or outright destroy most aircraft. They can be upgraded with dark glass core warheads and a fourth turret on the hub.

Obelisk of light:

Born out of the need for a powerful defensive mechanism for Cult military bases, the Obelisk is quite possibly the most powerful laser weapon in recorded history, result of Project Obelisk WDTA2411 5. It's mode of operation remained basically the same throughout the wars - massive capacitors underneath the structure amass power, which is then used to create a powerful laser beam, directed against enemies via a system of advanced optical and focusing systems. Obviously, it requires massive amounts of power to function. The Isismodel is the most advanced and most powerful Obelisk incarnation ever since its first introduction during the first world war war. It can be upgraded with particle beamers and supercharged particle beamers to ensure that whatever it's firing at is very, very dead.

Disruptor tower:

This powerful device houses a stealth generator in a circular structure in the middle, while three stealth field emitters cloak all allied units and buildings in a moderate radius.


The result of a secret project conducted by Black Hand scientists in Central Asia, using human corpses as a base for heavy cybernetic enhancement.The Awakened lack any emotions, and are unquestioningly loyal to the Triad

Awakened are armed with an EMP cannon implanted in their right arm, a heavy machine gun grafted onto their left, a rebreather unit and numerous other augmentations. Their armour, while its composition remains unknown, is the toughest used by any basic infantry force. For better control, their enhanced cyber-neurological impacts are linked to a world-wide control network. These units can use their EMPs to disrupt enemy vehicles or structures for a short time. They can be upgraded with lasers, particle beams, and then supercharged particle beams as well as superior servomotors for increased firepower speed, and strength.


Although their "brothers", the Awakened still possessed a considerable sign of their human past, the Enlightened's only human characteristic were the bone exoskeleton and the bones kept beneath it. The first Enlightened were developed under the ground of the Siberian steppes, in a secret Black hand lab to serve as an unfailingly loyal army to the Triad

Each Enlightened is armed with a particle cannon mounted on their left arms, with an EMP cannon supplementing their primary weapon. These units can use their EMPs to disrupt enemy vehicles or structures for a short time. They're better at destroying vehicles with the help of their EMP cannon than their Awakened cyborg brethren, as particle beams do a lot more damage to armor than the machine guns wielded by the Awakened. Also, their armor is extremely resilient, more so than the one the Awakened are clad in. As such, the Enlightened cannot be crushed by vehicles. They can be upgraded with supercharged particle cannons and superior servomotors for increased firepower, speed, and strength.

Physically speaking, they are the near equals of Symaarian space marines in power armor. They are the most elite of the Triad's guard. Whenever the Triad has any reason to believe they in danger; they walk with an escort of enlightened bestowed with the ability of silence; making them memory proof as Vrakmul is. These enlightened are further supplemented by a guard of Reapers and Centurions.


"I am death, the destroyer of worlds." -Anonymous reaper after ambushing an Talon patrol.

The Reapers are of an even higher class of warrior than the enlightened, Not only are the baseline bodies inserted in these frames given special genetic, implant, and dark glass mutated enhancements, but they are incased in some of the most advanced cybernetics this universe has ever seen and are flayered in a tremendously thick armoured shell. Only the most elite and faithful of the Black Hever given the honor of becoming reapers, the bringers of death to the foes of the Black Hand. A single reaper is more than capa outmatching most metahumans with little more than it's fists. And unfortunately for the universe, Reapequipped with far more than their fists. Each carries a tremendously powerful supercharged particle beam blaster that can punch a hole adamantium on it's full powered beam setting or scythe down whole hordes of infantry in rapid fire pulse blast and anything in between; in addittion eaach carries as cluster missile launcher capable of unleashing a tremendous flurry of frag or krak missiles to deal with armoured osoft targets, all equipped with advanced homing systems and engines to chase any foe. Finally, each has a nanoncher to restrain their foes and rapidly crush and flense them to death with the incredind sharp mesh, or if need be, keep them unable to move so that they may be brought to the black hand. As if that were not enough, each possesses a helmet mounted flamethrower so that they may cleanse the unclean with a tongue of purifying flame capable of melting metal in seconds and incinerating men in an instant.

In meelee, reapers utilize powerfists on their open arm and energized power scythe bayonets on their gun arm, and their sharp tipped and immensely strong legs are definitely capable of dealing grievous harm in melee, even were they only to possess sheer strength of actuators they could crush most tanks, but unfortunately, every leg has a variable setting power field that can even discharge energy into the ground to create debilitating shockwaves, sheathe them in matter disrupting energy to slice through virtually any form of armour, or unleash the stored energy for a colossal explosion that can rip apart even thick bulkheads and crush even the toughest of meta-human bones. As if this was not enough, each may deploy a lightning claw tipped stinger tail, a long and articulated metallic limb tipped with five miniature power blades to cut through armour like so much butter. Each is fanatically loyal to the black hand and is a fervently, perhaps even insanely devout worshipper of the Icon. None have ever surrendered, none have ever been mind controlled, and none have been turned from their task by anything save for destruction. And even then, such a feat is tremendously difficult, as a reaper can absorb colossal amounts of punishment and rapidly self repairs and regenerates in the presence of dark glass radiation. Fortunately, the reapers are a rare breed, and are only deployed when their sheer power is needed.


If the reaper is the epitome of the Black Hand's cyborg soldier's offensive capabilities, the Centurion is it's defensive epitome. Selected from the same pool of warriors as the Reapers, they undergo largely the same process, however, Centurion are picked for their willingness to defend the Black Hand and it's gains to the death over their sheer martial prowess and butchery of it's foes. Standing at nearly twenty feet tall, the Centurion is quite a massive unit, but it is incredibly heavily armoured. Entire Tank Battalions during the Iraqi war have fired at one to negligable effect, even when they managed to hit the hull rather than the shield. To further bolster their defense, each is equipped with a mighty Conversion shield, a large energy enhanced shield made of an unknown composite that can resist virtually any attack. But to think that the Centurion lacks offensive abilities is a quick way to a shallow grave, for each is equipped with a variable setting laser cannon that at one setting can punch through tanks with ease in singular, quick lances, or scythe down whole hordes of infantry in long sweeping beams. In melee, the cannon can be used as a massive energy sword capable of cutting through virtually any form of material defense, and the energy can be modulated to simulate virtually any kind of weapon the user wishes. Each Centurion has an oath of absolute loyalty to the black hand and has been raised and programmed since their time in the womb to never falter in their faith.

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