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Vrakmul's physical traits

Height: Varies, typically prefers to be about two and a half meters.

Weight: Varies, 75 kilograms on average

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Red

Identity: Vrakmul's presence is unknown to the world at large. Vrakmul may very well not even be his true name.

Full name: Giacomo Harvigis DiMarco

Religion: ?

Affiliation: Dominion of the Black Hand.

Enemies: Virtually everyone

Alignment: Cult of the Black Hand.

The Dark Shadow, master of the Black Hand, ruiner of a billion, billion universes.

For all of those who want to know what I look like

That'd be me on the right, hubbie's to the left being all dorky.

Now your years of anxiety have been cured, I'm sure.

nU Vrakmul

Coming soon, be afraid, be VERY afraid.

Possessing the soul of a dark primordial and born on the planet of Ainul in a very distant universe, Giacomo Harvigis DiMarco would go from a simple necromancer to the absolute lord and god of his own universe. Some theorize that he is the ultimate incarnation of evil within the multiverse, and he certainly is one of the blackest hearted villains to have ever existed. Gods and monsters tremble at his very name, Demon Princes and Archdevils have slain themselves rather than face Vrakmul.

Even his name is full of terror, his title being Vrakmul Kroduitosh Mirthunak "Darkness, doom, sorrow; Endless, vile, evil; Fear, terror, despair" when translated from true speech. A title he took from the three long deceased undead that he grave robbed to gain their artefacts and powers. A trillion, trillion, trillion realities have fallen to him as he sacrificed them to the Icon, continuing a natural cycle of cosmic recycling where whole realities are stuffed into the gullet of a being more powerful than beings who guarded or ruled over multiverses once their time has ended.

His story began when the Antedeluvians dark mirrors of the Impersonal Primordials was cast down from the primal void, the realm of the dragon deities. Alderymora, a son, mirror-brother, and aspect of Talorak, "Great soul forger" who decided he'd rather devour the souls of gods and monsters of the far realm rather than act in his capacity as the darker side of the Time oversoul, the evil to Talorak's good. The Great Old ones, in terror of Alderymora who relentlessly ate their eldritch forms to add to his own power, begged the Primordials to do something about Alderymora, but they ignored them, surely; Alderymora, who had far more important duties to consider, could not be the thing devouring the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods?

Alderymora, eater of gods and devourer of the great old ones.

And even then, the loss of some lovecraftian monstrosities was perhaps even beneficial, for it curbed their influence on the mortal races and the lower ranking deities. Then Alderymora started to expand his hunger to the Astral plane, feasting on the souls of abstracts, multiversal rulers, and deities. At first, no one noticed Alderymora's predations. The Great Old Ones and Outer Gods were being ignored, and the great dragon was continuing to fill his belly with souls.

But when Alderymora began eating entire multiverses, he made a mistake, and his crimes were reported. He was brought not before the dragon gods, for they were not fit to judge the dark mirror brother of Talorak, but to the Primordials. Talorak, lord of the Primordials, the dragon of time, judged Alderymora, and cursed his twin's name, undoing his physical form with the aid of the other primordials and casting his spirit out where the Dragon god and Dark Primordial would drift aimlessly, sating his hunger by eating what ethereal beings he could, but mere ghosts couldn't feed it for long. He needed a new body. And eventually, he'd find one in Jack DiMarco.

Giacomo was born into a poor farmer's family that lived under a cruel and overly demanding lord who taxed away the majority of the crops they made. He was a rather lonely child and was often bullied by his siblings and other children and his elders disapproved of him for his "intensely disturbing nature", as he did not yet know of his heritage that could have made him lord of his world, for he was one of the Primalborn; Lord of Doom, risen to fight Yuri Omega along with a girl named Mary Sigilsi, the Muse of Life. He had only one real companion, his favorite dog; Kyral. When Jack was sick, Kyral would stay by his side, when Jack had spare time, he would run and play through the fields with his dog. But there was rarely enough to feed the entire family, though he was never once hungry and started to do things that no one else could, earning him more suspicion.

Giacomo and two of his sisters.

His reign of darkness was started by slaughtering his entire family in a rage when his favored dog was killed to feed the family during hard times, he discovered he had an innate talent for magic. He devoured their souls, casting them into oblivion and raised their corpses as undead to butcher his entire village to make more undead slaves. He was then known as the witch child, for at the age of six, he killed nearly a thousand people with his magic, it was at that point that the wandering spirit of Alderymora found what he needed and joined with Jack, but Alderymora was not yet strong enough to assert his will, so he was content to simply offer power to Jack and watch him commit great evil.

Rumors of the witch child spread far enough to reach a band of adventurers who descended upon his home village of Milantia and cut through his hordes of undead. But they refused to cut down the six year old child, and instead cosigned him to an orphanage meant for magic using children. Jack quickly proved to be a merciless bully, beating up other children to take what he wanted from them. He'd pummel a girl he fancied until they kissed him, or torture a boy with nightmares to make them follow him. By the time he was twelve, he violently assaulted Mary Sigilsi in spite of their destined partnership; for not going as quickly in their relationship as he wanted and was then cast out from the orphanage.

He wandered the woods, killing any travelers he came across and raising them as undead slaves, or outright mind controlling them, devouring their souls to deny them the afterlife out of spite for the world and to feed the Dragon god soul that lay within him. He wanted more power to avenge the perceived slight of being kicked out of the orphanage by what he saw as unworthy inferiors, beings he by all rights should rule over and dominate utterly.

Power that he found upon discovering his first word wall, a monument inscribed in truespeech, the language of reality, where one would speak in said language and create the effects they describe with nothing more than their words. His dragonsoul allowed him to effortlessly absorb the knowledge of truenaming into his head, deciphering the language of reality, and he would soon return to the orphanage, in a city of two million, with an army of the undead and armed with his knowledge of truespeech. He descended upon the city of Fairwinter and killed every, single, solitary, soul in the city, either devouring their souls to bolster his power or forever entrapping them as incorporeal undead while he raised their corpses. He once again forced himself upon Haley, tearing her clothes and ravaging her body and forever mind controlled her will to his own, forcing her to be a love slave to the vile Giacomo and breaking the usual balance between a Lord primalborn and a Muse primalborn..

Even the monsters of the far realm fear Vrakmul

He raided Fairwinter's mage's guild building and hungrily devoured all the knowledge and power he could find in the building, his Dragon's soul yearning for more knowledge and more power. The spirits of the slaughtered mages bolstered his own mystic might, and with his truespeech, he was able to easily defeat the mighty Fairwinter mage's guild. But he decided that he was beyond simple slaughter over petty grudges, he realized that with his power and knowledge, he could embark on a conquest of his entire universe and remake it in his image.

He spread across his world like a dark cloud. Nation after nation of Ainul crumbled before his onslaught of the undead and the death worshipping, summoned fiends and elementals, shadow creatures and automatons, amoral mercenaries and pirates, and mind controlled monsters and beasts. The kingdoms of the sea, the sky, and the underdark were not safe from his conquests either, for his hordes of monstrosities would pour into their once hidden lairs, and bring down the fury of the apocalypse upon them.

His conquest was almost stopped at the nation of Elsimaya, a just and fair empire where a certain Kargoth Trodenstoff served as it's highest general. The clash between the forces of light and darkness was fierce, but the armies of heroic paladins and crusaders, metallic dragons and angels, noble fey and giants, and blessed automatons and spirits of light outmaneuvered Giacomo's bleak horde. All seemed lost for the cause of evil, but Kargoth hesistated to slay the then sixteen year old Jack a mistake that cost the paladin his life as DiMarco slew him and raised him and his wife in arms Elena as more undead.

To repay them for his near defeat, Giacomo forced Kargoth and Elena to devour their children alive, and he entrapped their souls on the mortal coil as vile forms of spiritual undead; Dread Wraiths. With Kargoth and Elsimaya defeated, the witch child had his horde murder or enslave the entire world of Ainul, bending it to his dark will. But this was not enough, he wanted more. And more would come, as the nightgaunt lord Nexatos descended from the far realms out of curiosity.

Nexatos offered Giacomo a way to attain more power, and showed him where to find three artefacts, the vestments of Kroduitosh, the jewelry of Mirthunak, and the crowned-masque of Vrakmul; three powerful liches who had once conquered the entire material plane or more at various points in time. Giacomo underwent a ritual where he would attain the mantle of three drak lords before him to attain even greater power than what he had as a teenaged boy, and then he donned the three sets of artefacts. A vast amount of power flowed into him, and the Dominion of the Black Hand was born.

The despoiler of Ainul, Witch Child, Lord of all that is black, King of Death, Emperor of Darkness.

He took on the name of Vrakmul, fulfilling a prophecy where an evil dragonsoul would become the witch child, a primalborn who squandered his heritage for evil, bring darkness and terror to all of Ainul, slay himself for even greater power, then inherit the raiments of the three dark ones, and become the Antithesis of the Omniverse, the dark one who would herald the age of devastation. The "ode of antithesis" that prophecized his rise was becoming true at an alarmingly rapid rate and it seemed that nothing could halt him. His entire universe would then know an age of terror of the likes that the inhabitants of the nuVine verse are quite lucky to have not experienced.

Great champions and colossal monsters, fell villains and mighty gods, eldritch abominations and powerful spirits all banded together to stop him, but he defeated and enslaved or devoured them in turn. The armies of eladrin from the good and chaos loving glades of Arborea descended to fight him. He despoiled their women and slew their men in moments before going to mighty Olympus itself and ripping the mountain apart, slaying the gods of the elves and of the olympian pantheon before binding them into his service in undeath.

The angels and archons of the seven heavens of celestia, along with the ultimate force of good and law; Ormazhd, descended to try and fight him and his horde, but he tore Ormazhd in half with his gauntleted hands and shouted the celestials into the pit of death before casting Mount Celestia into the plane of Elysia, destroying the guardinals there. The chaotic hordes of the Slaadi surged out of the endless madness of Limbo, trying to entrap them in the infinite chaos. But he willed the entire plane of Limbo to an orderly fashion according to his will, and then wrote the entire slaadi race out of existence.

Vrakmul, Haley, and one of his lieutenants.

The forces of order in the form of the inevitables, mechanical enforcers of the universe's laws, the formians, antlike harbingers of social order, and the geometric mordons, heralds of more abstract forms of law; emerged from the clockwork nirivana of Mechanus, but he ripped their eternal gearwork realm apart and buried them in it. He brought down the nine hells with a single utterance of his mighty truenaming ability, and with another set of utterances, he bound the devils to him, enslaving them after turning their lords into whimpering undead. The endless hordes of the infinite layers of the abyss marched out to stop him, the first time all the demons of the great wheel agreed on anything.

The Lord of Doom destroyed the entire demon race and ripped the abyss asunder in a single terrible moment. Such beings of Chaos had no place in his vision of things. He ripped their souls from their bodies and greedily gorged on the spirits of all demonkind. The yugoloths tried to overthrow him with their plots, but he saw through their plans and sent the twin paradises of bytopia crashing into their realms, the clash of good and evil destroying both planes. The elemental lords tried to stop him, but he yanked the elemental planes asunder and drank them.

The Gods charged at him, but Vrakmul turned them inside out with a glance and raised their forms as necroliths, horrible forms of undead gods that would forever serve his will. The Lady of Pain herself tried to flay him apart at Sigil, but he ripped the infinite mountain from it's base and ran her through with it. Unlike Prime Vrakmul, when Orlok and the Icon came, Vrakmul was thoroughly unimpressed until the Icon showed him what power it could offer him. Accepting the Icon's offer, Vrakmul uprooted the Black Hand under one condition, he gets to keep one in a thousand universes he visits to make his own empire, starting with his home universe.

And now, the Dark one comes to our universe, for he has a plan to create a perfect order. He secretly poisoned the universes he fed into the Icon, and plans to use the universes he maintained to bolster his power while using the poisoned realities to tear the Icon apart from the inside out to steal it's power, and he will use our universe as a catalyst. And from there, he will destroy the other primordials, and then all of the multiverse will be enslaved to his will, to never know happy days for the rest of eternity. Of the great enemies that will rise in the coming darkness, Vrakmul is perhaps the most evil of them all, and certainly he is the most immediate threat to the entirety of the omniverse. He is the enemy, he knows no mercy or kindness, he is the lord of all that is black, he is the duke of shadow, the king of death, the emperor of darkness. He is the antithesis of all things.

He is fully aware of the prophecy laid out in the Ancient Songstone, an aspect of the true artefact of unlimited knowledge that exists in each multiverse; in some it is called the Elder Scrolls, in others it is the Magnificence, in some it is the Book of infinity, in others it is the Word wall of the endles, in this multiverse it is the Ancient Songstone. One that says that only the twenty four primalborn, the children of four thirteen can bring his reign to an end and stop his evil by slaying his body thrice, shattering his six hundred and twelve phylacteries, banishing his eleven hundred and eleven fold soul from the multiverse and then destroying it, removing the possibility of his future from the multiverse itself, locking his past in a timelock, and then erasing his true name from the whole of reality.

It also lists him as the ultimate evil in the entire Omniverse; the Yoldahkiin; Dark scion of evil. But Giacomo is confident. The Songstones left the victor of the upcoming clash ambiguous, and he believes that if he can slay or corrupt the twenty four; he will achieve his victory, casting down the primordials and becoming the Omniverse's single, sole sovereign to establish order and create a paradise. He fully believes that all the suffering he inflicts, all the death he bestows upon all, the evil he has become; are all justified by his goal, of creating a paradise for one and all, a new reality where everyone is ruled beneath a benevolent God-Emperor, himself.

To him, other enemies are only a threat because they can aid the twenty four who are prophecized to defeat him. They are not an issue in of themselves, for they cannot destroy him. What they can do, is make it much easier for the twenty four children to destroy him. And that Vrakmul cannot abide. What many do not know is that Vrakmul himself is one of the Primal Born, for they are raised whenever a threat to the multiverse as a whole is formed. He was meant to oppose Yuri Omega along with Mary Sigilsi, for he was entitled as Lord of Doom and she Muse of Life. He abandoned his duties and used his power and magic and the might of Alderymora to become an even greater peril, some would argue THE peril to all existence.

Vrakmul and his "Queen" Mary Sigilsi. Lord of Doom and Muse of Life.


Truenaming: This one ability gives Vrakmul multiversal scale power. He can rewrite existence across multiple universes by simply speaking in the true tongue, a power that surpasses even his almighty magic. His knowledge of truenaming is vast and all encompassing, and he can do virtually anything imaginable by simply speaking it into being. He can both use typical truenaming and the high draconic shouts with equal proficiency.

Lord of Doom: Vrakmul is the lord and master of death, finality, and darkness. He bends all such death and shadows to his will absolutely. His mere presence can snuff the life out of gods and whole dimensions, if he so wishes, he could snuff out the lights of every source of light in the universe. He can use the darkness in beings to tear them apart, and can turn one's doom into physical constructs capable of attack and destruction anywhere in the universe. Most formidably he can corrupt and twist his foes into his servants, turning them into twisted and evil versions of their former selves who obey him absolutely, or create dark versions of existing life if the original is not available to be corrupted. Additionally with his power, he can also manipulate cold, sound, and gravity on similar scales, and can create new life from the very essence of Doom.

As a Lord of Doom, he is a primalborn with power over one's Doom, or fate. He has the power to bring all things to their doom, their end and cessation. He brings the end of realities, the cessation of existence, the non-continuance of life and the shutting of light. He is order, the embodiment of rules and mechanistic systems even as he seeks to destroy the greatest system of all and replace it with what he believes is the more perfect order. He can easily force others to bend to his order, to his rules, to his laws just as he can bring them to their demises and bleak ends. This is a tremendously powerful aspect to govern, paired with a truly powerful class, made worse by his enhancement of his own power.

Fallen Primalborn: Vrakmul is a creature of tremendous physical might. He could snap the equipment of Celestials and Skyfathers apart like toothpicks and destroy the most powerful of artifacts not cast from Divine Steel without effort. When he so desires, light is so slow to his frame of reference that it is entirely immobile. His powers cannot be altered, disrupted, or brought down against his will, and he is a being made out of the solid essence of doom, letting him discorporate whenever he feels like it and giving him no internal organs or structures to disrupt. He has no chi or chakra as a non-biological being.

Antithesis of all that is good: As the Fallen Primalborn and Antithesis to all that is good, he radiates evil so intensely that beings of good get sick or even die just from his presence. He is not just pure evil, but *ultimate* evil, the prophecized bringer of the greatest calamity of all time. Evil beings loyal to him get more powerful in his presence, and one gets the incredible urge to do evil just by being near him.

Psionics: Like all primalborn Vrakmul has high level psychic ability, and is especially skilled at Telekinesis and Divinitation, manipulating objects of vast scale across unimaginable distances and peering with ease across the very fabric of time and space. He can shift the positions of galaxies faster than the speed of light with the simplest of thoughts and perceive the future, past, and present in countless locations across time and space simultaneously. He can form shields or blades of pure force, peer past the most cunning of illusions and tricks. His mind truly is one of his most deadly weapons.

Magic: Vrakmul is undoutbly the among the most powerful practioners of magic in the multiverse, his magic alone makes him as far above the likes of Skyfathers as Skyfathers are above normal humans. With just his magic alone, he can rend apart entire realities. Something Vrakmul does not desire for reasons unknown. Not only is he extremely powerful in the arcane arts; he has mastery of magic in the majority if not all of it's many forms, though he seems to be especially skilled at Necromancy; an art at which he has no equal or even a serious rival.

Intelligent: Perhaps one of the finest minds known to humanity, Vrakmul is a being with very few mental peers, in addition to his great intelligence, he has amassed a vast amount of knowledge and has an staggering level of tactical and strategic acumen. His intellect is boundless, his mind formulates devious schemes and astounding deductions with little effort.

Master manipulator: A shadow pupeteer par excellence, Vrakmul can manipulate from both front stage and behind the scenes with extraordinary skill. He is capable of plotting fairly with the likes of Omniscient beings and may have been either directly or indirectly responsible or at least involved with every occurring in the omniverse..

Master of battle: Despite preferring to manipulate people from afar, or blast them with spells and utilize his power as the fallen Primalborn, should his enemies force his hand in combat, Vrakmul has had far longer than the lifespan of the universe to practice his melee abilities, and attacking him in melee thinking him to be a squishy wizard is a very good way to end up very dead.

Charismatic: It takes more than vast amounts of power to be seen as the messiah by a vast cult. Vrakmul is also incredibly charismatic. His words are as silken as his normal form is hideous if not more so. Though his tongue speaks the greatest of evils. it has lost none of it's potency in bending the wills of men and women. Vrakmul can make utter and total slaves out of bitter enemies with nothing more than just a conversation.

True form: More a "combat" form, this form has greatly enhanced physical prowess and can help Vrakmul fight in the up close and personal physical clashes he finds such a waste.

Unleash the Dragon: Destroying Vrakmul's physical form frees Alderymora, the Antedeluvian of Dark Time; the Black God Wyrm, Shadowed Eater of Souls, and vile devourer of time. Alderymora is a supra-multiversal entity surpassing the likes of multiversal rulers such as the common Abrhamic conceptions of God or the One above all; which is to the Time Primordial; Talorak as Mehrudagoth is to Megothrath. However, Alderymora; given only a portion of the souls Vrakmul consumes constantly, will be quite hungry and head into the Far Realm to gorge himself on the souls of the Outer Gods and passing mortal and divine spirits. Still, nothing good can come of the return of the Evil aspect of time itself.