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The genius behind the Black Hand's mechanical technology, Vorzhilok has been part of the Black Hand not long after it first began once Mehrudagoth cast it out into the Omniverse at large. One of the leaders of the nine main subsects of the black hand, Vorzhilok commands the Marked of the Triad, consistent of the Black Hand's most sinister and advanced cyborgs and robots.

Vorzhilok is a cybernetic dragon of an unknown variety from an unknown universe that could survive commands from the icon due to it's heavy mechanical augmentation. It claims that it is a "Fear Dragon" capable of inspiring certain kinds of terror in those with special psychic abilities in addition to standard dragon repetoires, though unlike most kinds of dragons, Fear Dragons lack magical ability, which it claims that it's kind compensated for by mastering the ways of technology. According to Vorzhilok, it was an especially bright scientist and engineer and powerful warrior and general, who acheived many victories and strides in the fields of science.

When the Icon came to claim their universe, the Fear Dragons sold themselves out to the Icon, giving themselves mechanical brains so that they could survive following the Icon. Many of the fear dragons went on to form their own armies for the Icon, but Vorzhilok and it's cadre opted to join Vrakmul's black hand, sensing great opportunity was to be had with the Lich and ihis compatriots. The Black hand, in process of reorganizing itself, accepted Vorzhilok and it's cadre, which would form the intitial elements of the Marked of the Triad subsect. Quickly helping the Black Hand develop many sorts of fantastic technologies, Vorzhilok would soon prove it's worth time after time again.

Vorzhilok in his laboratory

By the time it arrived in the vine prime universe, Vorzhilok had repeatedly proved itself that virtually nothing could compare to it's skill with machines. While it often had to completely redesign the Black Hand's technology to compensate for vastly different laws of physics, it was still in possession of a mind for gears that has virtually never been matched or even compared to. While Vrakmul could claim to have greater general intelligence, even Vrakmul recognized that Vorzhilok was by far his superior in it's specialized fields. As the Black Hand began to stir the primordial universe to the specifications they wanted, setting the seeds of the all important psychics they needed to draw the Icon ever closer.

Vorzhilok decided to start an experiment, setting down some artefacts worth fighting over in a large corner of space as the War in Heaven between the ancient and elder races and cosmics raged on. The resulting clash over billions of years resulted in permanently irradiating a twenty six billion light year region of the universe that organic life could never develop in. Here, Vorzhilok watched as some of the Mechanical Elder races and the creations of other ancient species settled in this region of space to evade the devastation of the War in Heaven. Here they sought shelter from the galaxy shattering ancient conflict, but Vorzhilok watched every step of the way.

Deciding to set up bases in this "mech space" it experimented with all sorts of machinery, constantly trying to push the boundaries of science as it's mind constantly created more and more fiendishly advanced works of mechanical supremacy for the Black Hand. Like always, the Marked of the Triad drove much of the Black Hand's technology forward, engaging in a friendly rivalry with the L.E.G.I.O.N who focused on it's magic and the Epsilon Confederacy; which epitomized the Black Hand's psionic program. From time to time, Vorzhilok would emerge from it's network of laboratories to engage in field tests, but it was always something of a recluse, something quite at odds with it's impressive physical might and combat ability.

Often millions of years at a time would pass between Vorzhilok's forrays out of it's laboratories and factories, but it has recently began appearing more often as the time of the Icon's coming to the Prime universe draws nigh. Ten years ago, it and a detatchment of the Black Hand joined the Hierarchy on an assault on the Novian civilization to attempt to stop the prophecy of the Primalborn. Vorzhilok was most satisfied with the devastation caused, the ancient, large, and highly advanced Novian Republic being exterminated to the last man, woman, and child within a year. It personally oversaw the assault on Novia itself, and amidst the carnage of the final battle; killed the mother of a small novian girl and boy as punishment for their attempts at befriending him and began to eat their mother..

But when their father committed suicide by detonating the reactor of it's ship, bathing him in fire, it was for a time, incapable of acting, it's body shielding Rose and Dave from the explosion of it's ship as it's very flesh was stripped from it's bones by the wash from it's ship' detonating with enough force to destroy an entire galaxy but rebounded to focus entirely on the Hierarchy fleet and the creature itself. From that point on, it had found it's new nemesis. It would seek the defeat of the primalborn to the ends of the omniverse.

The Emblem of the Marked of the Triad.

It's tests very frequently leave entire worlds in flames to appease it's desire to advance it's own scientific understanding further and further, looking to prove it's technology and methods in the darkest of mad science, a desire which has put whole civilizations to the torch in the name of it's own twisted view of mechanical science. While dark science is often associated with biological technology, some of the mechanical works of Vorzhilok are horrifying to say the least.

Vorzhilok is surprisingly loyal to the Black Hand, preferring to focus on working as the technical genius of the Black Hand rather than try to establish itself as leader or work for it's own agenda. It has all it wants, a high position, the resources to carry out it's experiments, and free reign to act under it's own will. While some other members of the Black Hand despise it, Vorzhilok likes to think that it is above the interfactional rivalries in the Black hand. They are all under the Dark Triad after all, and the current roster of the innermost circle has not changed in aeons. It's not truly sadistic, but it is lacking in empathy for other beings, they are necessary sacrifices in the name of pursuing further scientific advancement.

To it, Mehrudagoth is little more than an incredibly distant employer. It's true master has always been scientific advancement. Should someone somehow offer it better resources and facilities than the Black Hand can offer it, then it would likely abandon the Black Hand in a heartbeat if it believed that it would survive to make good on the offer. However, given the Black Hand's colossal scale and power, it is unlikely anything in the universe could make such an offer convincingly. This doesn't bother Vorzhilok in the slightest, with the Black Hand, it can carry out it's mad science to it's heart's content, disregarding any sort of ethical code as it constantly tinkers with constantly advancing technology, working to create ever more perfect works of science and engineering no matter the cost.


Name: Vorzhilok

Height: Fifteen feet on all fours (if it keeps it's legs straight, typically closer to eleven feet), can rear up to thirty feet.

Length: Sixty feet

Wingspan: Seventy five feet.

Mass: 15 tons.

Eye colour: Yellow with Red irises.

Scale colour: Purple, covered up by chrome plating.

Alignment: Lawful evil.

Sexuality: Asexual

Taxonomy: Draco Metus Ferrus

Powers and Abilities

Trauma: A passive psychic ability, Vorzhilok causes those who observe it to see their worst fears, with those who have experienced traumatic events before being forced to relive that event, with higher levels of trauma resulting in greater levels of fear. Vorzhilok can focus this fear on targets, taking away the aura, but more or less mind raping those it focuses on, filling their minds with incomprehensible horror. Those who have been directly traumatized by Vorzhilok are often driven insane by it's simple presence, while others are left quivering wrecks.

Rose vs Vorzhilok, to the death; to the end.

Super strength: Vorzhilok has an unknown degree of superstrength, but is capable of shattering primary Adamantium with the same regard that the Hulk would give something made out of Tin.

Durability: Vorzhilok was tremendously durable even before it cyborgized itself. Now it is armoured in divine steel in most places, leaving only a few areas, namely it's chest, mouth, and some joint areas exposed, but the joints are still armoured in a tremendously tough alloy, and even hits to the mouth and chest don't do much damage unless used en masse.

Gadgets: Vorzhilok has no standardized list of gadgets as it heavily customizes it's loadout, but it's technical genius allows it to conjure up virtually anything.

Technopathy: Vorzhilok is an extremely powerful technopath, capable of technopathic acts on a galactic scale, having before literally mind controlled the technology of entire galaxies far more advanced than the Earth.

Cyborg transfer: If destroyed, Vorzhilok transfers it's intelligence into a nearby cyborg, takes over it's body, and over the course of one to five days, transforms it's host into a perfect replica of itself.

Flight: Vorzhilok is capable of flying at superluminal speeds under it's own power and can engage a personal warp drive.

Speed and agility: Vorzhilok has computerized reflexes and is capable of surprising amounts of speed on the ground, though it has yet to be fully measured. It is capable of fighting and acting at superluminal velocities.

Truenaming: As is befitting for a dragon, Vorzhilok has an innate mastery of High Draconic shouts and a great deal of knowledge in the field of cosmic truespeech, granting him great reality altering power that supplements his natural prowess and fearsome technological ability.

Intelligence: Vorzhilok is one of the most fiendishly advanced intelligences in the universe, a mechanical genius without peer in the multiverse. It's contraptions are built almost without effort and it's mind can analyze and break down any mechanism put before it as well as planning out and theorizing countless new devices. The Black Hand's most devastating weapon, the Reality Nullifier, mounted in their worldship sized flagship, capable of destroying entire multiverses, was Vorzhilok's invention. Time machines, doomsday weapons, legions of robots, amazing vehicles, mighty gadgets, incredible power armour, cyborgs, all of these and more have been created by Vorzhilok.

The dragon of the hand.

Camouflage: Vorzhilok is naturally able to alter the colour and texture of it's skin across all spectra to render itself invisible to onlookers.

Breath weapon: Like any proper dragon, Vorzhilok can spit massive gouts of fire, ranging from vicious streams of flames that sear at near or even at absolute hot where all physical laws break down from such extreme temperatures, or he can generate torrents of fireballs of varying size, speed, and power. Some are homing, some are not, what matters is that these fireballs burn nearly as hot as anything *can* burn.

Healing factor: While Vorzhilok naturally has a respectable healing factor and self repair system, it can kick them into overdrive by eating flesh and consuming mechanical parts to restore it's biological and mechanical parts respectively.

Soulless: Vorzhilok stripped out his soul to help him survive contact with the Icon aeons ago.

Common weaponry and equipment

Shielding: Vorzhilok carries a special array of shielding that engages a triple layer shield of it's own design. The first layer deflects roughly 75% of all incoming attacks, the second reduces incoming damage to the third shield by 75%, and the third perfectly absorbs all incoming attacks, but each hit takes out "energy points" that once depleted, cause the shield to collapse until Vorzhilok can get more energy.

Meso-bomb launcher: Fiery energy bombs mounted in it's tail, this generator allows it to drop cascades of energy munitions that can carpet bomb whole areas in high explosives, decimating large regions.

Kinetic breath weapon and Ultrahigh temperature flamethrower: Combining a massively powerful kinetic beam and a great gout of burning plasma, this powerful weapon allows Vorzhilok to put it's own spin on a dragon's breath, putting out enough energy to fell entire armies.

Optic lasers: Firing powerful eye rays, these beams can cut through virtually anything put before them, and present yet another danger to those who would try to face the metal maestro of the black hand. He's recently upgraded these to the Null rays, beams that burn so hot they revert anything they touch into quark-gluon plasma, and can chase, twist, turn, home in on, and even teleport to pursue foes no matter how they try to evade the beams.

Multi-missile launcher: An array of missile generators on it's back, these allow Vorzhilok to unleash vast cascades of explosive warheads in a deadly rain upon it's enemies.

Shockwave generator: Mounted on it's hands, tail, and feet, these allow Vorzhilok to generate huge energy shockwaves by slamming into the ground with either it's hands, tail, or feet to defeat large numbers of opponents or enhance it's punches.

Matter disruption fields: Mounted in it's jaws, claws, and barbed like stinger tail, these let it's natural weapons pierce through most any armour.

The embodiment of the fear in us all.

Scanners: These allow Vorzhilok to sense across virtually the entire spectra, into other dimensions, through solid objects, detect supernatural entities, and so on.

Magic dampeners: Special devices, Vorzhilok can deploy these to shut down magic users across a certain area or weaken their abilities or perhaps give it a great deal of spell resistance, it additionally has psionic dampeners that do the same for him against psychics.

Time manipulator: A special invention of Vorzhilok's, these allow Vorzhilok to slow down or speed up time for itself or others or outright stop it for brief periods of time either for itself or others.

Space warper: A device that manipulates dark matter to bend the fabric of space to create temporary wormholes, these allow Vorzhilok to teleport across vast distances as well as bend space to shrink or grow objects amongst other things.


Chest and mouth: Already explained.

Never to the end: If Vorzhilok feels that a fight is turning against it, it will almost always cut and run rather than see if it can reshift the tide in it's favour.

Did not do the research: While it's understanding of technology and engineering is virtually complete, it often forgets to overlooks certain details that might be critical when it prepares for battle; such as a warning that smashing the statues in a battlefield will lead to the ancient guardians of the civilization that forged them turning their wrath upon it.

Didn't see that coming: If Vorzhilok faces a factor that it has not planned for, it often folds very quickly, it has the mind of a scientist after all, not a fighter.

Psychic backlash: If someone especially vulnerable to Vorzhilok's trauma abilities manages to overcome the effect, the psychic backlash is more than capable of flattening the Fear Dragon and knocking it out for quite some time.