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@mikep12 said:

@bigcimmerian: it was an accident post the dude showed a bunch of scans I couldn't counter check yourself before you post things

I'm checking the scans you posted. Nothing you posted seems to be impressive lol. Superman bench pressing Earth is impressive yes, but nothing compared to worlds being shattered by Mjolnir blows miles away. The rest of your scans I'm not going to comment.

I believe Mjolnir only destroyed planatoid planets, however I think Beta Ray Bill destroyed a planet of such. Still, How Loki effortlessly solo ?

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@pwok21 said:

Voting for Candence.

Comic Geek gave better points.

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@rpottage said:

He wasn't getting hurt by Tornados

, he was saving Lana from them (and that was season 1. I.E. the very beginning of his powers). He also destroys buildings with ease, and fought multiple heavy wieghts. In fact you should go look at my links in the post directly before yours. I actually show the clip where it demonstates he's able to overcome magic. (I.E. they stole his powers and were trying to use the stone; at which point the stone hurt them, bounced away, and gave his powers back.)

Yes he was hurt by a tornado and he had his powers for years prior - namely why he was commented on always been sickly near that meteor rock Lana sports around her neck (which as far as I remember was right in the first episode). The only difference being he was discovering heatray vision / x ray vision via kryptonian puberty.

I saw all you're links before posting to see if it would change my mind. Watching them again won't do a thing - it's basically minor highlights from the later few moments he had in the series. The only one I didn't bother with was TP resistance because it was entirely pointless to do so. Magic on more than one occasion left the Blur in a tough position and hurt him. There is no ifs or buts on it's effectiveness on him compared to most of everything else.

You really didn't watch the show huh? He isn't Silver Age, but is based on Silver Age. As for pulling powers out, how about immune to telepathy (Ryan), having Telepathy (one of his trials), neutralizing kyptonite with his death then recovering, capable of changing the destiny of others, able to share in visions, able to restore lost Kryptonian powers with his blood, etc?

I can change the destiny of someone. Not a power. Cartoon Hulk gave his cousin powers with a blood transport - was this a random SA power display? The Telepathy wasn't his - that was his dead pop's giving him telepathy for an episode to save his rear from Toyman.

SA would be him spontaneously getting these powers - not someone else giving him them.

BTW, it's a planet that's larger than earth; saying it's a hot air balloon is idiotic.

Call it idiotic - Clark is easily moving at visible flying speeds - seemingly with said giant object damn fast. It might as well have been a hot air balloon that as soon as he touched launched itself away from the Earth.

And the part that proves you didn't watch the show is that you don't understand that he was supposed to fly at visible speeds. He needed to break Darkseid's control; he was the only being capable of doing so (hey, anouther power) by spuring hope in the masses. That means flying and pushing the planet away at speeds they can see so that, you know, they can see it.

Giving people hope is a power now? Are you joking?

Your book is irellevent.

My book? God I hate having arguments where I either think I'm arguing with spike, Hitsu or MK30 on another account. It's pointless.

Doomsday caused massive damage, slaughtered people, came back from the dead while becoming immune to what killed him, etc. He was a rampaging machine, and they had to seal him underground because he couldn't simply die. The destoyer armor killed far less, did far less damage, Thor without his powers was able to take a few hits from it (as opposed to the humans that Doomsday simply tore through in an instant), and with his powers (which were not overly impressive), it was taking out in like two hits (one which was just a hammer throw); and that was it. It was damaged and stayed down.
Doomsday was stronger, faster, more durable, and had an insane healing factor.

Slaughtered people? The Destroyer was vaporizing Frost Giants casually - tearing apart people isn't impressive. The Destroyer was just as easily throwing cars around, blowing up buildings with single shots and flicking people to death. Doomsday when freed was just a mindless monster that was picking people up and slowly pounding into clark - knocking him through a building after a few hits clearly putting some hurt on Clark. The Hulk in Avengers had more impressive striking power feats.

  • Thor knocked it on his rear with a hammer throw - he proceeded to lift it in the air, knock it's vaporizing beams out of the way casually and plow his hammer through his head.
  • Thor without his powers didn't take any hits from it, it flicked him and he died. That's not tanking anything.
  • Doomsday was a weaker version of Abomination.

@Vaeternus said:

@Isaac,It's not fanwank or bs whatever you want to call it, it's fact. They confirmed the Golden Age already passed while Clark would LEAD the Silver Age...

I'd say that's pretty much confirmation...

That's the thing you don't need actual confirmation to continue on with your fan fantasies. "Pretty much" isn't "Yes, this is what it is." Your arguments are plainly assumptions without anything factual.

and I never said they were "exactly the same" but similar, in this case Clark's power as Superman..I never said I had a desired winner in my head? That's your opinion, but I made it actually because it hadn't been done before maybe? Since there's a million other Superman/Thor topics you know...sounds to me like you're not liking the way the topic is going(I can't help you there) we've all been there, it's kind of the trend with comic vine now isn't it sometimes? eh? Who exactly supposedly weaker then Hulk hurt Clark that badly? l

They aren't even close - these connections don't exist in reality. You're telling me how Thor has nothing on Clark in the last post - that is you making a thread where you already know who wins in your mind and you want to argue it regardless.

It's been made before:


And with a few variations on the theme where you have a few randoms from DC's cinematic universe / TV series vs Avenger members - usually with Smallville Clark vs Thor being included. You aren't being at all new with these topics.

ol also for someone who usually votes Marvel 9 times out of 10, that's an interesting accusation concerning me having a "biased" influence on the topic, I'm pretty sure I made it fair. You act as if I gave Thor nothing here...

The Irony of how this comes from the man who has been saying DC wins for years on Vine with next to little reasoning - not even from the direct universe - just anything with the DC logo next to it. The only thing you rage harder with is MK.

They never confirmed him killing DD, just burying him besides DD was kicking Clark's butt around for a while before Clark got more serious.

That isn't a good showing for Clark. That's the thing.

Calling me a troll does nothing for your argument other then make you look desperate as usual, again I'm pretty sure others posted the feats for both in here which explain themselves.

You are a troll. That's the problem.

Exactly, Clark moving at light speed, moving a planet off of Earth(just ignore those feats right?) That's not remotely powerful...lol thanks I'd say I have a pretty good argument considering you're a "feat guy" I provided them and you're denying them.

He was totally moving at lightspeed - and everyone on Earth happens to be able to see lightspeed apparently. He was going slow as heck and by some miracle the 'planet' suddenly becomes a hot air balloon moving MUCH faster than he was.

Because, he's ummm "Superman" ? Just a thought lol


No in character, it was Doomsday...trying to lowball or downplay Doomsday NOT being Doomsday? ok...sure

Doomsday has no character - his single purpose was to kill Superman in the comics - after that his inclusion in stories provided nothing more than a scary brute with no motivations most of the time outside mindless destruction. Him simply carrying the name Doomsday doesn't make him powerful or give him better feats than he had.

Hardly, moving an entire planet, defeating Darkseid is FAR more impressive then anything Thor has done in the films and hell, Thor even Struggled against Hulk who Clark would KO in seconds flat...

Defeating Darksied who is more or less a scary ghost possessing an old man he flies through killing him. Way to over hype flying through a piss poor iteration of Darkseid.

Funny how you say that when the Hulk was a more powerful version of Doomsday and Thor was actually having to hold back to avoid dropping the Helicarrior. Namely the lack of lightning or anything really outside smacks from Mjolnir and wrestling with the Hulk. We see how much harder the Hulk hits than Doomsday right after that.

Doomsday's best punching feat was outdone by the Abomination in the Hulk movie.

Keep calling the facts nonsensical all you wish, it only proves you're just pissy with the way the threads going. In case you haven't noticed, majority feel the same way I do so I guess people must be nuts right? If it bothers you that much, don't post then next time.

The problem is the arguments here are non existent and your feeling the necessity to debate in your thread for Superman - despite clearly standing in a non-bias position.

He was not getting hurt by tornadoes, he was saving Lana you imbecile, show me where he got hurt by a tornado. Besides, Clark's future self was able to stop a nuclear explosion by flying around extremely fast.

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I just dont SMP winning when he cant kill the void and never shown to resist Matter Manipulation or resist Transmutaion and how well can he resist a MM lvl Psyker? Void can do all 3 of those things. How does SMP win?

By beating his face in, Sentry can still be knocked out as he was KOd by Blue Marvel for a short time.

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Sentry has to want to lose, and don't give me he has to be void bullshit. He didn't die In Dark Avengers 2 for a reason and he wasn't killed the five other times for that exact reason. Sentry is only as powerful as he wants to be.

Implied power is nice and all and is sometimes used well while debating for a character that does not have many feats.

In this case Sentry has plenty of feats that suggest otherwise.



well yes that makes sense, i mean if you read the whole The Age of Sentry series, every comic book had the same cover that reads "A secret formula ........ Power of a million sun........


and since it has been sited in like 6 comics (that i know of) its makes absolute sense.

The Sentry having the "Power of a million exploding suns" is generally considered hyperbole on the vine because he has never displayed such power. You do not have to take my word for it, look up some Sentry vs. threads and see what most users think about him and how he stacks up with other power houses. There are tons of long, drawn out and detailed debates with him involved.

this is something i dont really know though, has he ever u know utilized his powers to best use? Enzeru mentioned sth about him stalemating galactus but i havent personally read that comics. Erm has he ever doesnt sth like this? has he ever beaten someone really big and powerful??

The instance of him "stalemating Galactus" was told in a story by Spiderman. Spiderman was not there during the "battle", he is not a mind reader nor does he have any kind of cosmic awareness to confirm it ever happened. I have heard from other users that this was later confirmed in another comic. From what I was told The Sentry was not alone, he had 50 some odd superheros with him fighting a weakened Galactus. I can not say how factual that statement is because I have not seen the scans or read the comic myself when it was "confirmed" he stalemated Galactus.

Hope that helps.

Well good sir.

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Awesome game.

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I'm in the middle. While their facts are usually exaggerated and ridiculous, they do get the correct outcome most of the time. It's also very fun to watch...until they get something completely wrong like Wonder Woman vs. Rogue, or Zelda vs. Princess Peach.

Sometimes I am "Ah, butthurt fanboys give me headaches" and other times I am " Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, priceless" when Screwattack's ' Goku vs Superman' is brought up here.

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@MonsterStomp said:

@GunGunW: My main point was if Superman vs Goku threads actually have a valid debate and Majestic is levels beyond Superman, then there really isn't a debate if you pit Majestic and Goku in the same cage.

Problem with Majestic is the huge misconception os him being so much better than Superman. Majestic feats in Strength, Travel speed, and durability is the same as the majority of Superman.

His 3 biggest advanatges is combat Skills, Prep (Super Smart) and Creation Blades.

Thats it. His combat speed is a bit unestablish as well unlike superman.

Majestic is alot of hype on feats taken out of context.

I suggest you do some research on Mr.Majestic before claiming he's overhyped good sir.

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@MonsterStomp said:

If Goku can't beat Superman, he sure as hell isn't beating Majestic.


So much fail. Majestic would not beat Screw Attacks Superman. It was a composite Superman with his best high end feats from cannon and non cannon sources. lol check your facts before quoting that crap death battle.

Yeah, that's what all the butt hurt fanboys claim.

Anyway Majestic wins.