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Am I the only one who feels a fair amount of trepidation with the fact that Brian Singer directed Days of Future Past?

Why does that scare you? lol

First two X-men films were good. However in retrospect they were really s##tty in the frame of being ensemble pieces and giving all the different characters a good amount of screen time. In my opinion having Wolverine get two solo movies was pretty redundant since the entire x-men trilogy pretty much focused on that character as the main protagonist already. Now that he is back as director and from some of what the trailers have shown it seems like Singer has made Wolverine the hero/lead of the film and once again ignored the ensemble aspect that the X-Men have in the comics.

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Am I the only one who feels a fair amount of trepidation with the fact that Brian Singer directed Days of Future Past?

America would elect a homosexual, female, black president before they elects an atheist one.

That's probably true, I've thought the same thing myself on many occasions.

Oh and on the mention of homosexual's, the Westboro Babtist Church is coming to Amherst Mass (not far from where I live) and I am already planing a fun bit of counter picketing. Perhaps I will wear something of this nature,

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City girls or country girls? Hmm... No thanks! I prefer women, if they happen to be the type of woman I like then I don't really care where they are from.

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Because he still exhibits extreme teenage angst while being well into his thirties?

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The Dark Knight Rises, he should have really died.

Almost every movie that ends with the "It was all a dream" or something along those lines, type of ending. I really hate that crap.

Movies that attempt twist endings for the sole purpose of it to be a twist ending, even if it completely screws up the continuity and plot of the rest of the film.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, though I didn't like how the book ended either. It was all wrapped up too nice and neat.

American Beauty.

Those are the ones that first come to mind for me.

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@chaos38 said:

@vortex13: @vortex13: what are you talking about? Zsasz is totally insane. Hell, he's the DC's Hannibal Lector (minus the cannibalism).

But Hannibal Lector isn't insane. Sick, twisted, and sadistic yes, but going by a clinical definition neither are insane. There is a fairly distinct difference between being a sadist, a sociopath, or even a psychopath and being insane on a clinical level.

Granted the definition of insane at a base level to describe a persons behavior is obviously subjective from person to person, but as I said in my original post I said that he wasn't criminally insane, and the definition of being criminally insane is that the person in question who committed the crime, whether it be a violent or non violent crime, legitimately did not understand or believe that what they did was wrong. Zsasz is fully aware that what he is doing is wrong hence him not, by legal requirements or standards, being criminally insane. However In a non criminal or clinical sense I'd agree that he could be classified as insane in the sense that he has an extremely warped and cruel demeanor.

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South Carolina






I think that is all of the states that I have not visited.

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@edamame: Nope. I've been in quite a few US states yet neither of the two Dakotas would be on the list.

@frocharocha said:

1. What`s the smell of your pop?

2. can i be the boyfriend of your girlfriend?

3. Do you like to pet homeless people?

4. What if Google was a guy?

1. Orange Fanta. You did mean soda pop I assume?

2. Sure, you can be the boyfriend to my non existent girlfriend.

3. No, but I do give them money usually and make them do the hokey pokey to get it. (the second part is a joke)

4. He would be the kind of guy who when someone asked him what they should do he would give a bunch of solutions most of which useless and comical but at least one proper solution would also be provided. As well as when someone makes an incorrect reference or false fact he would have the almost involuntary need to correct them. I.E. somewhat like me.

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@xwraith: I just pictured you as not so tall lol.