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Because of alfalfa hay.

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@wolverine08: Well obviously, sadly I did take the bait because of my initial anger at seeing that comment. On the plus side I sort of have an actual answer, the two who committed the crime were promptly brought to justice.

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@wolverine08: I just looked it up it did happen, the two responsible were brothers, and once apprehended they were immediately charged, went to trial and sent to prison.

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@ohgawd: Can I have an actual link to that crime?

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@mr_clockwork91: There aren't people throwing Molotov cocktails in each group of protesters is my point. The fact you say you didn't see any in the video and that doesn't mean there wasn't one is an odd point to make I feel. It's like you're ignoring what is actually shown in the video itself and adding your own view of what could be happening. It's at least clear the cops acted against the protesters without the protesters acting violently towards them beforehand in that video right? They all had their hands up with no weapons in their hands. A Molotov cocktail would be pretty obvious if a protester in that video was holing one. The cops hit first without provocation.

You just complained about how the mass media often distorts the facts to transform a story into a way that helps them, yet you essentially just did the same thing when you tried to make a supposition on the idea that just because there was no Molotov cocktail present in the video doesn't mean there wasn't one. You just distorted what you yourself were able to see in the video by adding the idea of there being a Molotov cocktail even though there was no evidence of one in the video. That is essentially the exact same thing you complained about that the media does. So you are condemning the way the media distorts what is actually known for sure when you did the exact thing with the video I provided.

As for the actual shooting of Michael Brown whether you think he attacked the officer or not, did you know that it is actually illegal for a police officer to shoot a person who is unarmed and especially if the person has their hands up? All witnesses to the shooting itself agree on the fact that Michael Brown had his hands up when the police officer fired five bullets into Brown, the cop shot him until he dropped. If Michael did initially attack the police officer when the cop told them to get out of the street (which for the record is the story of the cop who did the shooting and not the account of what happened by any of the people who witnessed it themselves) when he was shot repeatedly he was standing with his hands in the air clearly unarmed, and my main point on that aspect regardless of if Michael Brown hit the officer first he was at that point surrendering and the cop still shot him dead. And killing or shooting someone who is clearly unarmed is not only against police protocol but actually illegal for a police officer to do.

This also wasn't the first instance or report of racial profiling or harassment by police int that town. There had been dozens of complaints about excessive force and harassment by citizens in the area. The shooting of an unarmed 18 year who had never committed a crime or been in trouble even was simply the tipping point for the community. Also if you read all of those articles you will note that a state senator for the state of Missouri was also in a protest that ended up having tear gas and rubber bullets fired into it. Do you think that a group of protesters with the state senator among them would have Molotov cocktails and other things to throw at the local cops there? Because I don't. But those protesters still had tear gas chucked and shot at them. FYI, preemptive actions like that towards people who are not violent or acting violent is also against police protocol.

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Psycho-Pass or Darker Than Black

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@mr_clockwork91: Did you even read all of the reports? Or watch the video? Were the Molotov cocktails in the video? No.

The reports of the Molotov cocktails being thrown were the minority and as mentioned in several of the articles most of the protest were peaceful demonstrations, where people would hold up their hands saying "our hands are up and we are unarmed". Most of the violence and looting has stopped at this point. You latched onto what was essentially a few sentences in each of the articles that discussed that aspect. They were the minority. One of the articles was about how the state police and highway patrol is taking over for security. Reason being that the local police of the area have incited and caused greater unrest and outrage from the people there. They are deploying tear gas and firing rubber bullets in residential areas.

I made nothing up, were cops breaking up protest that were peaceful with tear gas and firing rubber and pepper bullets? Yes, some protesters had Molotov cocktails in some of the situations, but that is the minority of the protest. Two reporters were detained, but many others were asked to shut off their camera's before the cops initiated force. I'm sorry that I can not provide everything I've talked about here in the form of a written article or video. The issue is I've been watching the news on the television and they do not seem to update their websites or upload everything they show or talk about on the actually programs since they broadcast live and it's probably a pain in the ass to get their reports put online in a quicker fashion right after they are reporting on it since they report on it live. If you want to verify what I'm saying I would suggest putting on a news program. Granted they are full of crap and bias in their stated opinions but straight footage of what's happening is harder to dispute. I would have to recommend CNN, granted they do have their own degree of bias but to a much lesser degree than others. Like Fox and MSNBC. But yeah watching the news on television is where most of the information I have talked about is coming from. I suggest you check it out too, it may help you learn more about the subject.

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I am just going to say that I am tired of the word "Feminism" being used as a derogatory term. Also the bulls##t attitude that it is an "us vs them concept". Are there militant feminist out there? Yes obviously there are, but just like with most kinds of organization that have a militant side they are the minority.

Most feminist are reasonable human beings that just want to be treated equally in a social setting and not be objectified. Which is not an unreasonable thing to wish or want in my opinion. As for the us versus them mentality that seems to be overly present I would just like to proudly declare that I am a feminist as well as being a man.

If you don't think female inequality or objectification of women is still a problem in this country then you are simply ignorant, of the world around you. Here are some personal anecdotes from women I'm friends with in real life, one had her crotch grabbed while on a New York subway, as well as other friends having reported being groped in public, typically in more crowded public areas. Cat calls on occasion. Oh and in case anyone is wondering, that unwanted public groping is classified as sexual assault by the legal definition, yet most men get away with it.

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I'm just going to bring up the fact the last night there was a peaceful protest where none of the protesters where acting violently or aggressively towards the police officers. Those same officers already equipped in riot gear tried to make every reporter shut off there cameras some thankfully did not. The cops didn't want witnesses to the fact that they planed to fire tear gas into a crowd of non violent protesters and fire rubber bullets at all of the protesters.

Obviously I do not approve of vandalism an looting, but these were peaceful protesters that had tear gas thrown/fired at them as well as rubber bullets. Regardless of how you feel in terms of thinking about the actual shooting of the teenager, these cops in riot gear attacked these protesters without violent provocation and were clearly planing to use some sort of force against the protesters early on since they tried to silence all of the reporters by having them shut down their camera's so there would not be documentation of them preemptively attacking the protesters without provocation.

In terms of rioting and looting that is not the right way to go about protesting or showing anger at the establishment. Yet I can understand how the people in that area may feel extremely frustrated agitated and quite frankly completely pissed off at the extreme lack of justice they are dealing with. People are pissed off with the cops in that place and rightly so, reacting violently is not is not the correct approach but is completely understandable to me. Not saying I condone it just that I can relate to how they are probably feeling.