Some pictures I took when I went to the Quabbin Reservoir yesterday. No animal's unfortunately, but I did get some photos of evidence that they had been there.

 Some very pretty woods with a rock wall running in between older trees and saplings in front of them

 Bear Crap

 Moose Poop (it was practically right next to the bear poop)

 A very pretty reflection on the river

 The Quabbin Reservoir!!!

 Me three miles in, a little after a very steep hill, and I'm obviously very out of shape lol.
Posted by drdanny10293

LOL moose crap and bear crap together anyway it must have been fun there

Posted by B'Town

I thought I was the only person who took animal poop pictures when hiking.  haha.  Most in the Cascades, some around Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainer.