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I was born on October 10th in 1989. I am very interested in ancient civilizations, particularly the myths and legends the people of the era believed in and stories they created. I also find the culture, social dynamics and customs very interesting which is partly why the myths and legends of different ancient cultures interest me since their religious beliefs and stories directly reflect the cultural structure and (in some cases) legal systems of the civilization in question.

My other hobbies and interest include photography, hiking, archery, medieval warfare and weaponry, learning about other modern countries around the worlds' beliefs and social structures, learning more about different types of animals from all different kinds of kingdom's, phylum's, classes species and so forth. I have an interest in the path evolution has taken and the potential future developments with the somewhat rapidly changing climate. I am interested in reading about the real technological advancements that have been made in the recent years and I enjoy thinking about the potential applications many of them have in terms of ways they could be utilized in unique ways.

My biggest passion however would probably be writing and reading stories. I very much enjoy writing stories and creating fictitious worlds or universes in which I can alter the way the world works in some respect by writing about them.

I am also very passionate about music, and I have a large range of different styles of music I listen too. I think the only genre of music I have very little to no interest in would be county excluding Johnny Cash who to me does not fall perfectly into that category. I am trying to learn how to play the acoustic guitar currently and will hopefully soon be able to play it mildly decent.