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As I have already stated here I am a Superman fan. But thre is certian suff like this bothers me to no end about the Man of Steel. I don’t blame him I blame writers and fanboys. This is a long post thank you in advance for reading it.

1. Superman’s Powers vs. Actual Comics

When people on these boards post Superman Feats, I’d like to post other pages and call them feats of incompetence.

Consider this if Pre-52 Superman with his powers and you consider some of the people he’s lost to then by comic writing Superman loses due to his naiveté and borderline incompetence. I don't think he is but with his abilities that is how he written.

A comic example:

Justice League of America Issue 14. Lex Luthor and other IL members have captured almost all the JLA members. Black Lightning and Superman go to save them.

Superman burst in and does what…he talks?


If Superman used his “vast intellect “since apparently he wins over Batman in intellect in that battle in Comicvine, he should have just speedblitzed in there and taken every damn person out that couldn’t see him coming. If they did it truthfully it should have gone something like this:

Cheetah: [Looking at monitor] We got a blip.

Lex: “Alright listen up every-“

[Turns around everybody is down and unconscious and on the floor. Superman is standing about 100 feet from him.]

[Without speaking; because doing so would be slower than he can actually move, Superman uses his Heat Vision to liquefy the floor Lex is standing on and Lex sinks up to his neck then Superman uses Frost Breath to solidify the floor.]

Lex: “Mother Fuc-“

Now obviously they didn’t do that because that would be boring as heck.

That is why I feel they powered down Superman from PC blowing planets around with his breath to someone who would actually has to kinda work and being a Superhero.

Also consider Doomsday. If Doomsday has superspeed even close to levels and he enjoyed killing truckers and deer. Why didn’t he use that speed to tear that sad excuse for a Justice League apart before they even called Superman?

2. Superman Fans (We will use these boards) vs. Actual Comics

Every time I see a Battle thread with Superman, Supergirl, Powergirl, Superboy, Superboy/man Prime and Krypto in the title I usually sigh.

Arguments are usually the same:

-Super- is too fast

-Super- is too strong

-Super- can ignore damage from an exploding planet.

Okay so Superman can withstand a blast that takes out a planet.

Does Doctor Light do enough damage to take out an exploding planet?

Then why in the heck and he even slow Superman down in Justice League of America Issue #14.

If Superman is faster than thought (which means he thinks faster than thought just enough to move faster than thought) why is Lex even a challenge in any way in combat?

Lex shouldn’t be able to hit Superman with anything. Superman is a courageous, moral, trustworthy,

and honest person. By his power design those are weaknesses to him! Such attributes shouldn’t be but if he was willing to ignore such things as not to kill this is how an encounter with Lex would go down:

Superman's uncommon combat technique

If you take all the Kryptonians on Earth that are heroes and if they work in concert, why are there any villains no in prison? Unless they are living in a lead bunker (which by the way should be notices for not being able to see though it). With the Watchtower they could speedblitz almost every villain on the planet before any of them would know what was happening.

So why don’t they? That one is easy to answer because nobody would read the comic. It would be like playing a videogame where you would be Zeus and all you do is use your lightning powers to kill ants. Eventually you would get bored.

3. How Superman has affected DC writers.

I believe that Superman has managed to make characters increase their powers just to keep up with him.

Take Wonder Woman. She used to be strong and fast but not nearly comparable as Superman. Look at her now; consider what she can do compared to how she was.

Another issue is the vagueness of how strong mainstream Superman actually is in mainstream comics. DC writers never give an accurate number, they just use “feats” to show it. While Marvel writers for the most part, has numbers. This gives characters both strengths and weakness and helps define their comic readers. DC readers can imagine, hypnotize and guess but they really don’t know the facts this makes DC characters a bit more “fantastic” like a legend or a story. But this also can make the stories horribly inconsistent.

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@Petey_is_Spidey: Have a few questions for clarification

Round 1

  • Random encounter
  • 1 hour prep(for strategy)
  • standard gear

Random seems to suggest no knowledge but you gave an hor for strategy.

Does standard gear include Ultrons robots and army?

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@krspaceT said:

Static, Wonder Girl, Miss Martian, Superboy, Bunker, Atlee (Terra 3) and Blue Beetle


But, the Hulk will have the Juggernaut's helmet, or something similar, just so Miss Martian cannot just brain fry him.

Which version of the Hulk are we talking about here. Are we talking WWH? Banner Hulk, Current Hulk what?

Becaues depending on the version I some of these comments going down the tubes.

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Phasing won't work. Its been tried they Avengers have a phaser of their own. Physical beatdown is waste of time against Ultron. But J'onn, the most useful people in this fight is J'onn, Green Arrow, and Batman. Shapeshifting should be able to do it, a really good arrow show or batarang could pull it off. But most likely J'onn will save the day. Atom would win it for the team if he was selected as a member for this one.

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I find this too be a tough call. Both Thanos & Darkseid can manipulate matter. Darkseid's Omega Beams managed to remove Lobo a being thought unkillable. Thanos cannot actually die so no amount of damage can technically kill him either. But Doctor Manhattan's abilities are vast as well as...beyond description to get a definate limit on his abilities, although Doc himself admits he must have some limitations.

I say this one is a stalemate. Even if Thanos and Darkseid can defeat him, if Doc can return from completel distagration I see this fight go nowhere...and not in a fast way.

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Reality warping: Living Tribunal Strength: Genocide Speed: Flash Healing factor: Doomsday Prep: Ozymandias Weapons: Blue Beeetle God-Like Powers: Superman 1 Million

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@lantian1: She still has to block with them so yes. Loki is a master of trickery. Illusions, invisibility, and such he could get past her bracelets. Getting past her speed and agility is something else.

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@leeray: I simply meant that T-1000 is designed in a way that it's almost impossible to kill by normal means. Also its shapeshifting makes it far more useful out of combat.

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@leeray: Considering the restrictions put on team 2, yes team 1 wins. although since there are two on the team they technically can't solo.

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@leeray: I don't beleive Conan could take a T-1000. Conan would have a better chance against a T-X but I beleive he would also lose.

For the record though I felt that T-X was a step backwards for Skynet.