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During the one month prep, he'll just destroy the universe, so yeah....

Thanos can destroy the universe and create it back with no prep-time at all. That's what the IG is for.

This may seem like a stupid question but which universe are they fighting in?

IG works in only Marvel Universe. I know its a terrible series but they established that in JLA/Avengers

I love Thanos but AM takes this one.

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Kraven loses to Beast, McCoy is too smart , with his durability and healing he can take Kravens hits if he can't avoid them. Finally he uses pheromones to shut Kraven down for the KO and the win.

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First I like the setup of the battle.

As I see it I beleive Namor can make it to Round 9 (Siren and Namor would make an intrestering couple though). If King Shark is already in frenzy then that fight is going to be very rough for him but he might be able to take it.

Thirst, Ocean Master, and Shark are the problems here. But to me it depends on certian factors. I think Namor could beat thirst even though Thirst as more of an advantage. If Namor can figure out his abilities quickly then taking him to the surface and beating him there might work. Ocean Master depends on if he's using foci or not for his powers.

I can't see Namor taking down Shark though, unless he can absorb enough of radiation in him. But I find it unlikely

I think Namor could make it to Round 13.

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  • Thor - God of Thunder nuff'said
  • Black Panther - Just the way I'm rolling today.
  • Spiderman - While Richards thinks of a plan, Parker just goes and saves the day.
  • Thanos - Reason: Thanos is obsessed with Death, Batman is obsessed with Justice.
  • Iron Fist - Only because he studied form to mimic Daredevil. Shang Chi looks cooler kicking butt though.
  • Magneto - He'll do anything, Panther will never go that far.
  • Pym - Because I feel that killing humanity is more sophisticated.
  • Iron Man - Because in many ways (Iron Wars, Illumanti, Civil War, SHIELD) he has shown what happens when he gets power he doesn't deserve., and also because I trust Hal more than I trust Tony.
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@HolySerpent said:

Depends power level of Grundy

I completely concur with this statement. Grundy can be either cakewalk for Ben or he totally unstoppable to the old Everlovin' blue eyed Thing.

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I would love to say Deadpool gets a new green rug for his fireplace...

Beast Boy's powers are extremely impressive here. Shapeshifting into various forms gives him an awesome advantage.

Deadpool does have his healing factor, teleport, and weapons, if he had more ammo I might throw more into Deadpools favor.

As for Deadpool not knowing what he's up against, does he ever?

I say Beast Boys beats the Merc with the Mouth unless somebody can show me some serious feats here to prove otherwise.

Although I love the idea of Beast Boy and Deadpool going at it and saying something like "Damn looks like this fight is going to take the entire comic..." and Beast Boy's like "Who are you talking to?"

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Thor & Wonder Woman

Could be the greatest couple ever!

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@Illuminatus: Excellent point.

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I hope somebody gets this joke.

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Merc I would go with Fantomex, Assassin I would say Gamora