Wow, I'm translating comics! Woo-hoo!

Still I don't understand everything and feel like I'm a lame.
 Can anyone please tell me about New X-Men volume 2  #20, there's a page where Logan talks to Laura (cell phone, uh-huh) and says "No more alien costumes, no more growling, and no more BS!". Wanted to know, first, does "alien" here mean, like, "something that belongs to a guy from another planet" or just "weird"? And second, what is a "BS"? Most articles at say that it's an equivalent for "bullsh**" O_o

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that is indeed what BS stands for, not sure about the alien part though, weird makes more sense to me but I don't have the issue

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@volnaib: Have a little more faith in yourself.  You've pretty much hit the proverbial nail on the head.  Logan wanted Laura to have a normal life, experience what life is like instead of being a weapon.  So 'alien' costumes is a strange way to refer to the typical X-Men uniforms... but at the same time it makes sense (it is pretty unusual to see skin tight spandex when you're walking down the high street ;) 
Oh, and good luck with your translations :)
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Wow, thank you so much for such a quick response (responseS, I mean) and all the explanations! That's really helpful. 
Hah, and there goes a funny thing about translating slang expressions: in Russian we don't always have a proper equivalent for such a word/phrase, so we have to use some words which have similiar meaning but cannot be translated into other language... and realising the fact that we're using _our_ idioms in _american_ comics (in general it's not about just comics; movies as well) makes me laugh out loud =)


 I just helped a friend of mine in Beijing translate a book  filled with American slang from the 1940's to Cantonese.
 You are doing fine
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"  I just helped a friend of mine in Beijing translate a book  filled with American slang from the 1940's to Cantonese.  "

Wow, that's... amazing! Really.
Um... I have another question. "The Reverend Stryker was interviewed this morning at his ministry...". Does "ministry" here equal "church" or something? Because all my dictionaries keep saying "Ministry: 1. A goverment department which deals with a particular thing or area of activity, for example trade, defence, or transport. 2. The ministry of a religious person is the work that they do that is based on or inspired by their religious beliefs".
And I think it would be a little strange if these guys interviewed him at the time he was preaching a sermon or anything.
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Ministry does also equal church.  It isn't a reference to government.  This might help.

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2xerox-kitty: thank you again!
*I've just found out that there is a Simple English Wikipedia... dance-dance!*

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Sorry if I disturb someone by asking questions again and again. This time it's about Elixir's comment on Stryker: «"Don't drink the kool-aid" crazy».
I've read about Jonestown Massacre in Wikipedia, so I know already that "To Drink the Kool-Aid" means, like, to follow this exact girl with your eyes blindfolded. And there's another meaning: to take LSD, but still I think that phrase refers to Jonestown incident. So why is there that "don't" in the sentence? With all these "burn all the mutants at stake" speeches this phrase makes more sense to me without said "don't". I am all adrift.