Kravinoff family... what's with their names?

Needed to check some info about Kraven' daughter, Ana, for the forum RPG I'm playing at the current time, and after visiting Kravinoff Family page I was all like "OMG, what's going on?".
First, surname.
Why Kravinoff? Is it, like, a French spelling of  "Kravinov", like "Smirnov" and " Smirnoff"?
Second, his son Alyosha.
His real name then should be Alexey or something since "Alyosha" is a... shortening.
Third, his wife.

Real name: Sasha Aleksandra Nikolaevich Kravinoff  

Sasha = shortening of Alexandra (as well as of Alexander), too. And "Nikolaevich" indicates that person is a MALE. Means "Son of Nikolai/ Nikolay /Nicholas". Then, "Nikolaevna", maybe. Like Magik. "Daughter of Nikolai".
Forth, his daughter.
Well, maybe it's nothing, but I'm confused by the fact she has two names (Anastasia and Tatiana) which is not widespread (if even exists) in Russia. And why Anastasia=Ana... But if she was raised outside Russia, then maybe, maybe.

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I don't get it either, last time I checked Kraven was Russian and that was that!