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Screw the TV Human Target, This is My Chance 0

Peter Milligan is a master of re-imagining, he did it first with Steve Ditko's (Spider-Man, The Creeper) Shade, The Changing Manand now he did it with Len Wein's (Swamp Thing, Wolverine) Human Target.  No one does the conflict of the id and ego better then Peter Milligan, his best stories are those that have a conflict with "identity".   The TV show version of Christopher Chance is a normal bodyguard from what I picked up from the action packed show.  One problem I have with the show version, is...

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The Extremist 0

The Hardcore Grant Morrison fans may want to check this one out. Peter Milligan and Grant Morrison are long time friends and are both well versed in the Occult. Grant Morrison is a known practitioner of Magick and the credited creator of the "Hypersigil". The Extremist is very much a Hypersigil, it is an artistic symbol of pleasure and freedom. Marquis de Sade has a lot of influence on this book. Marquis de Sade is known as a "free spirit", the kind of guy that does what he pleases. He had a ver...

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My "Unofficial" 1000th Vertigo Release Read! 0

Okay, to understand the title of the review and why I chose to come out of "temporary retirement" to review this particular comic, I'll let you know that on my main account I created a list of all the Vertigo releases I've read, and although there are some I've read that I haven't been able to spotlight yet, more or less the list is up to date and upon reading this one-shot, I realized I had just hit the 1000 milestone of Vertigo releases read and figured in honor of it, I would spotlight the co...

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The Ultimate Game Show 0

Now I have sadly admitted to this several times and will once again confess that I am no John Constantine expert which truly is a pity when he is (at least in terms of appearances) Vertigo's biggest character. However, I am (from what I've read) a Constantine fan already, I mean he truly is a brilliant character and this one-shot gives a nice look at him while at the same time, provides for an interesting read. Yes, it is in black and white, but it's black and white for a reason. This comic is p...

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This Series = King of the Cliffhanger 0

The fine art of creating an amazing cliffhanger that leaves the reader lusting for more is an essential in comic book writing, and House of Mystery is no stranger to perfecting said art. After last month's "Final Page Dramatic Reveal of the Decade" you know this series is truly headed for great things. I mean to be honest, the series has always been amazing right from the first issue onwards but about midway through it has taken a new route and I have to say I am really loving this route. The Co...

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I Love Greek Street!! 0

Yes, Peter Milligan has begun the construction of a masterpiece, now I realize it is still in it's very early stages and at this point you can't truly review the series as a whole (assuming it's an ongoing - which is what I'm hoping) but you can still review what you have read and do your best to let others know what it's all about. So, if you haven't read the premiere issue of the series, I implore you to give it a try immediately. Besides the beautiful art and cover, it's an example of one per...

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Being a Bastard Works! 0

Ah yes, I have decided it was finally time to review/recommend (at least in part) the masterpiece that is Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan. Of all the titles Vertigo has ever produced, this is definetely one of the finest and although it was completed years ago and collected in ten trades, Vertigo has decided to resurrect this reading material of the gods with new editions of the ten trades and this month (August '09) they released the remake of the third trade (the first two already released). N...

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The Story of Genesis...Mike Carey Style!‏ 0

Okay, now, for those of you who don't know your mythologies and religious tales, and all those great works of fiction, well, this might not be so enjoyable for you. But for people like myself, who happen to love reading over these classic tales this comic is a treat. Now maybe its just the story that was chosen, or maybe it's the extent to which it was twisted, but when I read this issue for the first time it blew my mind! Without a doubt, this comic is one of the finest single issues I ha...

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Spicy! 0

Yeah, that's right, yet another "newer" comic review comin' at ya! Now the third issue of this six issue miniseries just came out a couple of days ago but I've only read the first so far, so bear with me.Okay, so I have come to realize there are two sides to Vertigo. It has its - usually lengthier - series in which deep thoughts are provoked and the minis that just portray a cool story, well this is obviously part of the latter category as I must confess there was well, nothing, that made me sit...

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Its Looney and Cartoony! 0

One of the several, and perhaps the main reason, I don't like to review new comics, least of all ones that have just come out and are the starting point for a series is because, I for one believe that you can't truly judge any comic unless you've read the series from front to back as its then that you look back and see everything differently. Its then that you decide your true opinion on it overall. This would also explain why I choose to stick to Vertigo, as this works best with their comics, M...

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Scalped! 0

So, yet another new comic I've decided to delve into, "Scalped" is...well, its a story about a "crime boss/viscous warlord" (pick either one or choose an adjective for yourself) and the Indian Reservation he has completely taken over. Oh and he's actually one of the great Sioux himself, but he is done with the old ways, as that's never done anything for his people and he's now taking things into his own hands. Also, thanks to a little...habit...of his, the title of this comic was born. Of course...

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End to a great book. 0

Let's face it, this book couldn't go on forever, no way. The story was told, that's it. I'm glad it was only 5 issues, any more would have been tedious. We get a lot of back story on Jeb in this issue, including how he came to have a black descendant and why he is cursed to forever appear in battle to help his bloodline. Great explanation, great storytelling. For me, this is the best mini-series I've read in a long time and one of the most fun Vertigo books on the shelf. The artist team of Flint...

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I'm Reviewing a New Comic! 0

Okay so its not exactly that new but I didn't want to review the newest issue without at least reviewing the first, so here we are, to explain why this is such a surprise, I am one to usually stick to comics of the past. You know, pick of some back issues or trades from the 90's, read them, realize how amazing they are...and then be forced to accept those comics I just read are past fads and no one's talking about them anymore. Yeah, but than there's the fact that every time I pick up Marvel or ...

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A Nice Blend 0

Okay, now admittedly in my review of this first issue it will be very difficult for me to not throw in some viewpoints that can only be gained from reading the series as a whole though how you could only read the first issue is beyond me, so in the end, this review should hopefully work just fine. Now, before you begin to make assumptions, I will explain exactly what this comic is, as it has nothing to do with Jack Ryder. No, its more like an amalgamation of two DC superheroes, The Creeper obvio...

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Vertigo? 0

Okay, so before I begin this review, one thing has to be made clear. I read Accelerate in the first place because it had the Vertigo imprint on its cover, and I am reviewing it for the same reason. However, if your looking for your first taste in Vertigo, do not read this book, it is quite unlike the majority of Vertigo's comics and in fact it was later sold to Image who published the entire series in trade-paperback form. So although I am reviewing it because it was originally put out as a Vert...

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Why I Love Boy Blue 0

Okay, so I've been reading Fables for sometime now, honestly because its the most-easily found Vertigo comic in this horrid town but I have also come to enjoy the comic. I'm not a full-blown Fables fan, but there are some parts and characters I really enjoy, this one-shot fits into that second category.See, now I will admit that my tastes in story genres may come into play here, as I have always been a fan of both the fantastical and historical worlds...and this sort of combines the two. Its bas...

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Rather Interesting Concept 0

Okay, now maybe I'm just too "sheltered" but I have to say that reading this comic was the first time I ever truly encountered the idea of a vampire crime family, no not a cult of vampires who commit crimes but actual mobster vampires in a world where vampires are citizens and well there may be some better medium that has executed such an idea to an even greater extent I have yet to discover it.Nonetheless this really was a great issue, not just because of the idea behind it, but because of the ...

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How Do You Begin an Epic? 0

Honestly, if I didn't know the masterpiece this series became I would have thought nothing like this, now yes I did give it five stars because as a first issue, it was that good. However, as an introduction of things to come it actually has quite a different feel to it than what you'll get from the majority of the series. In this issue we get our first taste of Dream, and the first mention of The Endless, and honestly its quite horrifying. This issue is like the "before" in who Dream is before h...

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Your intro to Y:TLM 0

Every time someone asks me about this book, I say the same thing, "There are two males left on the planet, and one is a monkey, and no, the book doesn't play out as you think it would." I haven't read the first issue since 2003, roughly a year after the book came out. So as I go through the series again, I'll be highlighting the important issues.As Englentine mentioned, yes, this issue reads just like a movie. Now, some of you may wonder why I gave my favorite series of all time 4.5/5 for the fi...

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Taking It to the Next Level 0

Note: I cannot assure anyone that this volume will have the same powerful effect it possessed for me if you have not read The Sandman, this comic was created to help enhance the mystery-enshrouded Endless that were met in Neil Gaiman's award-winning series and as such it is recommended you at least familiarize yourself with that universe before you pick this up.Magnificent. Truly this is one of the greatest works in the comic book genre, and if I could give it a sixth star I would without hesita...

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