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None of the video quests work for me.. As soon as a video ends it just shows a grey screen with the replay button at the bottom. I'm using Firefox but I'm pretty sure it's the site itself doing that. Does anybody else still get video quests to work?

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Looks absolutely amazing.

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(100% Fed) Galactus vs. (Full Phoenix Force) White Phoenix of the Crown vs. (Pre-Retcon) Molecule Man

In terms of environment they all have neither an advantage or a disadvantage, the battle takes place in a neutral empty area in space. No prep for anybody, they all just happened to randomly stumble upon each other when they were each at the strongest they ever were. This is a fight of basically pure ability/power/wit/skill.

Bonus question: What would happen to guys like the Avengers (Batman, Thor, Hulk, Cap) or guys like Wolverine and Spiderman (you know your ordinary everyday superheros that people recognize) if they were to get caught in this fight or to try to participate in it. Would any of them have a fighting chance or would they get absolutely obliterated?

I don't know a whole lot about what these guys could do if they were at full power so please don't tell me I'm trying to spite someone if it turns out that one of these guys is clearly better at full power. I'm genuinely curious.

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Sorry thread title-fail, meant White Phoenix of the Crown -facepalm-

Galactus is 100% fed. WP is at her strongest.

I checked through the battle re-cap thread and didn't see this one done yet. Sorry if it has been, I'm new here.

I'd also like to add that if you think Phoenix beats Galactus or vice-versa, what would the other have to do to beat the first, if anything?