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Some of my favorite Dick as Robin stories are not from the 40's 50's 60's 70's.

Dark Victory is great, Robin year one is wonderful.....Dick as Robin in TAS, in Joung Justice, in the original Teen Titans go!

Even the new 52 has some good portatials of Dick s Robin, like Batman and Robin Annual #2.

Nevermind that Batman, superman and Wonerd woman a product from a same era, the difference being Dick has been allowed to grow.

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Because Johns needed shock value for his crossover, and he isn't a good editor.

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@youknowwhattodo: Maybe they are all moles. That would be pretty funny, and doesn't mean they are all in the same side if they all had different agendas.

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A fight against Midnighter is a fight that Dick shouldn't win, but I hope is a good fight.

I'm really curious about the God Garden

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@x9: I... what? so much retoric I got lost.

Of what I did sort of get....

You want quantity instead of quality, in that case Jason would work out just fine, since he is a dude that technically isn't Dick ( just a second rated version, I think you can count him separated)

That you can't think in Barbara's relationships outside Dick doesn't mean she doesn't have them. I was rooting for her and Ted Kord once upon a time, I think even Dick was a fan at the time but I don't think Ted would be interested in this Barbara anyway.

On the other hand I find difficult believe that Barbara's fans are happy with her portrait in Batman eternal. But then again I always think in Oracle Barbara over the current version, so who knows?

I didn't even think about your gender until you made it part of your argument.

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@x9 said:

Nha, so much drama...I'll be honest: the DickBabs thing gets on my nerves. It's like Babs is forbidden to have a decent relationship with anyone but Dick, while he gets to date and sleep with several girls and then she's just like "Oh, ok, no big deal".

Plus, that timing thing is stupid. When you truly like someone, you make it happen. Their romance seems pretty forced in the New 52, as we barely see any interaction. I'm not saying I dind't like to see them working together, but Jason and Babs, in the New 52, were funnier to see. Even if it turns out being nothing, just the obvious sexual tension between them is worth it.

I'm all for what works in the present, what has enough chemistry. So far, DickBabs seems embromation.

Last but not least, anyone complaining of Jason's poor growth as character clearly isn't reading his title or the issues he shows up in. He's a cool character, who knows who he is (read Batman Eternal #35, you'll get it) and I see plenty of reasons why Babs, or anyone, could be attracted for him. Not to mention he isn't Dick's true brother, especially in the New 52, they've barely been together before Jason was killed.

@hushofthewind: Dick and Barbara are 21. As far as I know, Jason is 19 or 20.

Don't get me worng I'm so over Dick and Babs that if it's never mentioned again I will be happy. By then end Dick and Barbara seemed as over any possible relationship as everybody else is, the thing with Jason just makes it worse. Dick has nothing to do with Barbara romantic life, at all. She had a decent relationship in her own book under Simone, she almost hook up with a dude in her last issue. She dated Jason Bard before the new 52, but I guess that's dead now that he is evil and Barbara is Jason Todd's love interes in Batman Eternal

So how is "I'm not Dick Grayson" a better reason than bad timing. If you make it happen when truly like someone what does means when you actually avoided it?

Jason hasn't growth as character, Jason has taken Dick's growth. Arguments and stories have been rewritten and adapted to Jason. This arc with Babs is the perfect example. Before the new 52 Barbara was older than Dick and he had a huge cruch on her for years, guess who has that life now. Jason is a leech character that wants to be Dick Grayson, Barbara only started to like him once he told her over and over how much better than everybody else she was and then he didn't want her anymore. You call that sexual tension I call it issues.

Jason has never been Dick's true brother, even before the New 52 they've barely been together before and after Jason was killed. So this fixation that Jason has with Dick is beyond weird and pathetic and it would be cool if the writers and the character get over already.

@jayaaerow: How many more pieces of Dick past are going to be adapted to Jason, before Jason can stand on his own? Dick's bond with Tim, his friendship with Roy, his complicity with Starfire, his relationship with Barbara. What now? his connection with Damian?

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@nathaniel_christopher: Sure, Women hug himself when they are cold or when they are pregnant too. But since this is a comic and the visuals are part of the message I don't tink they are aiming to cold and I hope she isn't pregnant.

And yes, Jason has always envied Dick and now he is going for every person Dick has loved.

The way he keep going after Barbara until she said yes and THEN he didn't want to. Wow How people are seen it like is a good thing is mind blowing.

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There wasn't any need to clearing the air until Jason started making moves, he is the one that open the book. Everything in barbara corporal language spoken of hurt in the way she hug herself with one arm.

Jason would have to felt the lose of Dick in the first place to be affecting still and Barbara wasn't thinking about Dick at all or she wouldn't be saying "yes" to Jason.

And nothing suit Jason better than using Dick's clothes. That is what he does figurative and literally since he was created.

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@hushofthewind: Why would yoy be proud of a tease? The fact that he pursue her only to turn her down when she says yes is douche move.

Any relationship between Barbara and Dick is out of the picture by now, so what was the point? Show he could? Hurt Barbara? A last screw you to Dick?

Really what part makes you proud?

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Conciderating what Ign did with Grayson: Future's end, maybe it's a good thing