Top 15 Children of the Marvel Universe

1. Franklin Richards

The most famous superhero child. If you don't know his parents your such a NOOB!

2. Luna

daughter of quicksilver and crystal

3. Ruby Summers

daughter of Emma frost and Scott summers

4. Spider-Girl

daughter of spiderman adn mary jane

5. Danielle Cage

daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

6. Valeria Von Doom

The daughter of Susan storm (Invisible woman) and Dr. Doom or at least that was chris claremont's intentions until the next writer mucked up her identity...meh

7 Skaar

son of the Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong

8. Wiccan

scarlet witch and vision's son

9. Speed

scarlet witch and vision's son

10. Stature

daughter of the late Scott Lang (the second Ant-Man)

11. X-23

Sarah Kinney and wolverine's daughter

12. Cable

son of scott and Madelyne Pryor

13. Nocturne

daughter of scarlet witch and nightcrawler

14. Rachel Summers

Daughter of scott and jean

15. Magnus

son of rogue and magneto

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