Transgender Characters

As I encounter transgender characters in comic series, I shall add them to this list! And perhaps comment on how the character is portrayed. If anyone knows of a character that I haven't added yet, leave me a comment!

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Posted by moywar700

I just read the sandman a game of you today and the art and story was very well done,but there's something else I wanted to talk about. The character Wanda Stood out the most to me.I didn't think I cared as much as I did when I read that she died .I never encountered a transgendered character that was 3-dimensional and strong...Most of the time, they are seen as jokes or not serious villains on t.v. or movies She's is a good example is out there and I really liked her character. Overall, she's the first strong transgenerd character that I've ever read and probably the only few strong ones out.Sandman fans, thoughts?