Weak-Willed Wednesday the Third

Perhaps, as far as comics go at least, this is my most strong willed Wednesday in months. With that said, I wouldn't say my will was strong..
There was a few reasons why I didn't get as many comics today as I have been getting in weeks past. One, not much came out today for me. Two, I've spent a lot on comics in the last week and wanted to try and not spend so much today since I'm reaching the end of my carelessly (hardly-- escaping anxiety would be a treat but probably not a treat I shall taste. So let's say as carelessly as possible for me..) spending money days (3 months, it lasted. A good run.) so I made an effort to do a get in-get out routine and didn't spend hours looking through the bargain boxes and buying like 40 random old back issues of shit. That isn't to say bargains weren't found and bought...I can't pass up a good sale!
Comics Purchased That Came Out Today (10/27/2010) 
Back Issues Purchased Today
Trades Purchased Today (here's where the bargain buying came into play...these were all 50% or more off.)
And then I also bought a couple D20 Modern books. BUT THAT'S FOR D20MODERNVINE.COM
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