Weak-Willed Wednesday the First Part II

Normally, I would imagine this "feature" won't be composed of two parts each week, but I ran out of time earlier and had to post what I had! So, without further delay! The excitement is tangible. 
Back to the quarter finds from today:
  • Issues #28, #34, #35, and #39 of 52.
  • Apparently I accidentally bought two issue #12's of Azrael, Vol 1. (Second time I've accidentally bought the same comic with the same cover...Although the first time it wasn't during the same visit. Must be AGE.)
  • As well as issues #17 and #18 from Azrael, Vol 1.
  • Issue #11 of Batman and the Outsiders (2008 Vol.) (Batman R.I.P. was how this whole crazy comic collecting thing got started. So now, if it's RIP, even if I have it in a trade...for a quarter, I'll get the single issues when I find them.)
  • Issues #1-4 of Danger Trail!, (DC's 1993 volume) (another comic I haven't heard of. But, since they had all the issues, I took the chance.)
  • Issue #6 of The Demon: Driven Out.
  • Issue #120 of JLA.
  • Issues #11 of Justice League International
  • Issues #58 and #91 of Justice League America (1989 Vol.)
  • Issue #3 of Justice League Europe.
  • Issues #1, #2 and #4 of Legends.
  • Issue #14 of Madman Atomic Comics.
  • Issue #11 of The Spectre (1987 Vol.).
  • Issues #6, #7 and #8 of Vigilante (2009 Vol.).

Well, that's everything from today (Wednesday) and concludes the first installment of Weak-Willed Wednesday. Tune in next week for more! Nothing like reading about what someone bought....
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