Weak-Willed Wednesday the First Part I

Every Wednesday I have therapy. A local comic shop is on my way home from where I see my therapist so, after therapy I started stopping by the shop a couple months ago and it's now a ritual. Which isn't a bad thing if it weren't for the Collector Disease I have. I was in remission when I lacked money and have only been collecting mental illness diagnoses (lawl! HALF-TRUE JOKE), but currently (and I should emphasis "currently" at the rate I'm spending money) I have some money and so my Collector Disease came back on strong and I began collecting single issue comics, first from the boxes filled with comics going for a quarter, then new comics... 
Well, today's damage was a nice 50 bucks and I was just going to update my status with "omg 50 bucks on comic shit today" but instead I decided to start a weekly blog "feature"! 
And thus marks the first installment of Weak-Willed Wednesday
So I blasted through the 100 boards and 100 bags I bought a few weeks ago, so I had to buy some more today which accounts for 15 dollars of my bill. The rest is all comics, though. 
As a lot of people are aware of, this week marks the beginning of a series of one shot crossover issues DC is releasing to lead up to the return of Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne: The Road the Home (as the series of one shots is called) had four issues come out today:
  • Batgirl
  • Batman & Robin
  • Outsiders
  • Red Robin
So, got all four of those as well as the new issue of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne (#5).  Then, issue #3 of Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors came out today too. And that's all the NEW comics I got today (since apparently they forgot to set aside issue #58 of Green Lantern and I didn't realize till I got home. Sigh.)
But, I am also trying to fill in holes of series I've just started collecting, so when I see a back issue (or a new issue of a series I hadn't added to my hold-list yet) I need, I grab it as well. And today, in this category I got:
  • Issue #2 of Batman Beyond
  • Issue #7 of Brightest Day
  • Issue #8 of Brightest Day
  • Issue #10 of Brightest Day
  • Issue #52 of Green Lantern Corps
There are quite a few large boxes of quarter comics at this shop and I still haven't finished looking through them all (spend about 30-60 minutes every Wednesday going through them) and this is where I've been getting a lot of comics. Up until recently I pretty much stuck to Vertigo type titles and, with the exception of Batman, had a general "ew, superheros" point of view. That's changed, so these bargain boxes are the place where I buy random shit to see if I like it or if it's written by Warren Ellis...Or, if I know it's going to be shit, but it's a comic with the Punisher. I'll pay a quarter for Punisher comics just to have Punisher comics even if Ennis' MAX run ends up being the only Punisher story I love. I love it a lot....sidetracked. But today, I got a shit ton of quarter comics (41 issues).
  • Issues #1-14 and then #19 of some random comic put out by Crystal Comics then Apple Comics called Eagle. (I should also add that I'll buy random, unknown comics if they have most of them in the quarter boxes. Thus, this purchase. I can't even find a listing for this comic on Comic Vine.)
  • Issue #1 of Run which I got because it's a Final Crisis Aftermath tie-in, I guess.

I shall post part II later!
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