The show must go on

This week's Wednesday wasn't very "weak-willed." I basically forced myself to go in, pick up the new issues of the comics I subscribe to and not look around and end up buying 20 other things. If you're interested in knowing the details of my life (I am quite interesting!), you can check out my list Comics I Bought In 11/2010. Instead of a new blog post and a new list every time I buy comics, I decided to just to make a list for every month and add things to it as I bought them and include the date of purchase in the comments. 
Also, last night, after finishing The Invisibles Volume 1: You Say You Want a Revolution, I started a Transgender Characters list. So far, I've only come across two that I remember. But, I have a bad memory - one reason I started the list. If you know of a transgender character that I haven't added yet, let me know! And since the articles on the two trans characters I know about aren't really written with proper terminology or respect to transgender people, I'll be using the comments section of my list to talk about the characters from a trans-feminist perspective. Editing the articles to change inappropriate or incorrect things doesn't seem to be a viable option, so, you do what you can do...

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